The Pontiff Leads From The Front Again


Pope Francis once again shocked the world with his candor recently when in an impromptu interview he stated that when it comes to gay people who is he to judge? What’s shocking to me is not so much the comment he made, but the reality we live in where a statement such as this can be made by a religious leader and it be considered out of the ordinary.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that these words and the concepts behind them that the Pope shared should be well known and enacted as part of the everyday attitude and belief of all who claim to follow religion as the idea is present in all the worlds major religions and in particular those of Abrahamic background.

Whether the admonishment is from the Bible with the simple truth of “judge not” or the Qur’an’s declaration of “to your way be unto to you and to my way be unto me”, what is seriously lacking in the world today and exemplified is this interview is the compassion and grace that one human should have toward another and more so coming from the mouths of those who say we serve an All Powerful and Merciful God.

If our words as believer’s regardless of faith tradition are to be believed, we would be wise to take some guidance from Pope Francis particularly on this issue and set our moral compasses back toward the path of human rights, equality, justice, and compassion and away from the degradation and division which often follows and commences from those who judge.

Let He in who’s hands Alone is able to cast judgement be the One who does so. For the rest of us, let’s want for humanity the same peace and mercy we beseech for ourselves from our Creator.


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