Things on my mind….

Often I have several things on my mind that I intend to blog about, but I never get a chance to do so, therefore I decided to just throw out my random thoughts in one post today about several things that are on my mind today rather than wait until later….(I know a run-on sentence)

Weak Muslims:

This is something that is a constantly on my mind.  This concept of weak Muslims.  What I mean is that Muslims in general must be weak in various aspects of our lives given the current reality that we find ourselves in.  I’m not condemning any one Muslim or group, but I condemn us all because we are “supposed” to be one community.  Think about it, how weak must our faith be if we all our countries to be among the most destitute, illiterate, and backward?  How is it that many non-Muslim majority nations have technology and education that it’s citizens know no limit, yet in Muslim majority countries, often the citizens can’t even fathom these luxuries?  I thought, maybe it’s just my interpretation of the Qur’an that this community (the Muslims) are to be the best of mankind?  Or could it be that we who profess Islam aren’t truly the Muslims of whom Allah (swt) speaks of.  How can one truly submit to the will of God, yet their environment doesn’t reflect the best of God’s intentions for us?  Therefore, we must be weak.  Case in point, our constant complaints (also known as scapegoats).  “It’s the West”  “It’s the Zionists” etc. etc. etc.  Our complaining is just a manifestation of the painful reality that we are just plain ole weak!  If we were truly who we say we are and what Allah commands us to be, then how can we even have concerns about “The West” or “Zionists”?  These concerns, complaints, etc. would be non-issues because our countries would be the super powers would they not?  Then you have all the crying and complaining that goes on everytime someone says something “nasty” or “insulting” about Allah or His Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.  Do we really think God incapable of dealing with His creation?  Obviously, our weakness of faith declares this blasphemy, because if it were not so, we would laugh at these vain attempts and challenge them as Allah challenges them Himself and ask them to ponder the revelation and try to produce one ayah like it if they are truthful.  In strength, there is security of every kind, but no one with a straight face can state that we as a community are secure.  So we must be insecure and as our actions dictate, it proves that we are in fact weak.  Everytime a Muslim blames a non-Muslim for their communities ill, they are bearing witness to their own weakness.  That’s why radicals are comical in a way.  There every comment speaks weakness.  They may look strong and scary and use big words and threats, but can do nothing.  Their entire reality and topic of their speeches is dominated by others!  They are weak and any like them are weak.  Strenth would be cultivating Muslim lands and her people so much so, that those “other” countries would envy our every achievement.  Kinda like it was during the time in Cordoba, Spain.  But the reality is the world is laughing at us.  Everytime we get upset over a teddy bear’s name, or a 75 year old woman and where she walks, or a woman having the “audacity” to want to think, they laugh, and they should laugh, because here we talk about the greatness and virtues of Islam, yet there isn’t much about the Muslims today that even remotely resembles the word “great”.  We are weak Muslims, if we are even Muslims at all….

Reform Islam: 

Recently, I have been checking my daily statistics and seeing what sites my readers click on from this blog.  One that keeps surfacing is called “reform Islam”.  Now I don’t know when if ever I provided this link on my blog, but I want to make it clear, that I do not agree with their position whatsoever on the onsite.  Islam doesn’t need reform.  That is utter blasphemy.  There is nothing about Islam that is wrong.  No true Muslim would ever utter such words or harbor such feelings.  Islam is complete and perfect in it’s revelation.  What does need reforming is the actual Muslims on both sides of the equation and how they ponder Islam as revealed in the Qur’an.  Those who use the Qur’an and misinterpret it’s verses in order to guide the ignorant to produce evil and those who are not capable of seeing and accepting the truth of the revelation instead of blaspheming and stating that we should throw some of it out.  Both sides are misguided and it is they the Muslims in general who need reform.  I pray no one makes the mistake in thinking that I agree with such foolish assertions.

Mother of the Believers:

This great work by Kamran Pasha is and has been at the forefront of my mind daily since I have read it.  I pray this work much success and encourage my readers to go out and purchase this must read.

Confederate Flag:

My God!  I’m so tire of this topic.  It’s the most searched term in which people use to come to my blog and the post I did a couple of years ago on the topic remains my most popular.  If one was to view the post and read the comments, it’s full of utter hate.  In the commentary, I have been called everything in the book.  Racists are an interesting waste of space on this planet….

