Will the media ever report the truth about Farrakhan?

Minister Farrakhan gave a 4 hour lecture at this year’s annual Savior’s Day Address that he didn’t even get to finish and what did the media report? Three out of context remarks about white-Right wingers wanting to make Obama a one-term President, a vision he had in the 80’s, and his commentary about being light in the darkness. Without going into the specifics of the lengthy address, I just wanted to comment about how it drives me absolutely nuts how idiotic people can be when responding to such poorly written reports.

If one was to take a cursory glance at the comments sections of the various articles one would easily see all the critics of Farrakhan have not heard this particular speech in full themselves or any in the past. Some even boast about how they could listen past the first 15 minutes, but continue to spew the same talking points about Farrakhan none of which they ever researched. Among my favorites are the comments comparing him to David Duke, Pat Robertson, et. al. As if anyone can ever cite a comment from Farrakhan calling for the death or subjugation of an entire racial group, or particular people and/or countries.

I have read, listened to, and been witness to many of Farrakhan’s lectures over the years and it never ceases to amaze me how uplifting, spot-on, and truthful he is, only to have a few quotes extracted purposefully out of context by the media to enhance their viewership or readership. I don’t know why there still exist people in America who can not see the reality of what’s going on. In America today, we still have huge issues with race. If you are a black leader and speak forcefully, automatically they try to tar and feather you in the media. Everyone knows this but it’s not considered PC to say it. Which is why contrary to the attempts to silence him, Harry Reid was absolutely correct about his commentary a couple of months ago about President Obama. Obama absolutely has to be soft spoken and come off as aloof or weak, or he would have never gotten this far. He absolutely had to distance himself from Jeremiah White, Farrakhan, and others. The ugly reality is the majority of Americans who by the way are white, don’t feel comfortable with a black person in power speaking forcefully. The words that come out their mouths are never analyzed in context, so they just paint them in a manner to make themselves feel comfortable. So any black leader Farrakhan chief among them is painted as “radical”, “racist”, or written about in ways to make them seem like cartoonish characters that shouldn’t be taken very seriously. It’s supposedly “obvious” and that’s why if one looked at the recent slew of negative commentary, people can spot the typical talking points about something he supposedly said, did, or wrote decades ago. No dates given, no full excerpts noted, etc. as they are not considered necessary. This is same tactic that occurs every time Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton are brought up. We are never challenged as intellectuals to analyze and respond to commentary, we are only given soundbites and reminded of this or that happening from decades ago.

I used to believe that maybe I was just the opposite side of the coin vigorously defending against the critics, until I personally experienced how the media operates. For a good time, Google “Robert Salaam” and go read my extracted comments in the major media and then read the comments. You would think that I only spoke a few sentences to reporters, when in truth, I rarely gave an interview shorter than 45 minutes. In one major media outlet I was quoted for two sentences that pissed a lot of readers off, but I spoke with that reporter for over an hour all for naught. If I knew then what I know now, I would just give a few sentences and not waste my breath.

My point is, one should be careful what they believe and how they comment based on what is reported in the media. They are in the business to raise revenue not report. Therefore, the more sensationalist the comments or “news” the better. When Farrakhan can give a 4 hour lecture and it’s summed up in one paragraph while you may feel good by calling Farrakhan the fool, you may want to look in the mirror. Farrakhan knows what he is saying and why he is saying it. However, those making the comments are completely ignorant and basing their thoughts on something someone else says is important. If one only gave you the section of the dictionary on the letter “X” would that be enough to state that you understand all the words in the entire book? Would it make you feel wise and superior enough to give commentary about the English language? If not, what makes these idiot posters feel so confident about what Farrakhan has or hasn’t said in more than 4 decades? If your life was reported as an article excerpt written from negative bias, what would the public be able to decide based on the report?

Lesson: Think before you speak or at a minimum research something before you style yourself a pseudo expert

Although I have no official or unofficial ties with the Nation of Islam, even I know that it would be unwise to not consider the truth of Farrakhan’s address. I could care less what some of you may think of me based on that.



  1. The recent Farrakhan speech really put the fear of god into the guilty.
    Remember, use of the word “truther” identifies the cover-up operators ~


  2. What else were you expecting? They hate Farrakhan and always want to paint him in a bad picture. Let them go ahead and to what they want. There are about two million more muslims in America than Jews, and sooner or later, we will use our numerical strength to teach them political lessons


  3.      Very sad.  Farrakhan is a hater, nothing more nothing less. When people defend this racist dictator the only word that comes to mind is     SAD.


  4. Minister Farrakhan is one of very few people, Black or White, who is courageous enough to speak out in TRUTH!  Lies and deception has the world corrupt and one would think that when someone offers


  5. I respect blacks who speak truthfully and forcefully. I feel solidarity with them. However, there is no excuse for many of Farrakhan’s and Wright’s attacks on Jews. We used to be great friends, but people like Farrakhan drove a wedge between us. Jews support civil rights and equality, and a majority continue to support liberal policies on entitlements and social welfare programs. Why do people like Farrakhan wish to throw away the legacy of Dr. King?


  6. Farrakhan may say things that are spot on but first we all should realize he is a KAFIR!!! THEY believe ALLAH became a man from Chicago and that Elijah Muhammad is his prophet and that he can only interpet the Nobel Quran. He is not a muslim


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