Oh Pamela!

pamela_geller_aSometimes I just want to shake my head, turn on the Xbox 360, finally finish Mass Effect 3 and pretend the crazies have gone away. Even though I consider myself “retired” from public debates, radio, TV, etc. that doesn’t stop the flow of information to my Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts. Several days ago, Saturday June 23, 2012 to be exact, I found out that a dear friend of mine, Harris Zafar, had unfortunately found himself engaged in a twitter feud with Pamela Geller. Those of you who follow me may remember our brief encounter in 2010, where she yelled and screamed as I tried to talk on RT. The video is on YouTube….

Anyway, I read the back and forth tweets and they were funny. In fact, I laughed my tail off. But in the days since, having had a chance to reflect on the big picture, I realized how sad it is that in 2012, these arguments are still somewhat mainstream. Pamela Geller and her cohorts would like Americans to really believe that there are several million other Americans out to get them, because our religion according to them, commands us to. If it weren’t for the fact that I have children that have to contend with such madness when they leave the home, I would put my concern for people like Pamela somewhere below caring about if the inside of the trashcan is clean enough.

However, because I am a parent of Muslim children and have to prepare them for an America that contains wacko’s like her, I can’t ignore their illness no matter how hard I may want to. I don’t know if it’s the parent in me or the stubborn Jarhead in me itching for a fight, but whatever it is, I wish people would see ignorance and hate for what it is.

This woman and the ilk like her totally disregard the obvious fact that Muslims have been in America since inception, Muslims have kept to themselves and participated as faithful US Citizens since inception, and even when there were/are terrorist attacks committed by those who call themselves Muslim, 9 times out of 10, they weren’t even American, they were foreigners. The FBI and Law enforcement agencies throughout the US openly admit that they have cooperation from Muslim communities and many somewhere in the ballpark of 7 out of 10 arrests of suspected terrorists were reported by Muslims. So never mind that US Muslims have and are doing their civic duty, never mind that in America if your killed, raped, or assaulted the criminal is likely claiming the Christian faith, and never mind that if the perp is a Muslim they usually aren’t American, you continually have “people” like Pamela shouting from any platform she is given, about how dangerous Muslims are in general.

This woman and her cohorts really have a lot of, to quote my Jewish friends, Chutzpah. Muslims like myself are actively or have served to protect their freedom to fester dissent and viciously attack our beliefs and faith. I think that’s the part that pisses me off when it comes down to it. I remember raising my right hand, I remember Parris Island, I know what Honor, Courage, and Commitment means. I know what the title of US Marine means. To have some shrill lunatics spit on me, my family, and my children because of their stupid assumptions about my beliefs, makes me sick to the core.

I guess what I really want to say to Pamela as well as others like her, their supporters, and any that would give them a platform to rabble rouse or donate to their hate groups, how about you really do something useful with your fake “concern” for America? How about you go down to your local Armed Forces Recruiter and ask them what you can do to really serve this country, where brave men and women some of whom are Muslim, have given the ultimate sacrifice so you can have the freedom to piss on their graves.


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