When Is A Riot A Riot?

B0UHfLACMAE0wrCIt’s happening again. People are making the rounds slyly doing their wink and nod routine about “The Blacks” rioting in Baltimore. If you have the stomach click on the various news reports and check out the comments to the articles. You’ll see lots of calls for killing, arrests, etc. against protestors. They are routinely called savages, animals, and worse and some proudly display pictures and meme’s of their heroes Zimmerman, Wilson, and others who killed Blacks and got away with it.

Though none of the keyboard warriors at least that I’ve witnessed, have out and out called for Blacks to be lynched, this is exactly what is going on. Violence against all Blacks is being advocated, hinted at, and joked about openly and stoked by the media’s reports that routinely fan the flames of hate and agitation against Blacks. While this is nothing new in America, it’s no less disturbing. The reality is that while there are some protestors who are committing crimes the overwhelming majority are not. This was also the case in Ferguson and other places.

However the media and their legion of hate peddlers emphasize the criminals to indirectly influence judgement on the whole. As such, you’ll never hear in the narrative from the media consumer, “why are SOME people doing this?”, no what you will routinely hear is “why are THEY doing this?” and worse “why do THEY do this?”

Now some may claim that this is not about race and they are not only lying, they are telling a damn lie. The narrative has been and continues to be that Blacks are criminal savages that must be put down. This narrative is routinely enforced through the focusing on the negatives in the Black community and the highlighting of crimes being committed instead of achievements. This imagery that is continually reinforced also plays a part in why some cops target Blacks disproportionately in the first place.

Now before some of you try to use the fake and purposefully vague and dismissive race card argument, take a look at all the times mostly White rioters have been covered in the media. Ask yourself how many times national news reported or called a group of Whites who damaged property, overturned cars, or burned things down due to mass drunkenness, the celebration, or loss of a sports team etc. a riot? How many times were these incidents covered as breaking news on all cable news networks? When were these groups or any groups of Whites on the whole called savage, barbaric, or indicative of their race?

The sensationalist media coverage continual stokes the base fears of Whites for ratings in order to illicit vicious responses and commentaries against Blacks because that makes money.

When we deal with the reasons behind the riots then we can expect the reactions to go away.

Here’s a good post that gives and example of the biased coverage poignantly.