Osama Bin Laden dead: Mission Accomplished?

So now what?

Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead what will it mean for our open ended “war on terror”? When the high five-ing and celebratory gestures are complete, we will still find ourselves at war with an enemy who has never relied on physical or military prowess to defeat us. They have relied on their ability to wage an ideological war against us, one in which we are still loosing.

We have allowed ourselves to be dumbed down by the mainstream media with it’s “if it bleeds and leads” mentality, never once questioning our tactics, strategy, and ultimate end game. So while we chase headlines, reactions, and political talking points from Presidential Candidates, the President himself, and anyone else who seeks their slice of the 15 minute pie, in many parts of the so-called Muslim world, this “war” is far from over.

Until we as a nation and citizenry allow ourselves to be educated on the issues and really tackle those issues and challenges we face, we will continue to find ourselves, our troops, and our treasure, mired down in a relentless unending struggle with those who despise us.

What we must focus on is how we got here and what we can do to actually gain ground in this struggle. The only way to move forward is to battle this ideology head on, not with military force, not with buzz words, or shocking headlines, but with a superior ideology one focused on the values, ideals, and will of the very people we proclaim to desire to liberate.

We cannot continue to proceed with one sided foreign policy objectives that favor one side over another, dictators over revolutionaries, and capitalism over human rights. As long as we allow the media, politicians, and opportunists to simplify the aspirations and beliefs of a billion people in single headlines or talking points, we will continue to find ourselves in exactly the same place we were and are now before the demise of Osama Bin Laden.

It’s always been the foreign policy stupid and our wanton support for those who oppress their people and allow a single regime to oppress an occupied people with tanks and helicopters, there will always be Bin Laden’s in waiting, primed to pick up the torch and use our blunders and inconsistent foreign policy against us.

If we truly want to win a war on terror, we will have to stop terrorizing people with our military might, and focus on wining the hearts and minds of the people. One way would be to support the voices of moderation and tolerance in the Muslim world another would be to stop supporting dictators as allies while they kill their people in the streets who yearn for democracy.