Haven’t posted in a while

I’m currently sick, the flu….so I have been effectively offline for a couple of weeks now.  However, I wanted to pass a couple of things on to my readers:

1.  I didn’t get a chance to restart my radio show.  God-willing I will be able to as early as this Friday, but Allah (swt) knows best.  I have a lot of things on my mind and talking about it is a more efficient method for me.  We shall see…

2.  I just wanted to put it out there that as long as you have faith in God and believe in the universal spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood by the grace of God anything can be resolved.  Without going into detail, I deleted for the first time a blog posting that was semi-critical of another Muslim’s commentary about the group in which I helped established.  We both spoke candidly and in the spirit of brotherhood and the matter was resolved.  Sometimes if you just extend and grab a hand and actually talk, things can be worked out.   This is why we should always strive to enjoin in the good and forbid what is evil perhaps, we may find out that we are often on the same sheet of music, just playing different instruments.

وَلَا تَسْتَوِي الْحَسَنَةُ وَلَا السَّيِّئَةُ ادْفَعْ بِالَّتِي هِيَ أَحْسَنُ فَإِذَا الَّذِي بَيْنَكَ وَبَيْنَهُ عَدَاوَةٌ كَأَنَّهُ وَلِيٌّ حَمِيمٌ (41:34)

41:34 But [since] good and evil cannot be equal, repel thou [evil] with something that is better// and lo! he between whom and thyself was enmity [may then become] as though he had [always] been close [unto thee], a true friend!



  1. Oh really?

    You deleted the blog post and my comment.

    Was it only because you and the other person really did find some common ground? Or was it something else?

    Was it because I discussed (in a most respectful manner) how your group may have been in the wrong?

    This is the third time a “progressive” Muslim blog has deleted my comments when I challenged them on their beliefs.

    I’m starting to notice a trend here.

    I’ve read some of your other posts, and I notice many of your ideas are very un-Islamic (for example, you support gay marriage…Istaghfirullah).

    You’ve said other “strange” things, but that right there was enough for me.

    Most Muslims know that this thing called “progressive” Islam is really Degenerative Islam. Many of the beliefs so-called progressive Muslims hold are utterly blasphemous.

    I don’t want to argue or debate your “beliefs”. Not just because I’m right (after all, I’m using the the Words of Allah and His Messenger as my proof), but because I don’t want to get into the whole blogging-backbiting-flaming game.

    I’ve read enough of that crap from the anti-salafi/anti-sufi wackos.

    Progressive (degenerative) Islam is a sham. It holds no water.

    And since you like to quote verses, here’s one for you:

    “Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects Taghut (evil) and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trust worthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.” (Qur’an 2:256)

    May Allah guide you and any other Muslim who seek to change His word or corrupt Islam.

    And if He decides in His wisdom not to guide you, then may He make your efforts fruitless and in vain.



    1. Wow, just wow, dear brother….

      You made many allegations against me which aren’t true and ironically was the premise of the said posting I deleted. Just so you don’t feel special, there were 8 comments waiting besides yours including from the brother who was vaguely mentioned. After we talked on the phone for over an hour yesterday, we came to terms and as a result we both decided to delete anything regarding the incident in question on both of our blogs. Feel free to ask him if you want, get some witnesses, before you come on my blog insulting with false allegations. I am who I am and have nothing to hide….obviously….

      Now about my “strange” things, since you made many more allegations against me that are not true, I do not believe in “Progressive” Islam, I have stated on this blog in the past and on my radio show that I do not believe that there is anything wrong with Islam at all. I outright reject any idea or concept that Islam has to change or God-forbid one should change the Qur’an. I’m sorry that in your quickness and anger towards me that you missed that major point.

      Furthermore, my support of gay marriage has zero to do with how I feel about homosexuality. If you notice I never once mention my religious views on the subject, but the irony is that you quoted from the Holy Qur’an exactly why I feel the way about the subject. I do not believe that my beliefs should be legislated on anyone, that would be compulsion in religion. It would be using the US legal system to force my beliefs on others, which is why I categorically state that gays should have the same rights as I do if they fit the same category of citizenship as I do.

      What’s completely sad about your commentary is that you did the very thing that divides the ummah, you never directly asked me any questions on clarification on my views, you just assumed how I feel and vaguely accused me of lying. To add to the blatant disrespect then you invoked Allah (swt) to grant me wisdom against issues that aren’t even true about me. Sad.

