Spicy Mustard, What is Hannity really trying to say?

Hannity Attacks Obama For Putting Mustard On His Burger

So I’m listening to XM radio’s 169 The Power and Joe Madison plays this clip from Fox “News” where Sean Hannity is making fun of President Obama because he ordered a hamburger with spicy mustard…..  Normally, I would just shake my head, but we should be now know what they i.e Fox “News” is trying to do.  Without going into detail, this is more race baiting from the channel supported by that segment of society who just happens to an aversion to those who don’t look like them.  Moving right along, I will translate for the ignorant:

Sean Hannity is calling President Obama an uppity negro.

The fact that these things are tolerated by the right wing, continues to show how foolish they are and why their party is in steep decline.  I hate to break the news to you ultra conservative whites, but this country is getting darker and darker each year, have you noticed the first family these days.  It’s time you get with the times or just be the decaying segment of America dreaming of the glory days when minorities new their place!


  1. “Sean Hannity is calling President Obama an uppity negro.”

    I understand the reasoning for commenting on Hannity’s ridiculous remarks and agenda. That is where I put him, he is ridiculous, but I know there are others who listen to him as if what comes from his mouth is some sort of Gospel, ashamed to say it, but my Grandfather would be one of them. But…that sentence killed me. Just killed me. It needs to be stated boldly, I know, but it is like a stab to the heart to feel that sentence. If that makes sense?

    I will show my naivete yet again – I was raised around the world, every color, shape, size, religion – an amazing canvas of wonderous humanity – I will never understand where a man or woman’s worth is based on skin color, shade or hue. I will always shake my head. I know you will think that I am crazy – I am neither right nor left, but somewhere in the middle and I am not a bleeding heart, but for the love of what is good in this world why in the hell can we not be intelligent enough to appreciate one another?



  2. Sean Hannity is another show on the road to spread vanity. Newton’s 3rd Law of Physics states that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. We all know that according to the Law of Conservation, “matter can neither be created nor destroyed”.

    Everytime Sean Hannity moves his lips and vocal cords, air is moved and sound waves are created that makes meaningful words stringed together to form sentences.

    Can you imagine if there was no air. Sean should be thankful that he can breathe and his life is not on a respirator. His mechanical energy (moving lips and vocal cords) changes the energy to sound. This action of his is bound to have a reaction. If the air provided by Allah Almighty is being taken into the lungs and used for spreading lie, deceit, slandering and hate; then the sound waves he has created will have an effect, not just on others but also on him. Light or sound as we know reacts in three ways when it hits something: some reflects away, some refracts and some bounces back. At times all the sound could also bounce back if its angle of attack is wrong!

    This scientific evidence goes to prove what Allah Almighty has said in the Quran, “If the Ignorant people address you, say ‘peace'”. Meaning, block them off completely and don’t allow their sound waves to bother you. If one stands in dark room, it only takes one to turn the switch on and the darkness goes away.

    Finally, when Sa’ad (ra) was about to engage the Persians in a battle where Muslims were only 30,000 to 300,000; the Second Khalifa (Umar ibn Khattab) wrote him a letter which reads in summary:

    .Allah does not command us to fight evil with evil, but evil with good.
    .They are a people who drink and we are a people who prefer purity
    .There have darkness because their hearts are dead, we have light because we have Imaan (faith).

    This is how one has to deal with the Vanity of Hannity!


  3. Assalamu alaikum, you know, my husband was actually watching this on Fox News, he watches it just to “see what they’re stewing about” as he says, but anyway, when I saw this I thought “is this the best they can do? Make fun / rag on Obama for asking for spicy mustard? like, how is that “elitist”?” I mean, anyone could have asked for spicy mustard, it wasn’t like he was asking for something really exotic/out there. Really funny that that’s all they could complain about. But any way, the sound of Sean Hannity’s voice literally makes my blood pressure go up, I mean, I can feel my face heating up and everything, listen to him as well as the other conservative pundits is not good for my health/well-being lol.


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