Did Microsoft Out Apple, Apple?

via Microsoft.com

Well, the mystery Microsoft announcement has been revealed and it is HUGE. Microsoft introduced what can only be described as a full-assault on Android and the first true competitor to the iPad. Microsoft’s tablet, The Surface is nothing short of amazing. A full-fledged operating system in a tablet form factor, with all the bells and whistles of a desktop, with the portability of a tablet. In an ironic twist and what some might call genius, Microsoft even borrowed a page from Cupertino, and remained the iPad’s Smart Cover by making the cover pull double duty as a screen protector AND a keyboard with trackpad. To spice things up, the covers like their Smart Cover predecessors come in a myriad of colors, but with a twist: Apparently Windows RT the Windows 8 tablet edition, will automatically change its background color to match the cover! How this all works, has not yet been revealed, but it’s a very Applely, neat little feature. If Microsoft is able to compete in the all too important battery-life and price categories, they may have created, the very first true iPad killer. If only Steve were alive to give us some choice commentary.


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