What does Robert Salaam Read, Watch, Play, etc. and why should you care?

Let me answer the last part upfront, you shouldn’t care! 🙂  I just feel like sharing today and maybe just maybe, I can network with individuals on other levels outside of my general “American Muslim” ramblings.

True Blood Season 2:

I just finished watching the entire first season last week and just finished watching the first two episodes of season 2.  So far so good, well actually I think it’s great!  I have read every book in the Southern Vampire Mysteries, and count me among one of the Sookie Stackhouse fans.  Now in order to truly enjoy the show, I had to let go of my purist leanings, because the show doesn’t only change a few things, but in some parts go in completely different directions.  I was dismayed at first about some of these changes, but it seems that they are at least in keeping with the spirit of the books and the twists in the show are actually pretty good.  As long as they follow some of the main plots of the books, I believe this show will be a hit for years to come.  Two thumbs up HBO!

24 Season 7:

I have had the season finale in my DVR for months now and finally got around to finishing it a couple of days ago.  Awesome, simply awesome, season.  I happen to be a huge Jack Baur fan and think that 24 is a great show even with all the “controversy”.  I even enjoyed the Muslim angle this season with the wise Imam.  Maybe Fox was apologizing with that little tidbit, who knows, eitherway, I will be back next season as always, and watch Jack be Jack.  The only think that’s driving me crazy is how some plot holes are often left wide open from season to season, or maybe I’m just not paying attention, but what ever happened to president Logan, his wife, and president Palmer?  Why did we only get a glimpse of Regina King, only for her character to disappear?  And speaking of Regina King, can we please get a new season of the Boondocks!


I have to admit, that I have been abusing audiobooks!  Every since I got my first audiobook on iTunes for my iPhone, I have been hooked!  So much so that I have read/listened to 33 books since the end of December!  They include:

The Entire Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (12 books) well 2 aren’t technically the Vampire Chronicles….

The Entire Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris (9 books) haven’t read the “in between” books yet.

The Entire Twilight Series by Stephanie Myers (4 books)

The Host by Stephenie Myer

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King, I’m wrapping up book 4 of 7

Stuff White People Like: A Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions by Christian Lander

Buddha by Karen Armstrong

Rogue Squadron by Michael A. Stackpole

I immensely enjoyed all of these books and highly recommend them.  I don’t want people to think I have abandoned physical reading because I haven’t, as I have previously mentioned on my blog, I have read and reviewed Mother of the Believers by Kamran Pasha, The Imperfect Enjoyment by Dewan Gibson, and I’m working on a review of both The 7 Great Prayers: For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings by Paul and Tracey McManus, which by the way is a very well written and inspirational book that I recommend for any spiritual library and Horse Soldiers by Doug Stanton, which is a compelling, inspiring page turner.

Let’s just say that I’m reading more now, than I have in a long time.

Moving right along,


After watching and thoroughly enjoying the Friday the 13th remake and boycotting X-Men Origins: Wolverine because Hollywood refuses to make an X-Men movie true to decades worth of comics and material.  It’s been pretty dry for me, most likely due to the fact that movies cost way too much these days.  The only summer movie I have seen so far is Star Trek and that one got a standing ovation!  Yes, it was that good.  Sunday I’m going to see Transformers: Revenge of the fallen and I don’t expect much other than good CGI and special effects, I grew up on the cartoon, so I can’t help but being a little cynical about the movie, which by the way, make me leery of going to see the GI Joe movie, I mean what’s next Thundercats, another He-Man disaster or worse?  I just wish that when Hollywood decides to bring a cartoon, comic, or video game to the big screen that they would actually read and study the present material.  Don’t they understand that the fans don’t care to see anything new story wise?  We would just like to see the images we grew up viewing rendered in live-action with special effects.  Hollywood could literally copy a comic scene for scene and flesh out the dialogue a little to account for being a movie and even though we know the entire plot and conclusion people fans will pay for a dedicated reproduction.  I mean we are not stupid, we expect some changes, but come on Hollywood Venom dying in Spiderman 3, Deadpool with no mask and insane powers among other foolishness in X-Men Origins, and countless other blunders when it comes to translations such as the Street Fighter w/ Chun Li movie…….there should just be massive boycotts until Hollywood learns to make quality movies with such successes as Iron Man, Hulk, The Dark Knight, among others.  Oh and lay off the books if your going to churn out horrible movies like Twilight!!!!! that are so horrible compared to the books it’s not even right!

Enough of that rant….

In other “news” I just completed Resident Evil 5 on the Xbox 360, remain the king of fighters in Street Fighter IV (email me for xbox live info if you think you stand a chance) and I am looking forward to buying Fight Night Round 4 this weekend.

I love video games, which is something I don’t think I have brought on the blog before today.  I have owned every gaming system since the Atari 2600 with the exception of all Sony systems (I’m still bitter that they ran Sega out of the console business for the most part) and the Nintendo Wii (I’m just too busy with my 360)  I have never been into handhelds, outside of the original Gameboy, I haven’t gone near them.  Some of my recent favorites are:

The Sims 3 (I love the updates from the awesome Sims 2)

Resident Evil 5 (My only issue is you can’t run and gun like Halo)

Halo 3 (speaks for itself)

Street Fighter IV (I haven’t been really beat since the arcade days of the Street Fighter II, I can be beat just not that often. 🙂 )

Mass Effect (Can’t wait for part II)

City of Heroes (good for a while but finally got old)

1 vs 100 (beta) when this game actually launches it’s going to be a hit.  The beta on Xbox live has been one of the best ideas and games I have played in almost my entire life.

and too many others to name.  I really can’t wait for Knights of the Old Republic, the trailer alone!!!!! wow, just wow,….

And I own many good games like Ninja Gaiden II, Fight Night 3, Assassins Creed (part 2 will be good), Marvel Ultimate Allaince (cant wait for MUA2), Forza 2 (the next one is going to be good) among others like Halo 3, Fable II, Superman (which I happened to like) and a host of other Xbox 360 and PC games.

What many may not know is that there is a lot more to “The American Muslim” than religious and political commentary.

I’m a video game, book, and movie junkie.  Who especially likes RPG’s, MMORPG’s, Vampire books, and Horror Movies.  I’m also, into building computers, and I’m a car junkie and am really into the tuner scene.

Last and certainly not least,

I finally decided to get back into Marine shape and ordered P90X.  Let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart and I don’t even recall some of my PT sessions in the Marine Corps being this intense!  I have been doing this program for about 24 days now and have taken pictures and measurements and all that good stuff, however, I will not reveal any of this info until the end of August so stand by for that!  I recommend this exercise regime for anyone who is serious about getting themselves in shape, however, if you were never in shape, it may be a little too difficult for you.  But check it out, it works!

That’s all for now, I will return to regularly scheduled programing soon.  For instance, I have been noticeably silent about what’s going on in Iran…..

My next car Insha’Allah (God Willing)


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