Palestine: What does the future hold?

The last few weeks have seen an increase in hostilities and ultimately a ceasefire in Gaza along with the United Nations recognizing Palestine as a non-member State. With all the tension, drama, and confusion in a region known for instability, the world wonders what is next? Having decided to resume my podcast, I have asked two of my dear friends Qasim Rashid and Imam Sami Shamma to join me in a discussion about this topic and to share their experiences, thoughts, and ideas about the region, the people, and the issues facing Israel, Palestine, and the world.

I happen to believe that now the time is ripe for serious negotiations that are fair, balanced, and have the direct goal(s) of bringing stability to a part of the world that desperately needs it. I hope that our timely discussion will help spark interest in those who have not had much or any and engage those who  do by getting them to share their ideas concerning what we can all do to help bring about a lasting peace.

Please Join me on the relaunch of The American Muslim Podcast and each and every Sunday from 12-12:30pm Eastern time on blogtalkradio.



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