The Imperfect Enjoyment: A Review

Let me begin by stating the obvious that I am not a writer, however this blog is an outlet for me to vent my thoughts often in improper English and terrible grammar.  Furthermore, while this blog is titled “The American Muslim” let it be known that the term in of itself is very broad and encompasses many things as all subjective terms do.  Now with that out of the way, as we all should know by now if your a regular reader of my blog (God bless you), I often comment on things that have nothing to do with Muslims or Islam at all in a direct sense, but in keeping with the intention of my blog, I go that route to remind readers, specifically non-Muslims, that behind the connotations and false perceptions of who Muslims are, exist a thriving, diverse, community of Americans who come from all walks of life and some backgrounds I could fill novels about.  That is why it’s perfectly possible for me to blog one day about Islamic jurisprudence and or ideology, and the next write about the new Audi, Windows 7, or Lestat and his debate with Memnoch.  So before I get into my review after such an un-called for and exhaustive commentary, (see excuse) let me conclude as I began:  I am not a writer 🙂

The Imperfect Enjoyment

Can enjoyment truly be imperfect?  I will leave that question up to the philosophers and overly deep thinkers among us.  However, after reading author Dewan Gibson’s book of the same name, I have to readily admit that it was full of enjoyment and maybe a little bit of the imperfect variety.

I have to honest and state for the record and as a matter of advice that when given a book to read it’s best you read it right away.  I state this due to the fact that I received this title for review several months ago and didn’t get a chance to read it until a week ago.  What I learned from this experience is that I denied myself the enjoyment of a great reading adventure that once embarked, was completed in less than 48 hours.  Yes, the book is that good.

This title isn’t for everyone, if I had to recommend it, I would definitely recommend it to men.  I’m not saying that women wouldn’t enjoy it, but unfortunately, Mr. Gibson gives a little too much information into the male psyche and as a strong supporter of the male species, I wouldn’t encourage our deep secrets being carelessly or willingly placed into the hands of women.

This book is definitely for the male bachelor or the married/attached guy looking to relive and remember their glory days.  There’s a little in this title for everyone and I found myself running the full gambit of emotions as I read it.  There’s romance, suspense, action (lots of that), comedy, and most of all drama.

Dewan’s witty recount of his life and escapades came as a welcome surprise to the mostly uptight caricature many of us become as we mature.  In other words, this book accomplished exactly what good books should by providing the necessary escape from the daily conundrum many of us find ourselves in with the monotonous routines that shape our adult lives.

Granted, this is not the type of book one would expect Robert Salaam “The American Muslim” to read, enjoy, and review, however, nor was the countless Vampire novels I have read in the last several months either.  Nevertheless, I felt it important to point that obvious fact out to my readers before I potentially negative comments enter my email inbox.  That being said, I believe that anyone can enjoy this book even if it’s a little on the raunchy side at times.  Even for my Muslim audience, Dewan offers insight into the taboo subject of Muslim women pursuing non-Muslim males.  Yes, I too entered the book with what many of the same thoughts as my coreligionists, but the reality is that it happens and much, much, more that Dewan divulges.  The irony of the entire thing is that I went into this book hoping Mr. Gibson would either fail miserably or tell a good convert story after meeting a Muslimah, and I ended up rooting for Dewan and still hoping for a good convert story!

I could go on and on about this book.  Mr. Gibson has done a good job of recounting an imperfect past filled with enjoyment, maybe a little too much, while at the same time in between all the sexual escapades the reader is confronted with their own thoughts and ideas about life, relationships, and friendships.  On a personal aside, the thing I enjoyed most was being able to ponder on Dewan’s every move and wonder what I would have done differently.

So if you enjoy reliving your glory dates, past ups and downs, and are candid enough to admit that your enjoyments in life especially as it relates to the opposite sex, were best described as imperfect, then this is the book for you.  The best part is that it’s not your tragic life you have to re-encounter but someone else’s.  So go pick up Dewan Gibson’s book, get on your self-righteous pedestal, and judge the hell out of Dewan’s every misstep, adventure, conquest, and achievement.

Either way, I’m certain you will enjoy it, I know I did.


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