Back where I started…..

December 2005 I had an idea. It wasn’t the greatest idea I had ever had, but what it lacked in creativity, it more than made up in ambition! I thought that it would be a great idea if I shared my thoughts, ideas, and criticism from my personal experience as an American Muslim. Granted, on paper it sounded reasonable, but in application, well…not so much. For many years, I wrote, pontificated, and shared much of my worldview to all who would listen. I helped found a non-profit, I hosted a podcast, I even had some of my opinions published worldwide, heck they even let me on radio and TV. But I eventually burned out.

Now I’m back, well sort of. Technology has made it easy for me to return to my original format and now I can easily share my thoughts, articles and items I find interesting, and everything else that will drive those mad who just can’t stand the fact that a guy like me exists. So now thanks to technology making it painfully easy to communicate, Robert Salaam is rejoining the blogging world…sort of.

This blog will neatly link my Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, so feel free to share, follow, etc. anything you like. Until my next rant,



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