Anti-Muslim/Islam allegations and speech:

The whole movement and industry spawned since 9/11 are increasingly ridiculous in their commentary, actions, and ideas.  The common theme chief among the buyers and producers of such folly is that most have never even read any Islamic source texts.  Many rarely if ever actually debate real-life Muslims.  It’s all an exercise in smoke and mirrors.  The majority of the commentary is not even rooted in base logic.  Case in point, many claim that because there are a a few “violent” verses in the Qur’an, or some Muslim at sometime did something in Islamic history, or the terrorists today say so, that Islam in of itself is a violent religion.  One doesn’t even have to be an Islamic scholar to laugh at these idiots.  If that were the case all religions are violent especially the Christian one as it’s the only known religion in the modern era to on several occasions by the authority of it’s highest leaders called for the complete extinction of other religions and people.  The Bible for instance has been used to justify slavery, racism, wholesale slaughter, burning at the stake, etc. etc.  While one can probably read a verse or two prior and after the usual verses cited in the Qur’an and easily see in context that the verse is not “violent” or sanctions “violence” the same cannot be said of verses in the Bible that state things like “kill every living thing”, Yet, we don’t call Christianity violent, Hinduism violent, Judaism violent, even though members of these religions at various times in history did the same exact things that the terrorist who claim to be Muslim do.

Another amusing thing is that these groups love to seek out “former” Muslims or those who come from Middle Eastern/African/etc. countries and use these people as expert witnesses to the truth of Islam.  This is also stupid.  Should I for instance, be considered an expert witness of the truth of Christianity considering I was Christian most of my life, my family is Christian, and I live in a majority Christian nation?  Why or why not?  Besides, most of the time, these “former” Muslims can easily be shown to be either false or were ignorant of Islam from the beginning in less than 5 minutes in most cases as even those who speak fluent Arabic are not knowledgeable of the most known theological concepts in Islam 101 (or they are purposefully pretending they don’t) and often their “leaving” Islam has more to do with some incident that happened in their country or family that has no bearing on Muslims as a whole.  It’s funny, because if you look at people like Ayyan Hirsi Ali for instance, her whole claim to fame and the proof she shares about the “evils” of Islam revolve solely around the alleged forced marriage ideals of her family or the female genital mutilation practiced in her country of origin.  It doesn’t take much research to find out that FGM for instance is a cultural practice hardly ever seen in Muslim societies outside of Africa, or that many Imams and Islamic institutions have issued Fatwa’s against it, or that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) from the very beginning forebode these type of injustices against women.  Most of the time, people like Ali, just had bad situations that are more indicative of the culture and country they are from than what Islam teaches.  The sad part victims like her, as well as those who commit those crimes often don’t know the difference as it relates to culture and religion and as such both parties are guilty of spreading lies about Islam.

The easiest way to debunk this crowd is to ask them a simple question:  If Islam is what you say it is, why is it that we do not see these behaviors uniformly across the Muslim world?

I mean think about it, Islam has been practiced in the US for instance for over 400 years, there are prominent Muslims in America like Muhammad Ali, Dave Chappelle, the late Warith Deen Muhammad, Malcolm X, Sheik Hamza Yusef, Dr. Ingrid Mattson, etc.  Not once have any of these Muslims called for violence, murder, etc. of any fellow Americans.  If you look at Muslim countries the world over there are dramatic differences between countries like Senegal, Mali, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Turkey, Bosnia, etc.  How can Islam be so cookie cutter as it’s suggested and there be so many variations on how Muslims live and practice Islam the world over?

These are simple truths, and God-willing one day I will be invited to debate some of these people and say these very things.


