Can we get a decider in the White House? Please!!!

Only Democrats could screw this up!  A popular Democratic President, the Majority in the House and the Senate, probably 2 more picks for the Supreme Court when all said and done.  Yet, why does it appear as if “change we can believe in” was just a cute slogan for we are not George W. Bush?

Love him or hate him, at least GWB made decisions!  At Least GWB had resolve and convictions!  Granted, I wish he would have exercised his decision making in other directions, but at least he had a direction!

I mean come on President Obama!  Make a decision, piss some people off if you have to, shake things up, do something “radical”, that’s why we voted for you, or at least I did.

Were many of us just so caught up in the historical aspect of an Obama Presidency that we didn’t expect anything in return?  I hope not, because if that was the case and this is what we are stuck with, we just as well put Hillary and Bill back in the White House, at least they wouldn’t have cared about how Republicans felt with Democratic majorities!

No decision on Afghanistan (at least not now), no backbone with Israel, no decision on Iran, no serious regulation on Wall Street, pansy environmental rules, zero talk on immigration, what happened to prison reform (one of the reasons I first got interested in Obama), etc. etc. etc.

I thought we were voting for a guy that would make logical decisions in the better interest of the country and if need be utilize the Democratic majority to get things done, but right away we should have known better with the backsliding on Iraq and the lukewarm bailout that helped the richest Americans and paid lip service to the very people who stood in lines, knocked on doors, and unprecedentedly turned out for “change”.

This is not the change I believed in.

Case in point, VA just got a governor who’s thesis revelations made George Allen’s Macaca moment seem tame?  How did this happen?  Well for one, typical for Democrats they just assumed that since voters worked so hard for Obama, that their work for our votes were done, we would just come out in force because there was a (D) on the ticket (this is how Kerry lost in 04 btw), but we wouldn’t even had been in this position if political favors didn’t trump good strategy and Tim Kaine stayed his butt as Governor!  If you were going to pull dumb strategy and take away a secured Governor out of a hostile red state, at least work hard and try to keep the momentum going from the 2008 election, who are the idiots in the backroom who assumed that a traditionally red state like VA would stay blue because of 1 Presidential election?

Then there was NJ, where do I began….I can’t be the only one who thinks it just a little crazy that a solid blue state somehow can’t manage to retain a Democratic Governor, but then again, we did have Christie Todd at one point didn’t we, and this is what the DNC get’s for propping up weak candidates in the first place and treating their constituents as if they were mindless bottom feeders who will just vote because you say so.

NY, while on the surface was a win for Democrats, was actually an expose’ on the future of the GOP as they fight between level-headed Conservatives and crazed-right wing ideologues.  If they ever get that resolved as they have in some parts of the country, 2010 is going to be a comeback year for the GOP especially with the DNC that has a leader “thinking” about what to do next all the time….

I’m no flaming liberal and when I moved from VA I promptly registered as an Independent because I’m tired of my vote being taken from granted, but I would rather have a radical like Nancy Pelosi in the White House to ensure we at least get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, pass Health Care with a PUBLIC OPTION, etc. etc.

I hope the GOP crushed the DNC in 2010, maybe they will wake up, Harry Reid grow a spine please!

The Democratic Party is running around in circles on every front, the environment, health-care, same-sex marriage, the war effort, etc.  all big ticket items we expected “change” on there is stagnation on every front and as we saw in Maine more defeats are yet to come, and who’s rallying the voters?  Who’s laying out and leading a clear agenda?  No one that I know of…..

Look at the blunder in Israel recently?

Look at the Afghan election?

My God we are flirting with extending the 8,000 first-time buyer credit to INCLUDE those who make 5 times the national average!!!! and get this, it doesn’t matter where you buy the house!  Maybe it’s just me, but I would limit the credit to houses being purchase in hard-hit foreclosure areas and only to those making less than 100k married, and the house can’t cost more than 400k, but that wouldn’t make sense to the idiots in Congress, because we all know doctors and lawyers need 8k back on their 800k homes!!!!

I’m just frustrated and I know I’m not the only one……Didn’t we learn anything from the Clinton Administration?  Playing to the middle or right of center helps no one but the GOP, playing it safe in the first term just to wait for a second, gives the GOP the chance to regroup because of Democratic in-action, then true to form while Clinton was “waiting” the GOP gained control and made his life hell in his second term, when we lose the majority in the Senate, then what?




