Michelle Duggar for Beatification?

This morning I had a funny conversation with my wife about the possibility of beatifying Michelle Duggar that I felt I had to share with my readers, you know take a break from my serious “sky is falling” type rants.

Like most mornings I picked up my iPhone (shameless plug) to check out the headlines on my various news apps.  It’s a habitual morning routine like grabbing a cup of coffee, that I just have to do to get the day started.  Besides, I wouldn’t know what’s going on with the world if it weren’t for my Huffington Post, CNN, AP, etc. news apps!  The AP app had a “breaking news” alert when I checked the phone, so I clicked that app first.  The “breaking news” this morning was that Pope Benedict has moved the process for Beatification one step closer for Pope John Paul II.

I thought this was great news and applauded the efforts, eagerly sharing it with my wife who listened politely, yet seemed a little more eager than usual to respond.  Little did I know that her response would make for good Saturday morning jest! Granted, as a Muslims what ultimately happens  with beatification doesn’t affect us one way or the other theologically speaking, but since it’s feel good religious news, I like to have an opinion nonetheless.   I began the discussion naming the virtues and recalling the actions identifying how great a Pope John Paul II was and commenting on how many Muslims liked him, and even threw in reference to the positive decrees about Islam given by the Church under his leadership among many other things, when my wife cut me off mid sentence in my praise fest of the late great Pope by saying one of the funniest things I have heard in a while:  “Why should he get to be a saint, what did his job really amount to other than praying all day!”

Of course, this was a simplified tongue and cheek response, but my wife went on to discuss how she doesn’t get how all these “men” can be viewed as saints when their primary job description entails praying and preaching.  Already laughing at her response, she kicked it up a notch by adding that if anyone should be nominated for sainthood it should be Michelle Duggar!

I’m thankful that I wasn’t eating or drinking at the moment or I would have choked.  Her response to my praise of Vatican and Catholic Church politics was so funny to me, that I told her that I had to blog about her conversation right away as it was way too funny not to share, she laughed.

My wife continued to make point by point arguments stating the virtues of Michelle Duggar and how the raising of now 19 children makes her more of a saint than an old guy praying and preaching.  Of course, there was a feminist slant in her tone (or so I think) but her overall point was that raising children is real work, preaching…well, not so much…

Just for the record, the Duggars are a common discussion topic in our household.  Although, our theological positions vary greatly with the Duggar family (obviously) we still absolutely adore them.  We watch their show religiously.  I frequently hold Jim Bob Duggar in high esteem for his patience, I have to admit there is a side of me that envies Jim Bob’s patience with 19 kids, whereas I can barely hold it together with 5!  He’s always smiling and thanking God for his family.  Those two just seem to be the very definition of saintly patience, kindness, and humility.  Therefore, bringing Michelle Duggar into a discussion about the Pope is perfectly natural in my house, as the Duggar family in general have been brought into just about every discussion we have had past already, from grocery shopping, to child rearing, to being better parents.

Personally, regardless of my wifes attempts to convince me otherwise 🙂 I still believe that Pope John Paul II should be made a saint.  Nothing against Michelle Duggar who should at least be nominated in our humble opinion.



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