Wonderful Jummah today!


Today, my family and I were blessed to a wonderful pre-Ramadan Khutbah. Since I felt blessed and uplifted to here the message, I thought it a great idea to share it with my readers.   Sheik Yusef Estes was visiting at the Muslim Community Center (MCC) and gave a wonderful message of unity, reminding the believers to think as one community, one brotherhood/sisterhood, being ever mindful to avoid dividing the Ummah along the lines of ethnicity, nationality, sect, or title.  He reminded us that Allah (swt) did not state “die not unless your a Sunni, Shia, white, black, arab, etc. Muslim, but to die not unless you are a Muslim.  He also, reminded us that criticizing for the sake of criticizing and not using proper language or speech is also a way to divide the Ummah.  He stated “remember that when you point your finger, there are three fingers pointing back at you”.  Ultimately, his timely message for us, was that we try harder this Ramadan to think in terms of a universal Ummah blessed to have such diversity whether your in a Mosque in Norway, New Zealand, or the Islamic center in Tokyo.

To all my brothers and sisters, may Allah (swt) reward us for our efforts, strengthen and guide us, and bless us this Ramadan.


As Salaam Alaikum



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