      To clarify:

      1) I’m not “Progressive”, I don’t believe in changing the Qur’an, I don’t believe in mixed-gender or women led prayer, or any movements that go against the historical rulings and/or Tafsir as it relates to Sunni Islam.

      2) I am not anti-Salaf or anti-Sufi, in fact I am not anti any Muslim sect or group. On those issues in which I disagree, I disagree in peace and leave it all up to Allah (swt) Alone to judge.

      3) I do not believe in compulsion in religion. I believe that people should be free to make choices for their lives regardless of my personal/religious views. Likewise, I will not support a group/movement that believes that one should. I believe that the moment you support these ideas you open yourself up to be a future victim of the same exact thing.

      In the end, as I stated, that sometimes just actually talking to brothers and sisters will often yield better and more positive results than name calling, insinuating, and alleging things.

      As Salaam Alaikum


    2. Dear brother feel free to disagree with me on these points, you would not be the first brother or sister even among my friends and family. My point is purely legal. I believe that according to the Constitution of the United States we don’t have the right to do this. If this were an Islamic state my views would be different. My views are based soley on legal interpretaion of the laws of this land. Maybe I’m wrong but from time to time I give political opinions unbiased of my religious interpretaion it’s just commentary and opinion. Further I believe that as a minority I can’t support legislation that would deny rights to other citizens based on sexuality. I believe it’s a slippery slope, those who back these initiatives are largely “Christian” so they want to legislate their beliefs. It wasn’t that long ago thier religion was
      used to ban many things against blacks because afterall according to Genesis we suffer a curse right? How long before Muslims are singled out? Try building a mosque and you can get a preview of what we could expect. You help strengthen these groups you aid in there ability to single out other groups based on their religion. I do not believe that we should jump on this bandwagon simply because we share similar beliefs the will take that support now and use it against us later after they have power. History is a great teacher and the treatment of minorities in this country and throughout history was often justified using the Bible, I just don’t want to support or help tactics resurface.


  2. Wa Alaikumus Salaam,

    I do admit that I may have been too quick to judge your intentions. And, yes, I did accuse you of espousing “progressive” Islam.

    If I was wrong for that accusation, then I seek the forgiveness of Allah, and yours as well.

    However, I will not capitulate on the gay marriage thing.

    You said: “If you notice I never once mention my religious views on the subject, but the irony is that you quoted from the Holy Qur’an exactly why I feel the way about the subject.”

    And therein lies the problem.

    How can we not view this from a religious standpoint? How can Muslims stand by, mute, on a subject that is abhorrent to Allah?

    Homosexuality is haraam. What if the U.S. government said incest, or marriage between consenting brothers and sisters is legally protected by the Constitution?

    Are you going to support that also because you don’t want to force your religion on someone else? (After all, Allah does categorically forbid incest.)

    You will have to go through all sort of verbal and linguistic contortions to explain why you would support homosexual marriage but not incestual marriage.

    But for those of us who stand by the Word of Allah, and forbids what He forbids, and despises what He despises, we don’t have to do that. Both are haraam and both are forbidden.

    And the argument that we don’t want to force our religion on others is bogus. Muslims didn’t bring up Prop 8. It’s not Muslims driving the whole anti-gay marriage thing.

    Allah has commanded us to enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil.

    Homosexuality is evil. Therefore, gay marriage is evil. Hence, I will never support it. And since Allah doesn’t support it either, I think I’m in good company here.

    Allah will not punish Muslims for not supporting gay marriage.

    But, can you really say the same for those who DO support this evil act? Knowing your angels are writing down everything you say, can you comfortably declare that Allah will not punish, perhaps even reward, your support of gay marriage?

    You also said: “I believe that the moment you support these ideas you open yourself up to be a future victim of the same exact thing.”

    Do you mean that by being against gay marriage, one day Christian Conservatives will try to pass laws against Muslims?

    Who cares? I doubt America will ever become a real “Christian” nation anyway. The closest we got was George Bush II and we see what that got us.

    Islam is not a popularity contest. Some non-Muslims will like us and some will not. I believe, most will not. It doesn’t matter. Our ultimate goal is to please Allah.

