If we called it "Resurrection Friday" would it then matter?

Maybe some self-serving selfishness in me that is a little upset that I had to go in the office today secretly bothers me, but today as I entered the subway to work, I noted to myself how today is “Good Friday” yet it’s like any other Friday.

Granted, as a Muslim, I don’t really care so much about the value or lack there of as it relates to Christian tradition, but having been raised Christian and having had this thought many times over my life, I thought it interesting that I would have these thoughts today.

My overall point is that today is supposed to commemorate the crux of the Christian faith. Today they believe the events of The Passion Narrative that led to the formation of their relation. It’s the backbone of the entire religion. If I were a true outsider, one could wonder, how is it that the biggest moment in the worlds largest religion, is glossed over so easily?

I don’t get it and I never actually got it, but here we live in a 75% Christian nation, so you would think it would be a national/federal holiday or something. Even if for Constitutional reasons that isn’t the case, one has to wonder why Christians themselves haven’t taken off in large numbers to commemorate this pivotal commemoration.

Have they just forgotten, or do they just don’t care anymore? Could it be that there faith has become so ordinary that it’s just a footnote and not a definitive indication of who they actually are?

Maybe it’s just a poor choice of words.  Maybe the people have forgotten what’s so “good” about this particular Friday.  Maybe if it were called “resurrection” Friday they would remember why this day is supposed to be so “good” for them.

As I look at the adherents of the worlds second largest religion, obviously my own, I have noticed over these past 8 years how you would be hard pressed to find a Muslim anywhere on the globe even here in this majority Christian nation, not taking the day off from work on Eid and/or not observing Ramadan in some shape or form. Even the most marginal amongst us, seem to “step it up” during these occasions.

I’m not trying to compare one group to the other in an attempt to point to some supremest thought, I’m just pointing what I have observed throughout my life as I thought on these things today.

What I honestly believe is that because Americans in general have made religion and God a footnote, there should be no surprise that in this Christian nation, even a day like Good Friday isn’t sacred enough to skip working. Granted, if the state of Christianity in America was judged by the actions the majority of Americans, it would get a failing grade. It’s obvious that in America, God and certainly His Christ, is not on the forefront of the average, majority Christian American mind.

I will say this, if the role were reversed and I were not a Muslim (God forbid) and lived in a Majority Muslim Democracy (one can dream right) I’m certain I would be one of the few in the subway going into the office, if the office was even open.

I think that as I reflect on my life, it was many issues like this one, that proved a catalyst that made me fall in love with Islam. We take everything seriously as it relates to God (some too seriously) but, our every action we invoke God (Bismillah) we ensure that if we speak on the future we invoke God (Inshallah), we won’t even touch the Qur’an without first cleaning ourselves and invoking God. As a Christian, I was never taught to teach such common things as sacred. I never was taught that I should invoke God for every little thing from going to the restroom, to sneezing, to marital relations. I read the Bible often, but was never taught to only read it when clean, heck how many a Christian reads the Bible or Biblical scripture while on the toilet? Or carries their Bible around like any ordinary book, some leave in laying around their house as if it’s just a common book.

Now I’m rambling, but as I reflected on what should be a huge deal in a majority Christian nation, and look over how even the minute is a big deal to Muslims, it really made me sad for my Christian brothers and sisters (both figuratively and literally) as it’s evident that they aren’t as passionate about The Passion as they should be and paying God lip-service with little action in return, can’t have good consequences.



  1. Greetings / Salaam Br.Robert,

    Very well written. I couldn’t have said it any better. I would like to add to your writing that by becoming devoid of their own faith, the Christians have fallen victim to a media that sensationalizes Islam and Muslims.


  2. Every nation was given a guidance, and reading the Bible one can see that the ground rules laid down by Jesus for guidance are:

    John 14:6

    Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

    Here is a perfect definition of the path of truth, which if followed will give one eternal life. This was before the coming of prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). So, when did Jesus command his disciples to hide eggs during Easter? Where are Easter Bunnies mentioned in the Bible? A close look at the events surrounding his last days we find the following:

    “. . . and began to be sorrowful and very depressed. Then saith he (Jesus) unto them, ‘my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even unto death’ . . .”

    “And he went a little further, and fell on his face (Exactly as the Muslim does in Salaat), and prayed, saying, “O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”
    (This is the quality of a good Muslim who submits his will to the will of God).

    (HOLY BIBLE) Matthew 26: 37-39

    “And being in an agony, he prayed more earnestly;
    and his sweat was, as it were, great drops of blood falling down to the ground’’

    (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 22:44

    Robert, it is not a surprise that if John 14:6 is to be taken as measure of Christian faith and practices; one can conclude that they have left the ways of their master and teacher. Too busy trying to mimick the money changers!

    Furthermore, it is also interesting to note that if one does a literal translation of John 14:6 it would read, “Ana Siraat wal Haq, wal Hayaat. La yadhaaboona illal Ab, illa fi tareeqi”.

    You can see the word “Siraat”(path) and “Haq”(truth). After the advent of “the comforter”, one reads in Surah Fatiha “Ihdee na siraatal mustaqeem”. The word Siraat is now qualified by the word Mustaqeem; reading Siraatal Mustaqeem (the straigth path). The Quran further ellucidates what this straight path is by adding, “the path of those who are favored”, not of those who have incurred his wrath nor gone astray.

    The “path of those” are the prophets, the siddiqeen, etc as explained by another verse of the Quran. So, if anyone sincerely amongst the Christians follow the way of Jesus, the bridge will land them into the realm of Islam.

    The Good Friday, the Resurrection events if read carefully will take sincere Christians on the way of truth given by Jesus, thus leading them to the Comforter, thereby, getting everlasting life.


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