Now that the election is over, I have to admit that many of my fellow Obama supporters are getting on my nerves with all the complaining.  Maybe it’s just me, but I always understood that Obama is a politician and once elected there were going to be things that he could do and things that he can’t.  I always knew that he could do exactly every little thing he wanted to and stated on the campaign trail, because the reality is government doesn’t work like that and a smart leader has to be malleable enough to adjust to the present circumstances and facts that are on the ground.  Pretty simple stuff, but there are many out there blogging and writing everyday about how Obama broke promises and things like that.  This is why I never supported Obama based solely on his platform.  Truth be told, his wasn’t too much different from Clinton, Edwards, or others.  I supported Obama on principle.  I felt that he had the right attitude and intellect to be at the helm and make responsible decisions based on the facts on the ground.  I just wish others weren’t so committed to specific policies and agendas, that way when we find that he can’t, won’t, etc. do them, they wouldn’t be so upset.  Eitherway, it’s getting a little annoying, he’s not the messiah or monarch, he can only do so much, be patient….

X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

I completely refuse to see this film!  I have rarely if ever missed the start of the Summer movie season in my adult life.  Often, I wait until May before I even go to the movies at all.  This year, I was dismayed that I would miss the first blockbuster because of this film.  The reason I’m on a personal strike is due to the fact that I’m sick and tired of Hollywood spitting in the face of Marvel fans.  I don’t know what goes into the minds of the writers, but why is it that they can’t seem to make an X-men movie that is actually based on the 40 plus years worth of comics?  After that 3rd X-men movie I just had enough.  The butchering of well known story lines, characters, and affiliations just did it for me.  Don’t the know that all they would have to do is pick up an X-men comic and make it a movie and we would pay to see it?  Why in the Hell is Gambit, Cyclops, Professor X, etc. in this movie?  Why do they keep making up stuff that has no tie-in with any X-men comic other than the name of the characters?  I wish I would have thought of it months ago, but I would have urged comic fans to boycott this film and show Hollywood that the bulk of us in my age range, don’t appreciate being treated like 5 year olds who know nothing about the actual origins of Wolverine and will just pay to see cool effects and claws!  For the record the 3rd Spider-man was a mess too!  At least the Hulk movie and Iron Man gave us hope I’m not to sure about Iron Man 2, you know hollywood thinks we won’t notice the difference between Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle….. I will say I have played the Wolverine Demo on Xbox 360 and that is about the bulk of support this movie is going to get from me.  I refuse to see another Marvel movie until they at least try to give us some semblance of the actual storyline and characters from the comics like they did with Hulk and Iron Man.  Other than that, I’m going to see Star Trek at the IMAX this weekend and then going to see how they butcher “Angels and Demons” I hope it’s not as bad as the rendition of “The Da Vinci Code” my God the novels are right there!!!!!!  Overall, I just don’t get Hollywood, it’s not like they have to make this stuff up, they have source material, just copy it even verbatim, we will pay to see it!!!!

More random rants later….


  1. Assalam alaykum Brother Salaam,
    I have been busy with work and family. Life keeps moving, the sunsets and the sunrises and alhamdullilah we are glad to make it through another day, with the hope that tomorrow we can get even more closer to Allah.

    You have highlighted a number of interesting things but I have to say this that sometimes there is no cure for people who suffer from spiritual cancer. I know you carry a lot of concern, pain and love for people of all races, religions and cultures. But you share the pain of the noble prophet (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) regarding whom Aisha Radhi Allaho anha once said [more or less] that the heart of the messenger of Allah used to sound like a boiling kettle on hot stove.

    We all know about the Swine Flu, but in the spiritual realm we have a number of “flu” that you might want to look at:

    1. There are people who are spiritually constipated.
    2. There are people who are spiritually ill
    3. There are people who suffer from spiritual cancer
    4. There are people who have no spirituality
    5. There are people who don’t understand spirituality
    6. There are people who are more interested in spirits than spirituality
    7. There are people consider dreams to mean spirituality
    8. There are people who adulterate their spirituality
    9. There is the spirituality of the Hindus, Daos, People of the book, magicians, ancient and ritualistic practioners, ESP and what not
    10. But the best spirituality is that people worship Allah as if He see’s them, if not as if they see Him.

    I believe brother that you are in this final realm, but driving forward you see all these realms as well. I don’t want to sound crazy, but the fact is that you are talking to people in America who not only have some of the spiritual ailments, but some have destructive diseases that have sealed their hearts. May Allah give you the strength to keep on saying what is in your heart.


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