PSA: To my fellow Muslims in Libya, Egypt, and the world…Grow up!

Egyptian protesters chant anti U.S. slogans in front of the U.S. embassy in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2012. (AP Photo/Nasser Nasser)

Sometimes I know that Ron Paul is right when he advocates America completely withdrawing troops, treasure, etc. from outside our borders. It’s seriously a smack in the face when we give billions in aid, help you topple a dictator, etc. and in response to a stupid film, you attack our embassies, killed our staff, and desecrate our national flag. Don’t mistake this rebuke as me turning a blind eye to America’s foreign policy blunders, missteps, or engagement in that region: it is not. However, I’m getting tired of my fellow Muslims acting like children who need to go to timeout.

Seriously, we have idiots who make a disrespectful film about our religion, Prophet (saw), and faith, and our reaction is to throw a tantrum?

They say we are barbaric, fanatical, and dangerous and the best answer we have to that charge is to be barbaric, fanatical, and dangerous.

I can’t be the only one who see’s the problem with this.

The irony of the entire thing is that these people claim that they do this in defense of Islam and the Prophet (saw) this is laughable on so many levels that one does not have to be a scholar of Islam to point out why.

The Prophet (saw) according to our own traditions and beliefs was harassed, attacked, and more in the very streets of Mecca, let us also not forget that he left Mecca to avoid an assassination! Was his response to gather his small community and fight back in the streets? Did he openly assault and speak evil of his persecutors? The answer is No. So for these children and the Muslim clerics, Imams, and scholars who sit idly by and let them behave in this manner, know that you will have to answer for your folly and disrespect of Islam and our beloved Prophet (saw).

Yes the film was bad, yes the film was intolerant, and yes it poorly reflects the values that most Americans uphold, honor, and believe in. But your response is like that of my 6 and 7 year old sons who when they argue point the finger at each other and say “well he did it first”.

As Muslims we are SUPPOSED to be the EXAMPLE. We are SUPPOSED to set the STANDARD. However, as long as we have idiots like you claiming to represent the rest of us billion adults in the room, I’m not surprised that neanderthals, the uneducated, classless, and tacky continue to produce the filth that set you off in the first place.

How about growing some thick skin, brains, and actual faith next time and not necessarily in that

order. Make a rebuttal film, challenge to a debate, hold a press conference,… do SOMETHING that shows that Muslims are not a bunch of horned up teenage males with mommy-daddy issues and a lack of viable outlets.

Because the path you have set, the course that you travel upon, and the idiocy in which you continue to convey makes the rest of us sick to the stomach. Go away now if you’re not up to the task of acting like a Muslim. It’s better for all of us.


  1. Thanks for your post. I wish someone would explain why the reaction to that stupid video is so violent. If some idiot were to make a video depicting Jesus Christ as a womanizer, homosexual, pedophile and more I don’t believe crowds of Christians would show up with weapons, Molotov cocktails and worse, rioting in the streets,etc. Can’t reconcile this in my head.


  2. Ass.wr.wb.
    Salam perkenalan.
    Saya berasal dari Indonesia. Tertarik dengan perkembangan muslim di Amerika. Hanya sayangnya saya tidak pandai menggunakan bahasa Inggris.
    Saya akan coba menterjemahkan posting dari anda dengan google translate.



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