The News is something else

So this morning I decided to whip out ye old iPhone to check the headlines and boy oh boy did I get three jaw droppers this morning!

Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy dies after cancer battle

First Senator Kennedy has died.  It seems like a summer of famous deaths and we aren't just talking about one or two this year, but several people who have been a staple of American and often world culture for quite some time.  Ed McMahon, Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, and now Senator Kennedy.  Several questions should come to mind in the world of politics such as his replacement, the fate of the healthcare debate, etc.  but I will leave that for another day.  What I remember most recently is when he endorsed then Senator Obama for President and that became one of the highlights of the campaign and the beginning of the end for Hilliary Clinton, who btw although I was not kind in speech about her during the election, I must admit she's a good Secretary of State, although I liked Condi Rice better….  What we should get from all this on a grander scale is that we should remember that we are only here in this world for an allotted time and during this time we should do our best to be nearest to our Lord.  God-willing Senator Kennedy is amongst those who are, my prayers go out to the Kennedy family a family who has given this nation much and has lost much in return.

Brown sentenced for Rihanna assault; other incidents surface

Secondly, well this really isn't a jaw dropper, but definitely a head shaker, Chris Brown got a slap on the wrist, surprise, surprise.  This sentencing proves yet again what is wrong with American culture.  All this shows young people is that if you have enough money you can literally get away with murder, cough, cough, OJ….. 🙂  Moving right along…. If this had been any old average American who beat his girlfriend in the manner this coward beat Rihanna, they would be thrown under the jail and become someone's girlfriend, but since he sold some records and made some money, it doesn't matter if the little coward punched a woman in the face several times. I'm sorry but I was raised to never hit a woman.  REGARDLESS.  There is never an excuse unless she's an Umma Thurman "Kill Bill" "Black Mamba" clone, maybe then, but in real life few men are ever going to face that type of woman.  Hollyweird can often give us great entertainment but what they are producing and the type of people that are given the stage to inspire the youth these days are disgusting.  How many young black men (as if we don't have issues already) will be silly enough to now think that it's OK to hit a woman?  How many more will believe that they could get away with it?  It doesn't help btw, if the woman is supportive of her coward, violent, abusive, freak of a so-called man either.  People wonder why the "Justice" system in America is routinely questioned.  Where is the Justice when crimes are sentenced differently based on how large your bank account or celebrity is?  If the LAPD responded to the call of the non-celebrity Chris Brown who drove a Honda Civic and beat his girlfriend who worked at a local coffee shop, it would have been an entirely different sentence.

Michigan courts given leeway to force veil removal


I was notified by a representative from CAIR who informed me that CNN has incorrectly reported the case.  Apparently, the sister in question WAS NOT wearing a Niqab (face veil) but was in fact wearing the Hijab (head covering).  That being the case, disregard my initial commentary as it relates to this case.  As I previously stated, I do not agree with any legal injunction or ruling that would attempt to deprive Muslim women, Jews, Christians, etc. of their right to dress according to their religious customs.  The only time I would ever support that is if it was proven that somehow the Hijab created some sort of problem within the performance of one's duty, job, etc.  Below is my original commentary…. And speaking of the US legal system……….  My third jaw-dropper is a big one.  I am getting so sick and tired of this thinly veiled foolishness and borderline racism and the Muslims are egging on with our own brand of foolishness thinking that we are helping but in fact making things worse.  There has been as of late an uptick in white people loosing their minds about "those people" who in this day and age aren't necessarily one race, but definitely one religion.  In Europe where swastikas are being painted on Mosques, to Muslim bathing suits being banned, to a female basketball player not being allowed to cover her hair, to protests, and now this here in America among other things, it's so obvious what is going on… I remain firm and steadfast in the belief that those who perpetrate these acts and rulings some moreso than others do so with a supremacist mindset.  The "tricky" thing is that they get to get away with not being labled racist, because Muslims make up all races, but make no mistake the signs are there, and I fear my non-black American Muslims are too blind to notice and know how to properly combat these ideas. Which is why I have to say that I take no side in this particular incident. On side A:  You have the Michigan Judge who exercised his authority and asked the woman to remove her Niqab. Is he a racist?  Who knows, his justification sure sounds fair.  But he isn't the problem.  The issue at hand is the tactic.  Maybe it's just me, but it appears more and more that people are beginning to use their legal system as a means to stick it to Muslims.  What is being said in essence is "we don't want you in our country" and I have to agree in some instances, because if your foreign born and want to change your host country but don't have the courage to change your home country, then why shouldn't people in the host country get angry?  But that's for another debate at another time. On side B:  You have the woman wearing Niqab that CAIR is so eagerly willing to fight for.  They too have a justification that on paper seems fair as well.  But here again I sense that maybe it's just me, but there's more than meets the eye as well. First of all, the news media is purposely using the word "veil" to confuse the issue.  Surely, they used this word as it's a linguistic tool to group all Muslims and make us all guilty by association.  If they would have used the word Niqab or Face-Covering as they do in the body of the report in the headline, my job here would be a little easier.  There is a difference and they know it, but the interest is in fanning the flames so they hope that right wing nuts and others will latch on to veil so they can continue their "all Muslims" rants and antics. Like I stated, there is a difference.  THERE IS NO QURANIC INJUCTION REQUIRING MUSLIM WOMEN TO WEAR A NIQAB AND OR FACE VEIL.  Every Muslim knows this, most non-Muslims know this, yet somehow every so often there comes along a Muslim woman in a face veil who becomes the image all Muslims and our "weirdness" to freak white people out and scare the pants off people. Call me what you will, but I believe the judge gave the appropriate response she could uncover her face or dismiss the case.  This isn't about religious rights for the most part, although I do understand why CAIR and the ACLU are worried about the broad language of the ruling, but they just picked the wrong person to back to further that agenda.  If this had been a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab i.e. head covering I would be just as angry.  But what this is about is one woman who decided to wear Niqab even though it's not required in Islam who represents probably less than 1% of American Muslim women who do, that decided her specific understanding of her Islamic practice should be legal. Because she is doing "extra" in a Quranic sense as pious as it may be, it shouldn't be attempted to be forced upon the masses Muslim or non-Muslim alike, especially if it creates a situation of disharmony and lack of equity between peoples.  Which is what this does.  It fans the flames of hate on one side, and helps to isolate others on the other side.  It's like the boy who cried wolf, for every unnecessary cry of "injustice" made by CAIR in situations like this, it weakens our position when real cries of injustice are made such as the Muslim swimmer in France and the Muslim basketball player in Switzerland.  We are giving them the ammunition to do what they do, because now the masses can't tell the difference from the legitimate to the illegitimate cases of discrimination, it all sounds like a bunch of Muslims whining in a foreign country, which is why you are getting the cries of "Like it or Leave it". Those who pull the strings on the anti-Muslim side love it when we go to court over Niqabs, footbaths, taxis, etc. etc. it just gives them the necessary support to truly discriminate in other ways right in front of our faces.  We all know that what someone swims in, especially if it's made of the same Olympic grade swimming material wouldn't matter if a non-Muslim wore it, nor is covering someones hair playing basketball would matter if a non-Muslim chose to do so, but what can we do about it? The one thing I wish my foreign born brothers and sisters will ask themselves is how do they imagine American Muslims lived long before 9/11 or before there ever was a CAIR?  How were we able to practice Islam and be secure in our practice and hardly if ever making major news?  Mosques were built, Ramadan observed, etc. etc.  so what's really going on now? Just some more of my useless rambling, I'm tired for now……


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