Things I'm working on that my readers should know about…

I can’t believe it but I actually have fans, well loosely anyway…:) For some odd ball reason there are people out there who want to read my rants in terrible English that are not even complete thoughts, but you do anyway and I thank you. I promise to one day get better at grammar and attempt to write more meaningful and professional, HOWEVER until then, I just wanted to let you (the reader) have some insight on what I’m currently working on, interested in, and will be blogging about in the near future, God willing.

Books…..I have been caught up reading/listening to audio books, since the end of December until now I have digested 25 books and in the middle of book 26, with 8 scheduled to be finished in the next couple of weeks. They are mainly fiction and don’t have a thing to do with Islam, but I hate to break the news to some, but “American Muslim” doesn’t mean I walk around with prayer beads and a kufi never doing or enjoying things like other 28 yr old’s in America. BTW, that doesn’t mean that my actions aren’t Halal (that’s open for debate) but it means that people have to get it out of their minds that Muslims are stiff, boring, religious zealots, who don’t like pizza, movies, etc. like other people. That being said, here are the books I have been reading/will read/and I recommend to read.

The Host, Stephenie Myer

The Host: A Novel
The Entire Twilight Series, Stephenie Myer

The Twilight Saga Collection
The Vampire Chronicles, Anne Rice (I’m currently reading The Vampire Armand)

Complete Vampire Chronicles (Interview with the Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Queen of the Damned, The Tale of the body Thief)
The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Charlaine Harris (I have read all including book 8, and the 1st chapter of 9 on her site)

Sookie Stackhouse, Books 1-7
The Dark Tower Series, Stephen King (will start book 1 soon)

The Dark Tower Boxed Set (Books 1-4)

The Imperfect Enjoyment, Dewan Gibson (Awesome book, can’t wait to blog about it, not for the faint at heart, definitely for the guys, us religious types enter with extreme caution 🙂 )

The Imperfect Enjoyment

Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam, Kamran Pasha (just received it, will start within the next two weeks)

Mother of the Believers: A Novel of the Birth of Islam

I won’t be giving reviews for my vampire addiction, or Stephen King’s work, but look for a full review of both Mr. Gibson and Mr. Pasha’s work.  I have other books that are coming in, this appears to be a new hobby of mine reading and reviewing books, I love it!

Speaking of books, I have finally been inspired to start my own book, I actually have at least 4 planned, one about my experience as An American Muslim, a Vampire fiction (surprise, surprise), a Romance Novel, and a Political commentary.  I have decided that I will write a good chunk of them on my blog and expand in the actual book.  I want my blog readers to be part of my “attempt” at writing.  So far in my mind here’s what I’m revealing today about the books in no particular order and titles, chapters, etc. subject to change:

“An American Muslim” A commentary about my life prior to and since my conversion to Islam, chapters so far:

  • The Muslim Man Complex!, a commentary about how Muslim men go crazy after they get married, we love her the way she is before we get married, then before the ink dries on the marriage contract, we start changing things up, primarily because we are in fact crazy!
  • What’s in a name anyway?, a commentary largely geared toward converts who change their name, or their children with Arabic names and English last names, not to mention the Muslims born into Muslim households like the Ali’s who want to be called Al, or the Muhammads, who want to be known as Moe to their non-Muslim co-workers and associates.
  • To date or not to date, or whatever we should call it?, a commentary for young Muslims in the West, let’s face it, not all of us were Muslims all our lives, nor are things back home so easily adaptable to things in the West, we have to find some kind of way to deal with this reality.
  • Isn’t conversion to Islam another form of Sadism? Come on, think about it we are called traitor, confused, etc. Big mama mad because we dissed Jesus, and our families remind us that the pig never did anything to us.  Not to mention Christmas and Easter!

“Vampire story” About a Vampire who wakes up one night with amnesia, got the concept because of Erik Northman’s experience, gotta read Sookie Stackhouse novels to know what I’m talking about!

