Tennessee State Rep. Rick Womick (R) has a problem with Muslims in the Military

Rep. Rick Womick (R) on Veteran’s Day no less, called for the US Military to purge itself of all Muslims currently serving. Womick a veteran himself, laced his call with every term and phrase in the islamophobic encyclopedia that he could read off his hand such as alleging Muslim service members are guilty of “taqqiyyah”, calling Allah a “false god”, and emphatically stating that all Muslims want to kill people like him.

Of course this elected official’s mania is offensive and insulting for a plethora of reasons, but I have to ask are we surprised? This State Representative represents the same district where constituents continuously harass the Muslims behind the Murfreesboro, TN Mosque project, where threats, vandalism, and xenophobic innuendo has become commonplace.

This latest hostile and dangerous provocation by yet another GOP affiliated politician goes to show us how in some circles it has become open season on American Muslims. No comment is too outrages, no allegation is too over the top, and no rhetoric is too offensive.

If it means possible re-election even veterans of the United States Armed Forces are willing to attack fellow veterans for a few votes and radical supporters.¬†As a veteran who served in the United States Marine Corps who is also a Muslim, I can’t express in words how disheartening it is for me to hear another vet attack my service as somehow less than or worthless due to my religious beliefs. I have no experience serving in the US Air Force as Rep. Womick, but I’m reasonably certain that their traditions and culture would be hostile to the rhetoric that he has espoused.

Muslims, like their counter parts who are Christian, Jewish, or no religion at all, have fought, bled, and given the ultimate sacrifice while in service to America, and it is above and beyond insulting, conduct unbecoming of a US veteran, and borderline treason what this guy has said and advocates.

That said, I’m reasonably certain that my fellow Marines who are also Muslim will agree with me when I say that although we think this guy is less than pond scum due to his rhetoric against us, we proudly serve and honor our oaths and Corps values and defend his Constitutional right to be a foul mouthed, dishonorable, :censored:, opportunist, who peddles hate for votes.

Semper Fidelis