This healthcare debate is getting out of hand!

So I haven’t been blogging much or actually doing much on the internet in awhile.  I also have been deliberately ignoring current events, I’m trying to unplug a little.  But as I’m slowly getting back into it, I have been seeing the clips from these town-halls and I have observed several things that I have to admit are just crazy.  No sane person can look at these clips or read what is going on and not see the madness.  Think about it:  One side is stating that all Americans should have healthcare and the other is basically saying no.  Each have ideas on the best way to fix the healthcare issue and disagree with one another and instead of an actual debate there’s ranting and raving, screaming, and all kinds of overtones.

I was watching Rick Sanchez on CNN and there was a clip of people holding signs of Obama made to look like Adolf Hitler and a women said to a Jewish guy who supports national healthcare “Heil Hitler”.

Many people don’t like it and many more may not admit it, but this thing has racial overtones.  It just seems to me that the election of 2008 isn’t finished yet in the minds of the majority caucasion Republican base.  Whenever Obama tries to do some kind of reform remember he’s only been in office 8 months, white Republicans start getting angry and start with the socialist, nazi, Hitler, garbage.  Remember the tea parties?

I’m sorry but just last summer this same crowd was at town-halls ranting and raving against Obama as well.  The subject changes, the actions and responses are exactly the same.

Why do I see racial overtones?

Well because the arguments put forward are stupid.  They are so stupid that it’s obvious they are a cover for something else.

Socialism?  I didn’t see these same people protesting Bush when he bailed out wallstreet in 2008.  No nazi signs, no socialism, no Hitler.  No one protests medicare, police service, fire service, etc. etc. etc. in this manner.

I’m sorry I don’t buy it.  This bill isn’t even written, there are a bunch of drafts out there, but no static bill, and people are just foaming at the mouth mad.  I think that if Obama wanted to pass a bill proclaiming the sky was blue, the same group would be doing the same things to protest that.

The fact is, they never got over the fact that Obama won.  They aren’t ready to leave the “old ways”.

Who in their right mind would be opposed to ensuring that all Americans have access to affordable health care?  Many of these people claim to be Christians but talk the way they talk and act the way they act, and seem to forget that there very own Bible states that Jesus (as) called the least of the people his brethren.

I guess when your President and the majority of the 47 million who happen to be uninsured just so happen to look different from you, there’s no reason to care about them and to be opposed to anything that would help them, you know the least of the people….

Go figure…..



  1. Welcome back! You were missed. What many of the folk shouting in various town halls forget is that they are one pink slip or government cutback from being among the uninsured. And even if they purchase private health insurance, there’s no promise that they won’t be dropped for a head cold. That’s right, a head cold. Insurance companies have dropped people for that.


  2. I think all of this is just diversionary tactics. Like you stated – there isn’t even a specific bill written, just a wish list. There are 5 seperate committees working on this thing and each side keeps throwing out tidbits to the media and they run with it. It is simply crazy to me.

    The reason you are getting racial overtones? That is easy and I am sure more retorical on your part, but I am still responding. No one wants to put in ink what the real issue is. We may have voted in a black President, but we have never abolished racism in our country or really had decent/educated conversation about it (I am not talking marches, or rallies or screaming matches, I am talking real come together conversation) – until recently, but again that is in the media as well. We know we will always have haters. It does not matter what you do – they will always exist, however, the folks that should be talking to each other, who can make a difference in how we handle race related issues are not talking to each other and I don’t know what will convince them to ever start. It must be a grassroots effort – it must be because we can no longer survive with this division based on what? The color of skin. It is not based on goodness of heart, or education or even where you live – just simply hate, mistrust, stereotypes based on the color of skin.

    When and how does that stop? I don’t see an answer to that any time soon and it is sad. With as great a country as we have we still cannot see EVERYONE as equal to being human.



  3. I’m gonna have to agree with you on this one.

    The rest of the industrialized world has public health care.

    UK, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Belgium, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden.

    Direct quote from Wikipedia: “The United States is alone among developed nations with the absence of a universal health care system.”

    I believe health care costs have been mostly responsible for the demise of our automobile industry.

    I wonder, are any of these laid-off blue collar factory workers supporting the president as they need it most? These same beer-drinking, country music loving, Fox News watching, gun toting, football salivating, Bible thumping, out of work Toby Keith fans should be the ones rushing to support a public health system.

    Ignorance knows no boundaries.

    It is unfortunate, but our undoing will be racism after all.


  4. You are 100% right. Racism is the only explanation for the unmitigated rancor released upon this president at every turn. Being able to oppose him on ideas that will help “the least” is just icing on the cake. I remember being so happy the night of the elections that I cried, I believed the country I loved had finally grown up. I now have the difficult task of looking deep within myself and asking if the color of my skin gives me an insulation from the realities of life in the good ol’ USA.

    Happy Ramadan to you and to all your Muslim brothers and sisters.


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