The Caster Semenya gender question


OK, I’m human too!  I can’t be “The American Muslim” all the time and be 100% serious.  So I have killed several hundred braincells today actually reading a news article about “controversy” over Caster Semenya’s gender.  I know, I know, it was a waste of time, but I foolishly indulged anyway.  All I wanted to add to the discussion is that I think it’s sad that people would seriously think that had she really been a he, that no one would have found out before now.  How could you seriously hide your gender like that.  It would be a massive conspiracy consisting of officials, physicians, coaches, etc.  I happen to believe that She is a She and people should just suck up the fact that the other woman got owned.  Besides, to be a little “crass” I would love to know how a black African man could possibly get away with hiding his genitalia not only in running attire but also while running!   I once had a Marine under me who also looked masculine.  She had very short hair, a muscular physique, similar bone structure, etc. but was definitely a woman, our pre-programmed ideas of how women look or should look doesn’t always make those ideas reality.

This is a woman and when it comes out that she is, she should punch the nearest doubter in the nose, I bet she could knock a grown man out with one punch too! 🙂

 For comparison of my “crass” comment check out this picture of Cornel Fredericks also of South Africa:



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