As time passes me by, I tend to wonder what have I learned? Not in the grand general sense such as life, but specifically as it relates to this blog.

The main reason I even started this blog was to catalog my thoughts so that they wouldn’t be lost in the endless stream of msg boards and other online forums.

I have always had this zealous and somewhat foolish idea that if non-Muslims would just meet actual Muslims some of the foolish things they think and say about Muslims would begin to fade.

I likened the journey to the integration of blacks and whites here in America, I mean we have a black first family, 40 years ago the idea wouldn’t even be good science fiction because it wasn’t even imaginable!

So often in moments of optimistic zealotry and ignorance I tend to believe that non-Muslims and Muslims alike will somehow cross the burning sands and learn to let petty stereotypes and ideas fall to the wayside.

However, at times I don’t feel like this is going to happen anytime soon. Just look at the comments on my blog from time to time and these are just the ones I actually approve!

I have been personally called everything from the tired n-word, to traitor, to Zionist plant, and that’s nothing compared to what has been said about Islam in general! 🙂

So I wonder, where do I go from here? Why do I even bother?

Some people are just stupid. If my 4yr old knew I used that word he would correct me and tell me that I’m using a bad word! Even though I don’t like to call people stupid, in some cases it’s true.

I mean the biggest issue as it relates to the non-Muslim campaign against Muslims (and for the record I’m not talking about all non-Muslims, just those who engage in such folly) is that they really want grown adults to believe that 1.5 billion people are actively engaged in a secret conspiracy to take over the West because our religion tells us so.

Yet, they can never explain the little nuances (see facts) like a sizable Muslim community has existed in the West for centuries and religion wasn’t an issue, or that among some of the most powerful people in Western governments happen to be Muslim, or my personal favorite facts are tied; the fact that thousands of Muslims actively serve today in the US Military and many pop culture icons are also Muslim (see Muhammad Ali, Dave Chappelle, etc)

This is why I think these people are stupid and maybe that word is too simple to describe whats actually going on.

What I truly believe is that many of the front men and women for this anti-Muslim agenda, don’t actually believe what they state that they do. I think it’s about the money! There’s alot of money to be made if your a so-called “former” Muslim or one from “Muslim culture” who somehow seen the light about the evils of Islam. Some of these characters make no less than 10k for an hour of foolish theories and misinformation.

It’s because many in the West were successfully manipulated after 9/11 to believe that they could die any moment and that fear bred hate and these guys keep it going in order to keep the money flowing.

It’s not the puppet masters who are stupid, but the book buyers and listeners who use their propaganda to validate their fears and hate.

To me its simple logic and to not use it makes one stupid or at least willfully ignorant.

If 1.5 billion Muslims actually acted in concert to do harm to non-Muslims, it would happen with ease and there would be war in almost every city. Heck, if 1.5 billion of any group came together to wreak havoc, the results would be the same.

But the reality is that a good chunk of Muslims especially in the US, go about their business day to day not worrying about anything more or less than most other Americans like their home expenses, sending the kids to college, and that supervisor who gets on their nerves at work.

We are not knocking on doors, producing entire cable channels to proselytize, or busy telling our neighbors how if they don’t become Muslim they are going to hell.

But somehow, people are scared of us! Muslims have been in the US over 400 years and up until 8 years ago, many Americans never even heard or cared about the words “Muslims” or “Islam” and the idiots who murdered on that day were all foreigners, but US Muslims are to be feared….go figure!

I don’t know, maybe it’s worth it, maybe it’s not, but as Time passes me by, it actually becomes more and more comical!


  1. Assalam alaykum Brother,

    You share the concern that our beloved prophet Muhammed (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) had. You know his uncle Abu Talib didn’t accept the deen and that was a painful experience…but he adopted Ali (radhi Allaho anho) the son of Abu Talib who became one of the 4 rightly guided khaleefa’s. You can not change the people, because guidance is not in our hands. As for those who love to pretend as if they know something about the Quran, Islam and Muslims and are getting on your blog talking garbage have to be reminded where they stand. Sometimes the medicine for the spiritual ailment that ALL Christians suffer is to give them the healing of their own master. They are so concerned about radical Islam yet they don’t realize that Jesus was very radical according to the Bible in bringing about a change! They want to know why we don’t love peace; yet the Christian system of governance has not produced any fruits that we can see to use as a model to solve problems. If we look upto a basketball player, we later find out that this man had slept with hundreds of women. All this cheap lipservice is exposed in the Quran. That is really why they hate the Quran and Muslims. They have too much pride to accept the message of truth. They gloat over eating swine, and in every business setting I have always found Christians asking stupid questions like “why don’t you like Pork”. Because I plagarized everything from you, but you diluted the message. So, we don’t eat pork to remind you of “the way, the truth and the life”. Eating the Pork is neither Jesus way, nor is it the truth nor will they have life – meaning life of spirituality and bliss in this world and the hereafter. But the Quran plagarized from the Bible is a bad statement for the hot gospellers and bible thumpers. Their double standards are exposed by the Quran. The only language the Holy Spirit has taught them after 9-11 is to insult Islam and the prophet Muhammed (sallahu alayhi wa sallam).

    You see Christians hate the Bibilical Radical Jesus, because his first step was to overturn the tables of the money changers. These good Chrisitans love to live in Malaysia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Libya when day rates are $1000 – $1800/day. MONEY is the good Lord. These people have left their master and signed a contract with the Devil becoming Masons and participating in their “blue Lodgees”. The only filthy contracdt the masons have is “believe that Jesus is God, the Lord and his son.” Now, homosexuality becomes kosher, sleeping with the neighbors wife becomes kosher, casting eyes with lust become kosher and the pep talk these Christians give is “Love” and “peace”. How can somone who does not know the definition of “Love” offer sincere love? How can Christians talk about peace when the Quran exposes their thoughts and actions. The God they worship is Money; Criflo Dollar! So, the outcome of their rejecting Jesus in his ways, and falling to the temptations of the Devil has created in them insecurity. I mean, think about this they don’t even have an iota of faith like the woman who touched the helm of Jesus to fix humanities problems. Of all the tongues in the world the Holy Ghost that gets in them can’t seem to speak Arabic. I mean if the Quran was the handiwork of man, than the logical and spiritual thing would be to allow the holy ghost to help me speak the language of the Quran! Not one single western Christian can perform this miracle. Unfortuantely, their experts like Anis Shorosh who fabricated “The Furqan” can even recite one line of the Quran correctly.

    The Christians need to understand one thing at every level; from the peasant to the king. There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING any HUMAN can do to change the Quran. No HOly Ghost, not Babling tonques, and nothing in the NAME of JESUS can be changed or moved 1mm in the Quran. You can’t move the Sun or the moon; and you can’t change the Quran. WE as Muslims can not change it…what I mean here is that the Christian missionaries after spending over 1billion USD in converting Muslims in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Africa found that creating sects in Islam will be a great wind breaker. Well, the Quran couldn’t be changed by what the Bible says “false prophets and false spirits”. The solution to the global problem is to learn the Quran, read it, recite it and discover the fact that it agrees with the Shariah of Jesus and Moses and all other prophets.


  2. Nadeem,you really hit the nail on the head.Robert,thanx for openning my eyes concerning the money to be made in bashing islam;reminds me of our own ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’organizations here in nigeria,who are quite selective in seeing and fighting the human rights abuses that abound.


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