Trump: A special kind of…

In December 2015 I wrote that Trump was dangerous. His words have inspired a level of discourse in this country where there seems to be a race to the bottom to see who can be the most mean-spirited and hateful. Trump’s supporters and the Duke of Indecency himself, would argue that they are just words with no lasting real world effects. Trump is just telling it like it is they say. It’s this very attitude that has the spotlight shining so brightly on The Donald today.

In interview after interview, in response to Trump’s Muslim ban proposal, I stated that what had me worried most of all, was that his words could inspire others to carry out acts of hate against otherwise fellow, patriotic, Americans. Since then, we’ve read of Muslims being beaten, attacked, and harassed outside of Mosques and in the public. Even in my formerly thought of as safe part of the Greater Washington, DC area, had to witness protestors at my local Mosque. It’s a terrible situation to have to explain to your young children why others hate you just for being who you are at your place of worship.

Donald Trump is like a man screaming fire in a crowded theater. He creates chaos and disorder in a way no other candidate could in this day and age. It’s easy to blame him for the hate and intolerance we see this election cycle, but the reality is that Trump couldn’t fan flames if none previously existed. If nothing else, Trump’s greatest achievement may end up be exposing many in the Republican Party for who they actually are.

The truth of this is being played out for the entire world to see thanks to a wonderful American Muslim Gold Star family and the irony couldn’t be more perfect. When Khizr Khan spoke at the Democratic National Convention, no one could’ve imaged that this man and his family who gave so much to this Country, would be able to single-handedly expose Trump as the temperamental bully that he is and at the same time show the hypocrisy of a Party who claims patriotism, but when called to account, ultimately chooses Party over Country every time. What good does it do if you condemn Trump in one sentence and yet endorse him in another? You can put lipstick on a pig…

As a Marine veteran and Blue Star Family myself, I’m completely disgusted with Trump’s bigoted attacks against the Khan family, but I’m not surprised. We should have all known the moment Mr. Khan offered Trump a copy of the Constitution and told him he sacrificed nothing and no one for the Nation, that an epic meltdown was sure to come. Which really sums up Trump and this election cycle when you think about it.

We’ve almost become so desensitized to the vitriol, hate, bigotry, and xenophobia, that we’re not sure what’s normal any more. We measure Trump’s immature and unbecoming tirades on social media and elsewhere, not on the shear ridiculousness of his comments, the sad social commentary that gave him a platform, and never mind that he is a major political Party nominee for President, we measure by whether or not his current indecent comment was worse than the last.

Trump called a group of American’s rapists, another thugs and but good at sex, another likely terrorists who should be banned and or placed in a database, and when that wasn’t enough he mocked the disabled, mocked Senator John McCain’s military service, and wrote the book on misogyny.

Attacking a Gold Star family is bad because that’s about all that’s left.

From the President to the Pope, Trump and his supporters have spewed so much hate, that attacking the Khan family, was only shocking because it signaled to us that there is nothing too sacred even for Donald Trump. He will do and say whatever it takes to be the center of attention and to please his base who always thirst for more brown meat!

I believe that deep down a lot of the anger at Trump is also partly aimed at ourselves because we let it come to this. We allowed a situation where a guy like Trump could even be in this position. We allowed the joke to get out of hand and with both awe and shame we marvel at the race to the bottom and pray that there’s someway to stop it. Our reluctance to put decency and the common good before all other things, may put us in a situation where we have to deal with this for 4 years. Republican reluctance and cowardice with their inability to put Country before Party, mixed with apathy on the Left, may leave Trump with the greatest platform on Earth. Bon Appetite!

As a Marine Corps Veteran who also has a son serving in the Marines, it’s clear to me that there is no way Donald Trump can be allowed to be President. This is not a Left or Right issue, it’s about doing the right thing and deciding who we are as a Nation. It says a lot that none of the 5 Presidents support him. You’d think their knowledge of the job would sway more people than it has.

Trump is an embarrassment and an affront to all we hold dear. He’s unjust, lacks judgement, has no integrity, wouldn’t know what tact, bearing, loyalty, knowledge, and courage was if you tattooed it on his face, he’s completely selfish thinking he alone can do any and everything, and you can only depend on him to ruin America and with an enthusiasm and fervor that would only profit him, his family, and friends.

In short, he’s no leader, not worthy of respect, could never be a Commander in Chief, and isn’t worthy lick the bottom of John McCain’s or the Khan Family’s shoes.

Semper Fidelis