    Now watch…if enough people read these comments, you will see some very anti-Islamic comments coming my way.

    That’s what we have to put up with as Muslims. We will always be “the other.”

    You also said: “To add to the blatant disrespect then you invoked Allah (swt) to grant me wisdom against issues that aren’t even true about me. Sad.”

    This is what I said: May Allah guide you and any other Muslim who seek to change His word or corrupt Islam.

    I did insinuate that you were trying to change the Word of Allah. You have stated that that is not your goal. I will make repentance Inshallah for that comment.

    However, I do believe that your support of gay marriage corrupts Islam as it may misguide those who do not know or give encouragement to those who engage in this evil behavior.

    So I will not take that comment back.

    Finally, I am not trying to divide Muslims. I’ve read through many of your previous posts, and it appears we will probably agree on many things. (Not everything, ’cause some of the stuff you say is kinda out there).

    We are both African-American Muslims from large metro areas. We both like video games, we’re both family men…well, I guess the similarities end there.

    As-Salaamu Alaikum.


  3. I didn’t want to start a flaming thread on your blog, hence I’m going to leave this topic alone.

    It is apparent that I cannot change your mind. And you sure as heck can’t change mine.

    To continue going back and forth on this topic is pointless and counterproductive since this topic does not deserve this much attention.

    So, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

    I will bookmark this blog, Inshallah. The next time you say/write anything controversial (I have a feeling you say a lot of controversial things), expect me to express my opinion.

    Ma’ Salaama.


    1. No problem, let me have it 🙂 we should be able to disagree without being disagreeable. No one has all the answers and few feel the same all the time. I welcome disagreement as it helps me grow as an indivdual. Thank you.

      As Salaam Alaikum


  4. Sallam brothers, I saw the discussion here and had to comment. I am the “blogger” that Robert and Abu Ibrahim are talking of. Here are my thoughts:

    1. On the issue of supporting gays, any Muslim scholar would tell you that such support would be in gross violation of Islam. The issue is pretty black and white here – no shades of grey unless you’re a “Progressive” Muslim or something of that ilk.

    2. In Islam there is no separation of religious life and political life, and so forth. We don’t compartmentalize Islam.

    3. In temporarily suspending my comments and “blogging” against said organization / persons, I have not absolved them of guilt but rather, taken Robert’s words, intentions and said future responsiblity of action from the organization to consideration. It’s fair in my view to give them the space and time to prove / improve / change.

    4. My image of Robert Salaam is much tainted by this support for gays. May Allah guide him. His views are in no way or form “Muslim”.

    5. I thank you brother Abu Ibrahim for your strong defense of our shared religion. May Allah bless you. Please feel free to contact me. Let’s keep a close eye on 5th column “Progressive” organizations. They have failed to gain support using conventional means, it would be there obvious next move to try doing so “on the sly”. I am building a data-sheet of the individuals and organizations that are responsible.


    1. Now one could ask why did I even approve this commentary, and I will simply state that if you look at the Confederate Flag posts and see some of the comments this is nothing new for me….

      I don’t want to continue with petty back and forth issues, but I will categorically state that I find it arrogant and not within Islamic norms of behavior and manners to act as if one holds the keys to the definition and decision regarding who is Muslim and who is not. Nor is it appropriate to continue to insinuate things about a persons character or intentions. That is what Allah (swt) is for.

      That said as it relates to the 5 points:

      1. Let’s not spin the issue here. Let’s not use this debate as another attempt to use the “progressive” allegation and smear. The debate is about separation of church and state, not whether or not Robert Salaam believes homosexuality is OK in Islam. The red herring type of logical fallacy used here is too obvious. I’m an American. In America our laws are based on this premise among others. I believe any attempt to undermine this legal norm will set bad precedence and supporting bad legal precedence I believe is bad strategy. Islam states matter of factly that homosexuality is haram and the Qur’an states in every English translation I have seen that the act of homosexuality is an abomination. I have never denied that. But to continue with this mantra that due to a legal/political opinion I have about the US a legal system and jurisprudence make me a “progressive” Muslim or not even Muslim at all because it’s in disagreement with your view is in one word ridiculous and insulting to everyone’s intelligence. The moment I state that homosexuality is OK in Islam feel free to call me whatever you want, but don’t blur the two issues.

