Who gets to decide about Nukes?

I recently had the “privilege” to read yet another article in the Jerusalem post about Israels plans to attack Iran and it really got me to thinking about the subject concerning who gets to decide what countries have nuclear weapons and who does not.

I have to admit that I rarely comment on this topic because the naysayers readily dismiss my commentary as “typical” Muslim diatribe, but I also have to admit that I do support Israels stated desire to live in peace and security, but I don’t agree that their actions are helpful toward that end goal.

It is increasingly shown by every such article, rumor, or innuendo as it relates to Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” that Israel doesn’t want security but wants to live in a region where they alone dominate.  How can you ever truly expect peace and security when you desire to dominate your neighbors and the entire region as an unwavering sovereign?

Look at the propraganda and ask yourself about the merits of the claims being made:

Iran wants to build a nuclear weapon.  There is zero proof from any intelligence agency that this is the case.  It’s just a statement made to discredit the stated purpose of the Iranian regime.  In other words, Israel wants to start a war and get the West to cosign to such and more, primarily because of what they think and others with zero proof.  Furthermore, Israel already has nuclear weapons, has the most advanced military weaponry in the region, and is the most powerful in the region.  So what is it about Iran that has Israel so spooked so much so that they would want to trigger potentially WWIII based on their fears?

This issue among others is part of the catalyst that causes people to want to fight against Israel so much.  Here you have a poweful nation with big brother support that no one can oppose in the region, yet they want more and more and more.  When two of their civilians are killed, the killed 100 in return, when they acquire nuclear weapons, they want to ensure no one else in the region does, when they get billions in aid in the form of money in weapons, they want to make sure they alone enjoy the benefit.  Yet, they expect in return peace and security.

It’s really hypocritical when you think about it.  How can one expect their outrage and reaction to be justified when they have a dozen casualties, but not expect others to be justified in their outrage and reactions when they lose hundreds?

How is it that we continue to state that we recognize various nation’s soveriegnty, but a the same time want to dictate what they can and can not do.

So what if in the end Iran built a nuclear weapon?  What could they possibly do with their one or two warheads?  Oh, I know attack Israel!  That’s just stupid when you think about it.  Why would they use their one or two warheads one a country that probably has dozens, backed by nations who combined have hundreds if not thousands?  By the time they destroyed one or two Israeli cities, their entire country would be glass.

That’s why I believe the rhetoric is all smoke and mirrors.  Those who make the decisions and work in military and geopolitical policy already know this.  They know that the probability that a nuclear weapon armed Iran would attack Israel is near zero percent.  Yet, the mindless drones who support this crazy alarm carry on the battle cry like the tools that they are.

The facts are that Iran unlike Israel is actually actually a signed member of the NPT and as such has the right to have peaceful nuclear energy. Even though there is dispute that it’s in non-compliance of some of the articles, that doesn’t mean they still don’t have the right to have nuclear energy.  It is also not an indisputable fact as many allege and would have us believe that by and large Iranians harbor contempt for the West, in general many Iranians are in fact very Western, down to watching Oprah daily to producing TV dramas that are bought in Europe one in particular is about a Jewish family who suffers under Nazi Germany. Yet, if you listen to the propaganda, Iranians are anti-Western, anti-Jew, crazies that want to destroy the world.

This is the madness that got us into Iraq.  Nevermind that the many ty of Tehran’s 300k Christians are converts, some of the oldest Jewish monuments are in Iran, or that there are current Jews and Christians in Iran’s parliament, they would have us believe that unless your a Shia Muslim, your not welcome in Iran.

This is the art of war being recycled again for those who don’t think form themselves.  The best way to drum up public support for a misadventure is to make the proposed target as alien, foreign, and evil as possible, as it is a lot easier to destroy those that are “other” and “not like me”.  Just like the Palestinians, but that is another issue.  But in the same vein, we are led to believe that every Palestinian is anti-Jewish Hamas supporters and terrorists, that way the “good” Christians and other Westerners, can turn a blind eye to the bombing campaigns, bulldozing, restrictive policies, and illegal settlement building, that cause thousands of Palestinians to die and live in squalor.

It was this same thing that had us believe that Saddam was such a threat after a decade of sanctions and near obliteration of his military that even though he didn’t have the capacity to launch a missile out of Iraq, that he was the gravest threat in the world, when it was another guy and group altogether that actually flew the planes into our buildings!

So one has to seriously ask themselves why?  What makes any one nation any more justified to have nuclear weaponry than another?  Who gets to decide?  Isn’t the mere allowance and entertaining of deciding who can and cannot an action that states that a nation isn’t truly sovereign in the first place?

Just because you don’t like a country or it’s leaders and maybe even people for any reason, that shouldn’t mean that you should have the ability to decide what they do and how they do it in that country unless they attack you.  The irony is the Israelis want us to believe that Iran is threatening them, yet weekly an article is produced in which they are planning a PREEMPTIVE attack on Iran. i.e. attacking Iran even though they are not attacked.  They have even had military exercises in preparation, so who’s threatening who?

As Americans, I believe we lose all the credibility that our great founding documents inspire us to have, when we through action support ideas that would have others do what the British did to us.

Your supposed to respect sovereign nations right to exist in this world and work together and compromise on those things on which you disagree, yet we continue to support the mad ideas that state that you have to do as we say not as we do, because we are stronger and say so.  It is equally mad to expect nations people to accept subjugation to the will and desires of other nations in “peace”.

I am not stating that Iran is a great, peaceful, nation (if there is one that exists) and I’m not saying that Iran has it’s hands completely clean (again as if any such country exists) but what I am saying is that ones dislike for a country, people, or leader should never be the measure by which we dictate policy or enact or deny justice.

Israel may want peace and security and they deserve it, but their actions produce anything but and they are just as much a part of the problem as those who do in fact convene to do Israel harm.


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