Hypocrites! How the right is so obviously blatant….

Now a couple of days ago, I gave a scathing commentary that in essence pretty much stated that a good sizable chunk of the GOP's "base" that are anti-Obama everything have ulterior motives outside of what they say in public, chief among them the racial 800 pound gorilla in the room.  I truly do not believe that the majority of the "birthers", the anti-go back to school speech crowd, the "tea party" crowd, and especially the anti-health care reform crowd are actually against these things because of policy. So now you have a bunch of the same crowd in DC right now protesting….Look at this picture: 49219061 What do you see? Majority White Crowd…. check Republican….obviously..check Now read some of the signs:  "Hands off my Body"  "Save Freedom" etc.. To me, this looks more like a lynch mob than a protest. Who stole their country? When was democracy abolished and freedom taken away?  When did Obama say someone's body was going to be touched?  Why all the "USA" chants, flags, etc.?  Is this not the USA?  Are we not in America?  C'mon we know what the code is:  Obama isn't "real America" where you have to be a white Evangelical and/or part of the GOP "base".  He and all who look and think like him wreak of otherness… Call it a gut feeling but I believe a good majority in this crowd has one issue with Obama and one issue only:  His skin color.  They may try to hide it behind the "issues", but one has to ask, why weren't they protesting about freedom when the Patriot Act was passed or when illegal wiretapping was found out to be occurring during the Bush Administration.  Where were the protests when the fiscally nightmarish decisions to go to war in Iraq, deregulate the banks,Wall Street, and tax cuts were made that caused this financial mess in the first place? Now I know some will continually deny that race is not a factor in the minds of "base" of the GOP, but it just seems amazing to me that these so-called Conservatives all of a sudden started caring about the deficit when Obama was sworn in and couldn't add during 8 years of uber spending by the Bush Administration.

Thousands pack downtown DC to protest government spending, gather for march to US Capitol


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