“No ordinary love” A disabled cop unknowingly falls in love with the former convict responsible for her disability.

“It’s stupid claiming a political sect” Why both the Right and Left are too emotional to govern the country and what citizens should do about it.

That’s not all folks,

I’m also working on the Board of Directors for a non-profit “American Muslim Interactive Network” (AMIN) formerly known as “Progressive Muslim Network” PMN.  We are praying that by the will of God we will continue to do great work in our local area and abroad to highlight want actual Muslims are truly like and reflect the light of Islam.

Be sure to also check out “Finding Bibi” a great project that should be supported, I’m secretly a radical feminist :), I will be posting more about this project in the near future as well.

I’m working on a Muslim Manifesto that I want to post and have Muslims support, here’s the text so far, feel free to email me with any suggestions:

Islam is in fact Peace:  A manifesto reaffirming our beliefs to humanity

In the name of God, The Beneficent, The Merciful,

“Allah! There is no god but He – the Living, The Self-subsisting, Eternal. No slumber can seize Him Nor Sleep. His are all things In the heavens and on earth. Who is there can intercede In His presence except As he permitteth? He knoweth What (appeareth to His creatures As) Before or After or Behind them. Nor shall they compass Aught of his knowledge Except as He willeth. His throne doth extend Over the heavens And on earth, and He feeleth No fatigue in guarding And preserving them, For He is the Most High, The Supreme (in glory).” [Surah al-Baqarah 2:255]

I as a Muslim wholly accept and willfully and dutifully acknowledge that God Alone has All power in this life and the next over His creation.  As such as a humble servant of The Most High, believe that I must live my life as a reflection of His revelation to mankind.  This submission is Peace and as such I believe in and call upon others to enjoin in peaceful coexistence with all of humanity.  To that effect I believe and enjoin upon others the acknowledgment of the basic human rights of others to live with, amongst, or near me regardless of their ethnicity, religious affiliation, or sex.  I believe and enjoin upon others the belief that as a Muslim I am to enjoin in what is good and be against that which is not offering what is better.  I believe in and enjoin upon others the sacred duty to defend against persecution and oppression against all tyrannies and the protection and defense of the meek, innocent, and civilian regardless of origin.  I believe and enjoin others to agree that peace is better that war and that our ultimate aim should always be peace.  Our goal should be and forever remain peaceful relations within our communities, outside our communities, and with non-Muslim and Muslim alike understanding that it’s perfectly to disagree in peace without resorting to violence.

I affirm that I will act in and enjoin others to act in a manner that preserves the rights of the orphan, poor, wayfarer, women, Muslims, and non-Muslims alike regardless of their beliefs or ideologies so long as their actions toward me and others is peaceful.

I sign this petition to bear witness that I believe that it is my duty and our duty as Muslims and members of the human family, God’s creation to ensure:

1.  The rights of minorities whether religious or ethnic to live in peace and freedom from oppression and slaughter regardless of my ideological, religious, or other objection to their beliefs or differences this includes anyone I may be compelled to believe are outside the fold of Islam by heresy, apostasy, shirk, blasphemy, etc.

2.  The rights of women to be free of violence domestic or otherwise, having the ability and rights to education, life, and liberty as a sacred trust and equal manifestation of God’s will toward mankind.

3.  The rights of the orphan, poor, elderly, and infirm to live in a society filled with compassion and acts of charity and mercy  that will allow them to live in dignity and have there basic needs met.

4.  The rights of non-Muslims to live in peace and not in fear of Muslims either within our lands, communities, or neighborhoods or outside of them.  Ours are to be societies in which others should not feel threatened or fear.

I pledge to not only work toward these goals but support these efforts as affirmation of my fundamental belief that Islam is in fact Peace.

There’s obviously, more I’m just glad I got this much in one post!

Keep me in your prayers and look for more posts on these topics and more!


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