Same Sex Marriage and the "Religious" Community…

I am not a gay-rights activist.

However, the crap that is constantly spewed from the mouths of the so-called religious community as it relates to gay rights and in particular same-sex marriage is so steeped in ignorance and hypocrisy it makes you want to bump your head against a wall.

So, yesterday Washington DC passed legislation that recognizes same-sex marriages that were performed in other states.  There was one dissenting vote, coming from Ward 8 council member Marion Barry, who ironically has a 40 year history with the gay community.  Naturally, the gay community in DC is pissed and I don’t blame them, but what’s even more outrageous is the piss poor “reasoning” he used, claiming that this difficult vote was a result of consultation with the religious community.

Now, I have to admit, not all in the religious community are against gay rights, in fact, there were religious organizations in the DC area recently supporting this legislation and the legislation did pass, so there is a silver lining.

But I’m getting sick and tired of hearing “religious” people being so adamant against gay rights hiding behind the Bible and their leaders to back their ignorance.

I call it ignorance, but it’s truly hypocrisy, because these zealots act as if gays get equal rights like the rest of Americans that we would be afflicted with the same plagues that Pharaoh had.  My God, it’s so ridiculous, because if one was to seriously consider “religious” teachings and then looked at America, gay rights would be at the very bottom of the list in very fine print!  We have record crime, poverty, death, and a multitude of other issues that make me wonder if the “religious” even know a thing about the religions they claim to hide behind in order to stumble mindlessly into ignorant arguments that show the depth of their folly as they attempt to defeat gay rights.  How can you call yourself “religious” and be so concerned about gay rights, when right now our nation is at war where thousands have been killed as a result in a nation that never attacked us?  How can you call yourself “religious” and be so concerned about gay rights, when recent reports have shown that we have the largest rate of out of wedlock pregnancies in the world?  How can you call yourself “religious” and be so concerned about gay rights, when we live in the richest nation in the world, yet we have record white collar crime and greed, that has helped produced a society where poverty, unemployment, and destitution has become the order of the day in many locales in America?

Give me a break, with the divorce rate, adultery rate, lying, cheating, stealing, murder, etc. going on right here and right now in America, to even act as if your “religious” and so God-fearing that you must oppose gay marriage, yet the house is burning all around you, does nothing more but advance the case that you are nothing but a hypocritical joke and should realize that the people are on to you and see this for what it is:

Blind, zealous, unadulterated, ignorant hate, used to further a movement that would deny fellow Americans equal rights and protection under the law.

If the “religious” community wanted to have a solid footing in this argument, maybe people would listen if they didn’t turn such a blind eye to their pedophile priests, hypocritically closeted gay, drug abusing ministers, and the decline of society as a whole never flinching when watching the deaths of thousands of Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi, etc. men, women, and children occur all in the name of supporting policies and nations based on ideology.  Maybe people would listen if they didn’t turn a blind eye to the get rich philosophy so enshrined in church philosophy today that would rather build mega churches, or get the Pastor a new car or plane, than build orphanages, soup kitchens, shelters, or their local communities.  I hear that some churches even have ATM’s and credit card applications now!

To sum it all up, how in the hell can we live in a nation that is so spiritually bankrupt breaking every commandment in the Bible (gay marriage not one of them) and this supposedly being a 75% “Christian” nation, yet the only time the so-called “religious” community gets their collective panties in a bunch and want to claim some moral purpose is when two law abiding, tax paying, citizens, want the same rights afforded to them as other law abiding, tax paying, citizens? When was it ever right and ever claimed in our Constitution that it’s perfectly OK to deny rights to citizens based on sexuality?  If that is now OK as the zealots claim, then we should start denying rights to any citizen or group of citizens that we don’t like or agree with based on our religious book of choice.  Should we start denying rights to citizens of certain religions?  What about race, that’s a road we are familiar with?  How about place of birth, I mean, don’t we just hate certain accents?  What about political affiliation?  What about organizational affiliations?  The list is endless…. 

If Americans of reason allow the zealots to continue with their madness unchallened this crap will continue.  They are obvious hypocrites.  The day I see them wanting to deny rights to those who:

1.  Have other gods beside the God of Abraham

2.  Make idols for themselves

3.  Make wrongful use of the name of God

4.  Don’t keep the Sabbath Holy

5.  Don’t honor their mother and father (as in the nursing home industry for example, and not to mention the things children say to their parents these days)

6.  Kill…(that means anyone)

7.  Commit Adultery (what’s the divorce rate in America again, how many are because of cheating?)

8.  Steal (that includes the tax payers money bankers, politicians, etc..)

9.  Bear false witness against their neighbor (also known as lying)

10.  Covet their neighbors house, wife, husband, or anything that belongs to them (That sums up pretty much our entire buy and spend society does it not?)

Is the day I will retract my criticism.  The day I see these “religious” hypocrites who hide behind their Bibles start wanting to put forward legislation that addresses the actual 10 Commandments and denying the rights of those who transgress them, is the day I will shut up, because at the very least, we could then take them seriously and state that they at least believe in the Bible and actually want to live in a society that reflects what they claim to believe, rather than do what they are currently doing which is cherry pick around the text from time to time looking for which group to discriminate against because it exists somewhere in their book! 

They either believe in all of it, none of it, or they are just a bunch of hypocrites, and last I checked according to their book Jesus himself said God will spew out of His mouth those who are lukewarm.

Gay marriage should be made lawful in all of America’s 50 states and territories.  We should not discriminate legal rights based on how we feel about one’s sexuality, race, religion, or anything else that makes us not like a person or group.   Using one’s religious book of choice should have no bearing on the law.  This is not a theocracy last I checked.  If it were, whose religous law is the law of the land?

Maybe the Gay community should publish a religious text and claim that their God revealed to them that Gay marriage is good….then that way, it would be one religious group versus another, now that would be interesting to watch!

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  1. I would have left a detailed response of why homophilia (homosexuality) and the legalization of so called gay marriaige is wrong but Dr. Sherman Abdul Hakim Jackson explains so concisely.


  2. Geez, I go on vacation and come back and you have written a handful of articles – all of which I feel compelled to respond to!!

    All I can say to this subject is anyone who walks with the Almighty, no matter the spiritual compass you are drawn to, must always be careful who you condemn lest you too be condemned as some point.

    I keep thinking – isn’t life much too short to keep going around the merri-go-round with this? When you get into restricting people’s rights, by law or not yet, it is a slippery slope back to believing the color of someone’s skin makes them less than or if you wear a skirt you are not worthy or a specific religion makes you evil.

    I keep thinking that has evolved as we are supposed to be that all this petty crap will stop and we will allow people to be who they are, not who we think they should be. Naive, I know. But hopeful.


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