The Double Standard Of Free Speech

pamella-gellerPamela Geller the angry, bigoted, hate-monger, continues her 15 minutes of fame by getting exactly what she wanted. That should be the headline across the country. This deliberate provocation that she and her fans, including European bigot Geert Wilders took, increasing the likelihood of violent reprisal, should be condemned as the dangerous, selfish, and loathsome behavior that it is. Using the fallout from this unfortunate attack to catapult their brand of hate to the next level wreaks of extremist opportunism that would make terror groups proud. Then again this is Pamela Geller so should we even be surprised?

Does Geller and the rest of the multi-million dollar Islamophobic enterprise have the right to say and do these despicable things? Absolutely. In fact, I as an “evil” Muslim, actually swore an oath and served this nation to protect and defend their right to tell the world that me, my wife, and children are inherently evil because of our religion. So as distasteful as their deeds are and although I often want to vomit in my mouth every time she speaks, I have put action behind my patriotism and defend her right to be a complete waste of oxygen.

The media however, should know better. They are complicit in helping propagate hate speech by giving Geller and others a platform. It has become so commonplace to publicly insult American Muslims that even Republican members of Congress are inviting Geert Wilders to speak at our nation’s capital. In a decent society, those who get wealthy off of spreading hate would not be given such honors or a platform in the public sphere.

The question I would like answered is since free speech is so sacred and people like Geller and Wilders are so deserving of a platform, would the media and certain members of Congress be so accommodating to other bigots? Would it be OK for a Neo-Nazi group to host a draw a Jew contest? Would this same group be given so much time on television and be invited to speak with like-minded US Representatives? I mean, legally speaking there is nothing wrong with this and we should celebrate their rights to free speech too right?

The reality is, if a Neo-Nazi group with the celebrity of Pamela Geller or Geert Wilders, with their vast war chests filled with donations from other bigots, were able to pull off an event like this draw Muhammad spectacle, they would be filleted in the media. They would be given no quarter in the court of public opinion and the ADL, ACLU, and others would ensure that anyone who supported them openly would lose sponsors and political support. They would be tarred and feathered as anti-Semitic and would be forever ostracized.

Why are American Muslims less deserving of the same respect as our Jewish brethren? Why do we accept this double standard in the media and in our halls of power that states that one group is not to be targeted by bigoted campaigns and provocations, but others are fair game?

Pamela Geller organized this event with the expressed desire to provoke American Muslims. She knew without a shadow of a doubt, that her event could anger many Muslims and that there might even be some who would try to commit violent actions. She upped the ante by inviting people like Geert Wilders and was more than prepared by ensuring the event had tons of security. She walked into a crowded theater and yelled fire in the hopes that something tragic would happen so that she could capitalize off of the carnage.

The fact that two extremists heeded Pamela’s call and her subsequent reaction proves how dangerous this provocateur is. Fortunately, the Muslim community as a whole ignored her. Unfortunately, there are now calls across the nation on social media and other platforms to burn down Mosques and attack Muslims. Pamela Geller is an extremist using her given platform to continue to line her pockets with her brand of hate. She is an unpatriotic bigot who should be called exactly what she is and any property damage, violence, or lives lost as a result of her antics should be publicly attributed to her. She is a fire starter and a hate-monger, the grand wizard of Islamophobes everywhere.