What can an iPod teach about someone's personality?


Pictures of my iTunes library…

Driving home from work today I began contemplating the impact of one’s culture on religious belief and practice  as I listened to music on my iPhone.  I was distracted as I was listening to “God is trying to tell you something” from the “Color Purple” soundtrack followed by “Scenario” by A Tribe Called Quest and I thought it almost comical how wrong people can be about others when we judge people on surface descriptions such as race, politics, or religion.  I wondered how much insight could people gain about me just by checking my iTunes library.  What would they think after they discovered some of the things in there?  So I decided to do a little experiment and I encourage readers of my blog and followers/friends on Facebook and Twitter to do the same thing.  Basically, go to your mobile music device of choice (mine is the iPhone) hit the random button 20 times and list the songs that come up and see let others see your list.  By sharing this list, maybe we can learn more about each other than the trivial and heated debates we normally have do.  I have 230 songs loaded in my iPhone currently.  Here’s my song list, make sure you share yours:

1.  “Award Tour” A Tribe Called Quest

2.  “Upside Down” Diana Ross

3.  “Apologize” Timbaland Ft. One Republic

4.  “Footsteps in the Dark” The Isley Brothers

5. “Rock With You” Michael Jackson

6.  “Stop To Love” Luther Vandross

7.  “Do Me Baby” Prince

8.  “Love Is All We Need” Mary J. Blige

9.  “Venus vs Mars” Jay-Z

10.  “Satisfaction” The Rolling Stones

11.  “Here and Now” Luther Vandross

12.  “Radio” Beyonce

13.  “Didn’t Cha Know” Erykah Badu

14.  “Still Dreaming” NaS

15.  “No One Else” Total

16.  “Right Here” SWV

17.  “Who Can I Run To” Xscape

18.  “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye

19.  “On and On” Erykah Badu

20. “Unchain My Heart” Ray Charles


One Comment

  1. Thought I would try your test.  I have 800 songs chosen at random.

    1.   “Sold My Soul” Black Label Society
    2.   “My Curse”  Killswitch Engage
    3.   “Buffaloe Soldier”  Bob Marley
    4.   “Rhytm of Love”  Scorpions
    5.   “Tonight Its You”  Cheap Trick
    6.   “For Those About To Rock”  AC/DC
    7.   “Dont Cry”  Guns N’ Roses
    8.   “Sweet Sixteen”  Billy Idol
    9.   “Breaking the Habit”  Linkin Park
    10.  “I am the Highway”  AudioSlave
    11.  “Melissa” The Allman Brothers Band
    12.  “Window in the Skies”  U2
    13.  “Stillness of Heart”  Lenny Kravitz
    14.  “Counterfeit God”  Black Label Society
    15.  “What a Fools Believes”  Doobie Brothers
    16.  “Needle and the Spoon”  Lynyrd Skynyrd
    17.  “And Now My Lifesong Sings”  Casting Crowns
    18.  “Long Cold Winter”  Cinderella
    19.  “Sara Smile”  Hall & Oates
    20.  “Peace Sells”  Megadeth 


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