I’m convinced the GOP doesn’t want to win national elections….

Granted, I’m not a registered Republican, however I do believe our government would be more effective if political views and decisions weren’t so partisan.  I believe the Republicans are just not interested in having their views represented in the Government.

Several weeks ago I blogged about a dream I had, where I was a Republican strategist and I stated that the biggest problem the party has is it’s lack of diversity and the general appearance by most Americans that the Republican Party is the Party of old white Christians who could care less about minorities.  While that may not be true in every instance, it sure looks that way.  The problem that many in the Party have not realized is that this Country is getting more and more diverse and while they have made a step by choosing Michael Steele as the RNC Chairman, they still have found many ways to isolate themselves and be looked at as a party devoid of diversity.

Exhibit A:  Michael Steele not even in office a couple of months is embarrassed on the national stage by Rush Limbaugh.

Exhibit B:  Colin Powell is mocked by Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and others.

Exhibit C:  In Florida, while the Democratic Party is preparing to offer a list of candidates for the 2010 election that are diverse in gender, race, and age, the Republican Partie’s candidate list features all white males, with only one under the age of 50.

Exhibit D: Today, President Obama nominates the first Latina Woman for the Supreme Court (brilliant chess move btw) and already we are hearing comments from the Right like “she doesn’t have the temperment (wink, wink)” her intelligence is being questioned, and some comment that she made 8 years about about white men most likely taken out of context is brought up, and of course, the label of “activist judge”.

I don’t get the Republican Party.  They lost huge in the general election (blow out anyone) and they have been loosing seats left and right since 2006, yet they continue to rally behind commentators and past elected officials who take the stances and positions that are to the far Right of the party and very unpopular with the majority of Americans.

Why move further to the Right when the Country is in the Center?  Most Americans do not share the views of a Rush Limbaugh or Darth Cheney.  A word of advice Republicans, none of these guys appeal to the majority of Americans and it doesn’t help that you keep letting them mock minority candidates.  The Democratic Party is increasingly appearing to be the Party of Diversity embracing the look of America meanwhile the Republican Pary continues down the path of the old white Evangelical Party with a black guy up front who is just a figure head while Rush Limbaugh and Darth Cheney truly run the Party.  Let’s see:  In the coming years are more Americans going to look like and be in positions of power like our current Democratic Party leaders such as President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Judge Sonia Sotomayor, etc. (i.e. diverse in gender and race) or will more Americans look like and act like Rush Limbaugh and Darth Cheney?  If it were me I would be begging General Powell to stay and where in the world is Dr. Rice?  I’m willing to bet she’s not leaning toward Rush’s ideologies either.  If current trends continue, expect the Republicans to be extinct in the next decade.  Maybe we can bring back the Whig Party or something. 🙂

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