The Anti-Muslim Spin-game

Sheila Musaji at The American Muslim (TAM) wrote an interesting piece , “Christian? Missionaries?” Bring Message of Hatred to Arab Festival, that tells the true story of the events that recently occurred at an Arab Festival in Dearborn, Michigan where so-called “Christian” Missionaries harassed Arab festival goers, but when some teens at the festival had enough, they started crying assault. Islamophobes true to form, began spinning this pseudo assault as yet another faux provocation of Muslims against poor defenseless “Christians”. Anti-Arab/Muslim advocates across the nation are totally ignoring the obvious facts and immediately attacking the Muslims. I know I shouldn’t expect these people to be reasonable but still.

This was a cultural festival. No different than Jewish, Puerto-Rican, etc. festivals held around the nation. These “Christians” showed up and started harassing attendees with insults about Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Arabs in general, and some even carried pig’s heads on pikes. Yet, the 10,000 Arabs in attendance, some of them Christian themselves, ignored these lunatics, except one guy who got into a shouting match with them, and some teens who started throwing litter and water bottles at the rabble rousers.

Now let’s sit back and think about this: Imagine if anti-Semites showed up to a Jewish festival with a pigs head on a pike, shouting anti-Jewish or Judaism slogans. Imagine if a group showed up to any other cultural festival and did the same. Would we even consider what happened to that group? I mean really, Fred Phelps and his band of merry so-called Christians harass funeral goers and others all the time and are universally abhorred. What this group did is just as bad and in some cases, worse.

But it’s perfectly harmless and OK in the eyes of hate-mongers like Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and their supporters. The see nothing wrong about what happened and seem to think it OK to show up at a cultural festival hurling insults at attendees.

Let’s be honest, they don’t give a damn because these people were mostly Arab, and in their eyes Arabs don’t deserve the same respect and dignity afforded to other ethnic American groups, or the basic civility that all Americans should be entitled to. In their eyes, Arabs and Muslims in general are not even human to begin with, so if we think we should be able to have festivals where we bring our children to without the threat of violence or xenophobic chants and signs, we need to think again.

These groups who think they can disturb the peace with racial and religious insults are no better than the Nazi’s whose tactics they emulate. They are false Christians and should be barred from events such as these and if not arrested for attempting to incite a riot. To attack festival goers in the manner they did and then cry victim is an insult to any rational thinking human being and a smear on American values when we turn a blind eye to such hatred. They should be thankful to their god Satan, that all they got was water bottles thrown at them. Let the king and queen of anti-Semitism (Yes Arabs are Semitic), Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller celebrate this sick behavior, eventually the American people will see them for who they are.


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