The Anti-Muslim Spin-game

Sheila Musaji at The American Muslim (TAM) wrote an interesting piece , “Christian? Missionaries?” Bring Message of Hatred to Arab Festival, that tells the true story of the events that recently occurred at an Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan where so-called “Christian” Missionaries harassed Arab festival goers, but when some teens at the festival had enough, they started crying assault. Islamophobes true to form, began spinning this pseudo assault as yet another faux provocation of Muslims against poor defenseless “Christians”. Anti-Arab/Muslim advocates across the nation are totally ignoring the obvious facts and immediately attacking the Muslims. I know I shouldn’t expect these people to be reasonable but still. Continue reading →


Oh Pamela!

pamela_geller_aSometimes I just want to shake my head, turn on the Xbox 360, finally finish Mass Effect 3 and pretend the crazies have gone away. Even though I consider myself “retired” from public debates, radio, TV, etc. that doesn’t stop the flow of information to my Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts. Several days ago, Saturday June 23, 2012 to be exact, I found out that a dear friend of mine, Harris Zafar, had unfortunately found himself engaged in a twitter feud with Pamela Geller. Those of you who follow me may remember our brief encounter in 2010, where she yelled and screamed as I tried to talk on RT. The video is on YouTube….

Anyway, I read the back and forth tweets and they were funny. In fact, I laughed my tail off. But in the days since, having had a chance to reflect on the big picture, I realized how sad it is that in 2012, these arguments are still somewhat mainstream. Pamela Geller and her cohorts would like Americans to really believe that there are several million other Americans out to get them, because our religion according to them, commands us to. If it weren’t for the fact that I have children that have to contend with such madness when they leave the home, I would put my concern for people like Pamela somewhere below caring about if the inside of the trashcan is clean enough. Continue reading →

Did Microsoft Out Apple, Apple?


Well, the mystery Microsoft announcement has been revealed and it is HUGE. Microsoft introduced what can only be described as a full-assault on Android and the first true competitor to the iPad. Microsoft’s tablet, The Surface is nothing short of amazing. A full-fledged operating system in a tablet form factor, with all the bells and whistles of a desktop, with the portability of a tablet. In an ironic twist and what some might call genius, Microsoft even borrowed a page from Cupertino, and remained the iPad’s Smart Cover by making the cover pull double duty as a screen protector AND a keyboard with trackpad. To spice things up, the covers like their Smart Cover predecessors come in a myriad of colors, but with a twist: Apparently Windows RT the Windows 8 tablet edition, will automatically change its background color to match the cover! How this all works, has not yet been revealed, but it’s a very Applely, neat little feature. If Microsoft is able to compete in the all too important battery-life and price categories, they may have created, the very first true iPad killer. If only Steve were alive to give us some choice commentary.

Mitt Its Not You It’s Your Party

By most accounts, Mitt Romney is a political moderate. In some circles, President Barack Obama is considered further to the Right than Romney once one looks at the many Bush-era policies Obama has upheld. So why is Mitt having such a hard time pulling ahead of a President presiding over a failing economy? The answer to this mystery lies in the perception of the current Republican Party, it’s talking points, platform, and party base ideology that Mitt is being forced to represent. The current political climate has produced a range of sniping, allegation, and innuendo on both sides, but none so outrageous as those presently coming from Republican Party.

The Right has been relentless in portraying the President of the United States as a false pretender who isn’t really eligible for office as he is simultaneously a non-American, radical, black nationalist Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Communist, and Socialist. The drumbeat of said accusations have produced a steady stream of Right-Wing characters, activists, commentators, and actions. We have witnessed wonton disrespect of the President on Capitol Hill during a State of the Union Address where he was called a liar, we watched as the Governor of Arizona pointedly disrespected the President on the tarmac during a visit, and recently a Conservative Blogger during a Presidential Address, interrupted him while he was speaking. Continue reading →

Back where I started…..

December 2005 I had an idea. It wasn’t the greatest idea I had ever had, but what it lacked in creativity, it more than made up in ambition! I thought that it would be a great idea if I shared my thoughts, ideas, and criticism from my personal experience as an American Muslim. Granted, on paper it sounded reasonable, but in application, well…not so much. For many years, I wrote, pontificated, and shared much of my worldview to all who would listen. I helped found a non-profit, I hosted a podcast, I even had some of my opinions published worldwide, heck they even let me on radio and TV. But I eventually burned out.

Now I’m back, well sort of. Technology has made it easy for me to return to my original format and now I can easily share my thoughts, articles and items I find interesting, and everything else that will drive those mad who just can’t stand the fact that a guy like me exists. So now thanks to technology making it painfully easy to communicate, Robert Salaam is rejoining the blogging world…sort of.

This blog will neatly link my Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, so feel free to share, follow, etc. anything you like. Until my next rant,