Blind Diversity Equals Death by Michelle Malkin: A Response

Editor’s (RS) note:  This is the comment I received in my inbox concerning this response by Brother Khalil:

I saw an article today by Michelle Malkin (“Blind Diversity Equals Death” dated November 11, 2009) against which I felt obliged to speak out. Below is the text of a comment I posted on the reporting website ( and also sent to her directly to her mailbox on the site itself.

By Khalil Esat

re: Ms Malkin’s article:
Not all Muslims are nuts –

The Bureau of Justice reports that in 2007 alone, of the 1,408,337 violent crimes reported in the US, 16,929 were “Murders and non-negligent manslaughter’s”, 855,856 were aggravated assaults, 90,427 were forcible rapes , and 445,125 were aggravated assaults. And 2007 was a ‘good’ year compared to almost every one of the preceding  46 years for which statistics were listed. (source:

Not only does Ms Malkin sound dangerously alarmist; she also sounds suspiciously like a pot calling the kettle black. Exactly, who is being blind in all of this? When Timothy McVeigh was enlisted in the Army, who knew he would one day blow up the Murray Building?  Loony people are loony people and you can no more predict who will turn into a nutcase or why, than you can predict who is going to turn into a Timothy McVeigh or a Mother Theresa.

That Nidal Hasan was a nut doesn’t make all Muslims nuts.

The knee-jerk reactions of many commentators (like Ms Malkin) to the Fort Hood incident reveal an unhealthy and suspicious reliance on dubious syllogisms that may mask a subconscious bias that is no more logical  or defensible than those motivating the ‘birthers’, ‘death panel’ alarmists, and … well, Glenn Beck and Lou Dobbs.

In an article published after the tragedy of September 11, 2001; Professor Timothy J. Winter of Cambridge University noted that “David Koresh could broadcast his fringe Biblical message from Ranch Apocalypse without the image of Christianity, or even its Adventist wing, being in any way besmirched. But when a fringe Islamic group bombs Swedish tourists in Cairo, the muck is instantly spread over ‘militant Muslims’ everywhere.”

There are said to be over 2.8 MILLION Muslims in the US and Nidal Hasan no more speaks for, or represents Islam or Muslims any more than David Koresh spoke for or represented America, Americans  or American Christians.

Don’t paint all Muslims with the same brush.


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