Another victory for gay rights

So the legislature in Vermont legalized same-sex marriage with enought votes to override the Governers veto and in Washington DC the legislature voted to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states, however this still has to go to the US Congress and then the real party begins.

I have made my position very clear in the past that I emphatically support gay rights especially those of the right to marry and adopt.

Why many of you have probably asked considering my religion?

Well it’s quite simple, while I do not proclaim that there is a shred of evidence in Islam that it’s religiously acceptable for gays to marry, I also proclaim that my theology is not to be imposed on others, nor would I want anyone else’s theology imposed on me.  You know that whole golden rule thing?

My point is that I cannot justify a legal system where our founding documents proclaim that we are endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, yet at the same time make it legal for one group or segment of the population to use their religious ideology as a catalyst to counter those inalienable rights toward another segment of the population.

In my view if you pay taxes and do not commit crimes what you do personally, what relationships you have, etc. especially if they don’t have any bearing on me, you deserve to have the exact same rights in this country as I have.

Call me confused, twisted, etc.  But I have to caution especially Muslims and African Americans both groups to whom I belong that if we support the legal discrimination of a group based primarily on the ideology of another group, we too can, will, and have fall under the same oppression and denial of legal rights afforded to American citizens.

Besides, did you wake up this morning any different than you did yesterday because these decisions were made?  Does it truly matter what goes on behind the closed doors of your neighbors?  If the answer is yes in any case, you need more faith in God and a life.

Plus, it’s not gay marriage we should be that worried about:

Out-of-wedlock births hit record high

Get the beam out of your own eye first!

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One Comment

  1. The fact is that the founding fathers did not want the extremism of the Church or the Biblical Doctrine to overshadow the proclamation and formation of a new land; America.

    The American constitution is driven by J.Stuart Mill; the father of Utilitarinism. The Wikipedia offers a nice reading on Mill and the principle of Utility; which I read during my college days in my philosophy class. The “principle of greatest happiness” holds that one must always act so as to produce the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people, within reason. But Mill failed to define “greatest happiness – summom bonum”.

    Khalifa Umar Ibn Khattab once jumped the wall and into a man who was drinking within the confines of his house. The man, though caught red handed, remarked that Umar had violated three (3) rights:
    1. He entered without seeking permission.
    2. He entered not through the front door.
    3. He spied on him and exposed a secret that was only between him and Allah.

    Umar ibn Khattab apologized and left the person alone. So, within the confines we have no right to mingle with peoples affairs. But it is seen that gay parades and gay pride tends to disregard the greatest happiness of the society.

    It is true that the Quran has listed no punishment for sodomy; but the Sahaba had an opinon on how someone, if caught in the act, was to be punished. A great deal of difference of opinion amongst the companions and the Jurists.


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