      2. Islam is a way of life yes, but don’t you think it a little presumptuous to infer that somehow I’m either compartmentalizing or advocating that Muslims compartmentalize Islam because of a political view I have? The correct response in Islam would be to show me how I’m compartmentalizing Islam rather than just throwing it out there hoping it will stick. In Islam, at least last I checked, there are no teachings against giving one’s opinion about an issue. These types of attitudes do a great disservice to Islam when it becomes apparent that having differing views about politics can get one labeled as things contrary to who and what they actually are.

      3. On this issue I must admit I’m a little saddened that one could still hold such views after such a lengthy discourse. Rather than go into detail I will firmly state that it’s illogical on it’s premise to condemn an entire organization, group, or people based on one bad experience, a few individuals, etc. this is what I spend the majority of my blogging writing against. Non-Muslims do it all thing time, “All Muslims/Islam is…” because of these same trivial matters. For Muslims who are victims of stereotype and broad brush accusations to engage in such banter is troubling. But that’s whats exactly going on in this thread isn’t it? My political opinion is disagreed with so now I must be labeled. A member(s) in my group (not the leadership or official reps) does something or believe something, so now the whole group must be labeled. Alright, if that’s the low standard we have decided to accept when pronouncing judgment against other Muslims, then we must be willing to accept everything that is stated about any group or religion. Islam is violent, blacks are gangsters, etc. etc. etc. If we really want to be on the Islamic holier than thou routine, please show the readers of such folly when the Prophet (saw) ever taught that being suspicious, slandering, alleging, etc. etc. etc. against fellow Muslims has ever been OK without witness or just cause especially when said Muslim(s) have denied such charges? Please show where it has ever been OK to arbitrarily decide who is Muslim and who is not based on their opinion about political issues. Unless I have some crazy ideas about Tawheed or something like that, it is fundamentally incorrect to allege anything about my Islam period. Certainly, we are capable of disagreeing on issues without blowing them up and trying to make them issues of Fiqh when they are not.

      4. Only Allah’s (swt) image actually matters, but to be clear, I am Muslim for the Messenger (saw) and Allah’s (swt) sake. To even think oneself capable of deciding who is or isn’t Muslim states more about the one making the charges than the one who is charged. Last I checked for the gazillioneth time, show me where I Islamically agree that homosexuality is fine within the bounds of Islam than you would be right, but lets not try to continue down this path of misleading those who would be bored enough to read such exhaustive and saddening back and forth. You don’t have to agree on politics, issues, etc,. by automatically labeling those whom you disagree with as heretics of some sort. What is this the dark ages?

      5. I’m going to be perfectly honest here, people looking for 5th columns really need to sit back and wonder where the paranoia is coming from. Is it really that serious? The saddest part is that even after being an open book, I mean seriously one could find on the net commentary from my family, friends, etc. on almost every aspect of my being. I do personal emails and calls with my readers and to still after all is said and done make such allegations to me states that one is just content with stirring the pot regardless. The attitudes expresses especially in the 5. wreak of many southern churches I grew up disgusted with their members attitudes. It’s just plain ugly and has no place in Islam. The Prophet (saw) made it very clear that this type of behavior worthy of the Shaitan has no room in Islam and does nothing but help divide the Ummah. I’m certain my readers will easily see that not once have I alleged or accused any dissenting Muslim of anything other than being a Muslim with whom I disagree with. However, often as in the case recently is that some brothers unfortunately think that they are Islamically correct in their actions by spreading allegations and dare I say mischief because of what?….

      In the final analysis let’s really look at this foolish back and forth….

      Some serious allegations and labeling has gone on especially about my person because of what? A political opinion and the actions of a member in a group in which I started. That’s it. Not because I have ever stated anything contrary to the unity of God, articles of faith, or pillars of Islam. Not because I have ever been accused of fornication or engaging in haram activities. None of those things. Yet, my identity as a Muslim is being questioned and I’m alleged to be unIslamic and some sense. Now we could take this to the actual Imams and scholars of Islam and see the results, but I think it’s quite clear that these allegations in of themself is haram as well as spreading rumors and encouraging being “suspicious” of other Muslims. Enjoin in such wilds if one sees fit, but know that it is on the wrong side of Islamic norms as it relates to the Ummah.


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