Whats so bad about praying for America?

50,000 Muslims to Pray on Capitol Hill: Guess Who's Not Happy?

So what's so bad about praying for America?  Absolutely nothing if your a sane, decent, and rational human being, who would see that as a kind gesture of peace, national unity, and pride in one's country.  However, if your the type of person who looks in the mirror everyday and believe that those who don' t look, act, or believe like you are the enemy, you may just have a different opinion.  If your the type with this mindset, it doesn't matter how much the "others" love their country or want to make a statement through prayer for their country, all you see is the enemy, all you see is the outsider, and because of that, you refuse to acknowledge the diversity of ethnicity, thought, practice, and belief in America is actually a good thing. So here we are again, another display of the worst of America trying to overshadow the best of America.  Anytime strong opposition, threats, and blatant unkouth attacks could be made against fellow Americans because they believe differently and that be deemed as an acceptable attitude and behavior by some, you know that we are taking many steps backward toward the goal of a more perfect union. Muslims who despite the overwhelming evidence of being loyal, patriotic, citizens, of various backgrounds have continually been described as the "enemy" and "outsider" by many other Americans because we don't believe in God the same way they do.  It is our religion that has made them smear us at every turn, attack and criticize us as a people, faith, etc. not our service to our country like the over 20 thousand active duty Muslim service members, many of whom have died for this nation, nor the thousands of doctors, lawyers, civil servants, politicians, educators, and many others who daily get up, read the paper, drink a cup of coffee, and get their children ready for school like many other fellow Americans.  Even though Muslims have labored, fought and died, and served in various capacities in this nation even since it was just 13 colonies, our belief in God is continually used as a catalyst for attack by many of whom claim to serve God themselves. If one was to read the comments by and observe the actions of many of the people who proclaim to be believers in and followers of Jesus, you would think that what Jesus taught was the opposite of peace and love.  I bring up Jesus and the fact that many of the detractors are self professed Christians, because it points out the stark contrast in the so-called ideology they say we Muslims believe and the ideology they claim for themselves. If you were to ask any of these self professed Christians what does it mean to be a Christian, somewhere in the discussion peace and love would come up. If you were to ask these same people about Islam, they would probably call my religion a religion of hate and intolerance.  This makes for an interesting observation when one looks back at all the "outrage" felt by those who feel that it's a bad, evil, etc. thing that on September 25, 2009 Muslims from across the nation will converge on the mall in DC not to protest, not to scream threats, but to pray for the peace and security of America and promote unity amongst Americans who are both Muslim and non-Muslim. So what's the outrage for?  Why the threats of disruption?  Why the negativity from the self professed Christians who believe that Jesus taught peace and love for all even ones own enemies? What I would state is the same thing I have always stated, these anti-Muslim types are hypocrites plain and simple and wouldn't recognize Jesus if he sat down in one of their pews today where many of them host and support speakers who are paid to speak and write books vilifying Muslims everyday. I remember years back some of my more Conservative friends, many of whom also self identify as Christians, telling me that they will believe Islam is a religion of peace or Muslims are peaceful when we see them in mass numbers displaying these actions.  They often tell me over the years that my blog and others, local efforts, and statements aren't enough, they have to see something on a larger scale. So here it is for the nation and the world to see, some estimate as many as 50k possible Muslims converging to pray for the peace and security of America.  Unfortunately, the nation and world may also get to see thousands of angry, venom spewing, "Christians", trying to disrupt and protest against said display, many of whom always in theory claimed they would welcome it. And somewhere atheists are cracking up eating popcorn! Related Articles:

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