  1. Don’t tell me you are losing hope in Obama;though i agree with you there is more talk (israel,iran,etc) than concrete action.What do you suggest we do to bring him to stop waffling?


  2. Not at all.  Obama was a great choice for President on that point I haven’t backed down, but after all the work we voters put in, we can’t just sit back and take a hands off approach, we have to turn up the heat on our elected officials to ensure they enact the agenda we put them in office for in the first place.  I would suggest that everyone at the most basic level call their Congressional Representatives in the House and Senate, contact the White House, etc. and let it be known that we will act accordingly at the elections.  Right now I believe our votes and support is being taken for granted.


  3. Mr. Salaam, I was led to your site by an article on Major Hasan.  I laugheda t your comment when you said please don’t let him be muslim.  The reason I laughed is because many times when we hear of something horrific we instantly hope, even before we really evaluate teh situation, we hope it’s not one of the etnic group or in this case the religious group we are a part of.  And we do this with good reason, it’s because if one black man let’s say John Muahmmad is a sniper then all blacks are.  If Major Hasan is a mass murderer then all Muslims must be.  So I understand.  Mr. Salaam, my reason for writing is your comments about the President.  At frst I almost didn’t finish reaing becasue I am so tired of people bashing the President.  Hear me out now.  But I read on and became one of your new readers.  I totally agree with you that President Obama needs to stop playing nice, after all this is Washington, and make some tough decisions.  Honestly they shouldn’t be that tough because the American public already told him that we wanted out of Iraq, we wanted Gitmo closed, we wanted new real healthcare, we wanted a President who knew and wouldn’t forget where mainstreet was.  And how did we tell him we wanted these things, we sent a moving truck to Chicago and moved him to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Mr. President please don’t make us regret that move.  Thanks Mr. Salaam


  4. Mr Salaam,
    East and west coast Democrats would have voted for anyone the party put on the national ticket.  A good deal of the rest of the country voted for  a “change” from the weak leadership of GW Bush.  President Obama was elected without ever having to specify what any of the specifics of those “changes” were.  Now that the specific changes he desires are coming to light, the rest of the country realizes he is far to the left of their views.  In a nutshell this is why President Obama is having difficulty advancing his agenda.  I only hope those difficulties continue.


  5. Mr. Badgero,
    Please correct me if I am wrong, didn’t the Republicans place a canidate on the ballot?  One Mr. John McCain.  If yur reasoning stands up that the Democrats would have supported anyone on the national ticket which I doubt, would not the Republicans do the same thing and support their national canidate.  Now if the Dems support theirs and the Repubs support theirs that leaves the independents.  Now if the independents truly believed that Mr. McCain was going to provide that strong leadership that you say was sought wouldn’t tehy have supported John McCain and he would be our president?  Mr. Badgero, let’s face facts.  Mr. Obama has been in office for 10 months and he walked into a situation which I think was the equivalent if not worse than what Mr. Bush had to face in his first term after 9-11.  What Mr. Obama walked into was domestic financial terrorism as the banks were dying and their victims were the millions of people losing their retirement funds, their homes, cars and more.  You when citizens like yourselves make statements like “you only hope his difficulties continue” it says to me that your politics take precedence over your humanity becasue if the president fails millions and millions of our neighbors, families and friends will suffer.  Please think about that.      


  6. I agree completely.  It was absolutely the independents that determined the outcome of the last election.  However, I think most people would agree that many independents voted against the Republican party as much as for President Obama.  This is not particularly surprising, it happens frequently in politics.
    My desire for the President’s agenda to stall has nothing to do with politics.  It is based on my belief, and several centuries of economic history, that centralized control of an economy ALWAYS results in economic problems.  The socialization of energy and health care is what I hope makes it no farther.
    The energy bill in particular is based on science that has been shown to simply not be true.  One hundred and sixty members of the American Physical Society have signed a letter to the US Senate stating that there is no scientific consensus on the theory of AGW.  By comparison 52 scientists signed the 2007 IPCC report.  Do your own research and decide for yourself.
    The economic problems we are currently experiencing have many causes.  For instance, congressional demands that the financial system make home ownership “affordable” for everyone including those that could not afford it.  IMHO the primary cause was the cheap money policies of the Fed for the last ten years.  For the record, I don’t think the president has done a terrible job on this issue.
    In summary, if the president SUCCEEDS “millions and millions of our neighbors, families and friends will suffer.”


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