So I guess this means that Muslims DO want Democracy?

What we have witnessed in Tahrir square over the last several weeks is not a miracle as many would claim but the realization of what many had predicted would happen concerning the citizens throughout the Muslim world.

While many Western media outlets all but ignored the plight of the oppressed under the rule of authoritarian regimes, courageous media outlets like Al Jazeera and many others never let the truth be hidden.

Whether it was the Western media’s desire to keep it’s citizens steeped in ignorance concerning the Muslim world or their inability to report beyond the latest celebrity scandal, we may never know, but the Western media remained largely silent as many oppressed people endured suffering until a time came when they took matters into their own hands.

Since 9/11 we have been inundated with lies concerning Muslims and the Muslim world. Talking heads and pundits consistently paint Muslims and the Muslim world as backward people and societies, incapable of entering or understanding the “modern world”.

So called experts have fill the airwaves with nonsense telling viewers and listeners that the Middle East’s best hope for progress would be through the assistance of the US and her allies for they were incapable of doing this for themselves.

Yet, when the revolution began in Tunisia, Egypt, and others to come, the US and her allies fumbled the ball, weren’t coherent in their statements, and in some cases preferred and even backed the very Dictators the peaceful demonstrators wanted to oust.

We witnessed the toppling of Western backed dictators without the aid of foreign powers, weapons, or secret plots. We saw the youth come out in massive numbers utilizing social networks and technology to do what in generations past would have taken tanks and bombers to accomplish. We saw Muslims join hands with their Christian brethren in Egypt to proclaim that as one people regardless of theology they would stand together against the Western backed Dictatorship in Egypt.

While many of us watched live on the so-called terrorist network Al Jazeera in jubilation, concern, and every emotion in between one thing that I noticed missing from all the discussions regardless of the network covering the protests was an honest debate concerning the myths about Muslims and Democracy.

Fox News in typical fashion as well as other Western media outlets hosted a score of panelists and potential Presidential candidates who repeated Israeli talking points and tried to gin up fear concerning the Muslim brotherhood, which was expected. In light of recent events, I would like to see some retractions, apologies, or at a minimum an honest debate about Muslims and Democracy.

For years many Muslim activists have been mocked or wrongly accused as apologists when it was said that Muslims do in fact want Democracy. When the truth about the West backing the very dictators who were making Democracy impossible were brought up, many of us were accused of being terrorist sympathizers, and if we God-forbid criticized Israeli intentions we were labeled anti-Semites.

So now that the Tunisian, Egyptian, Yemeni, and other citizens in the Middle East have and are still speaking and made the truth manifest, will we now tell the truth? Now that the entire world has witnessed Israel support a dictator in the face of historic calls for Democracy will we now maybe revisit Israeli intentions?

At a minimum will we now ignore the islamophobes, paid anti-Islam critics and lobbyists, and see the truth that all people seek freedom, Democratic principles, and peace, including Muslims!


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