Wouldn't it be nice if we had a Representative Government?

Last night a couple of friends and I began discussing religion and politics.  This of course, was after my wife made us into human pretzels with a torturous yoga session. (did I mention my wife was a Yoga Instructor?)  Eventually, after my long winded rant about the merits of Islam versus other religions (more on that later) and other candid stuff about my feelings on religions in general (still debating with myself as to whether or not I want to make that public 🙂 ), we eventually got to the current state of affairs in politics, the Obama Administration, and of course the Health Care “debate”.

For those paying attention to my periodical rantings, facebook and twitter messages, and even my brief return to radio, you may have noticed that I have been largely silent concerning politics since the election of President Obama.  After the night of the election I had resolved to “stay out of it”.  I was just too burned out following the 2008 election’s overdose of coverage, commentary, and who could forget CNN John King’s “magic map”?  It got so bad that I began to use my professional analyst skills (I’m certain I mentioned somewhere about what I actually do for a living) and started making my own predictions even at the county level in some states as to who was going to go red or blue and why.  It was over the top.  In fact, on election night, I had three phone lines constantly ringing with friends and family calling to get my view on how things were going to turn out, the only one I got wrong was Rhode Island, go figure…. eitherway, after that night and season that even had me volunteering and knocking on doors, I just decided to turn the TV off and stay away from politics for awhile.  That was until this summer’s retarded tea parties, town halls, birthers, and the idiots terrified about Obama’s education message to children, I still can’t believe people actually took their kids out of school for that! 🙂

It’s a longstanding joke in my circle of family and friends that if I stopped watching CNN, that I would have no need for cable, and they are true.  Lately, the only time I even turn on the TV outside of the fact that it also by computer monitor, and portal to the world of my Xbox 360 addiction, is to watch DVR episodes of my wife’s shows that “we” watch “together” such as “What not to wear”, “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Suze Orman”, “The World’s Strictest Parents”, “18 and Counting”, “Divine Design”, “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”, and of course “Hell’s Kitchen”, I have had to not only get thicker skin, embrace my feminine side, etc. etc. etc. but learn to just sit and obey. She will never watch my shows like “24”, “True Blood”, or “Real Time with Bill Maher” but this has nothing to do with the discussion, I’m just noticing….

Anyway, my friends and I started talking about this health care “debate” and I made it no secret that I think the whole thing is a joke and I am completely and thoroughly pissed off simultaneously with both the President and the Democratic Party.

I find it amazing but not shocking that the Democratic Party can literally have the White House, House, and Senate, yet somehow, can’t pass a single thing the way they promised, or deliver on anything Obama campaigned on, and the Health Care thing for me is just the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Maybe I saw it all coming and maybe that’s why I registered Independent (not that I can foresee voting Republican anytime soon), but the Democratic Party is just inept plain and simple.

Guantanamo?  Still open, Iraq? Still there, Afghanistan? Hell, send 30k more troops and never actually catch OBL, why not?  Public Option?  Nope, let Benedict Arnold, I mean Joe Liberman decide, Pass any significant legislation that the majority of Americans want that will actually help?  What do you think they are in Congress for? Their not there to actually represent Americans, but the corporate lobbyists.

I mean think about it…the whole 60 votes needed thing is a rule that the Senate made up themselves, not what the Constitution mandates, so if you had a few errant Democratic Senators and a traitor or two…cough Joe Liberman cough..just change the rules to simple majority.  I know, that’s a very Republican thing to suggest.

Republicans, love them or hate them, at least managed to get the things done that they wanted to.  President Bush told us all to our faces on national TV even with the Sith Lord Cheney pulling the strings that he in fact was the “decider” and the Republican led Congress did whatever they wanted to and could care less about the American people thought and surely not what Democrats thought.  However, timid Democrats get in power and you have a silent President who seems too afraid to push the agenda that he had us knocking on doors in the cold for that he promised, a Congress that seems almost certain that unless they play nice with Republicans that peace on Earth will never be achieved, and even with the majority of the country supporting the agenda, somehow that’s just not enough motivation to get er done!

I’m just so fed up.  I really wonder what are they there for? I mean the overwhelming majority of Senators are accomplished millionaires, have been in office for decades, and some old as dirt, you would think they had nothing to lose.  I seriously wonder why?  Why is it so easy for them to be bought and what does the money actually do for them?  Campaign contributions? I mean why is it so important to be re-elected each time, your a millionaire for pete’s sake, what else do you need?  Do you crave attention that much?  Go home, retire and spend time with your grandkids if your not really interested in Representing Americans interests.  Let’s just be honest for a moment.  Americans are too lazy and too easily fooled into believing that we actually have a Representative Government. We allow for the insanity to continue, where’s Susan Powter when you need her? (throwback joke)  We need to stop the insanity!  Either we actually put forth the effort and hold our REPRESENTATIVES accountable, or we stop complaining like I am and just accept that in the end it all boils down to money and our politicians have been bought long ago, even our messianic President (yes I said it).

I mean just imagine an America where the priority in passing legislation like the Health Care bill was what the American people actually want, instead of the current model of let’s do what’s in the best interest of the healthcare industry.  You know the industry that has already factored in how much they are prepared to seemingly lose in order to make it look like progress, making sure that in the end they benefit anyway.  Imagine an American politic that wasn’t afraid to call out BS like the Republicans uniformly opposing rather than suggesting any bill alternatives, because they figure it’s best to try and tank any effort in hopes to use failures as talking points to their advantage in later elections, I mean we all know that ideology and politics are what they were elected for right?  The most important thing to imagine is a President who actually made us believe in the change he promised, not by lofty speeches, but by the actual passage, orders, and declarations that would carry these promises into effect.  I’m still waiting on prison reform and whatever happened to a health care bill that rewarded and paid for preventive medicine?



  1. If we didn’t have the electoral college, I think that the US would be off much better. The reason why we don’t have a true democracy/representative government is because the founding fathers believed that the “common American” wasn’t smart enough to make decisions for their own country.

    What do you think?

    A fellow member on http://OurIslamic.com asked how the US would be without the electoral college in this thread: (http://ourislamic.com/forums/11-questions/1328-how-would-the-us-be-without-the-electoral-college.html#1328).

    I’m not sure how to answer that. :(…since I’m not 100% positive that the American people can handle  such a huge responsibility).


  2. I disagree with your assessment Humza. The founders of the republican federation of states we know of as the United States of America chose the electoral college to prevent one person from winning the presidency by sheer popular majority alone.
    With the electoral college system, candidates cannot win just by appealing to the gross majority of Americans. They cannot just focus on the Northeastern states. Or just California and Texas. They must appeal to the entire nation.
    Not saying it’s a perfect system or even the best one. Just that is the reason for Ben Franklin and the others for choosing the current system.
    That, and the fact they were all members of a secret society that practices strange rituals on a checkered floor while wearing aprons and revering the one-eyed all seeing god and claiming to be spiritual followers of the Egyptian architect Hiram who designed the pyramids……
    Oh man. Sorry about that. Sometimes the bar code on the back of my neck interferes with the microchip the government implanted in my brain after those aliens abducted me.
    Rantings courtesy of the new blog series: <a href=”http://muslim-religion.net/islam-in-america-part-1-brooklyn/”>”Islam in America: An Autobiography”</a>


  3. Nice post.  I mostly agree with you.  The big problem that the Dems have is that they are a diverse group – they have libearls, moderates and conservatives in their party.  Because of this they don’t vote as a group.  By contrast the republicans goose-step to their marching orders like good little drones.  So the have the power of conformity.


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