I should quit!

Founder of Islamic TV station accused of beheading wife

Here we go again, it really doesn’t matter what folks like me say or do, because we are never going to get the media attention that idiots who behead their wives, who just happen to be founders of promoting a “positive” Muslim image station do.

It really doesn’t matter what evil men do in their personal lives as long as they are punished, but we all know that they will be used as the poster boys for everything “Muslim” if the major media can help it.

Even though we know sensationalism sells, I still can’t help but feel that we as Muslims in general, but in this case, American Muslims have a role to play in this.

What I’m about to write may appear racist, but I happen to believe its’ true and necessary…

American Muslims who have been born and raised in America for generations who do not have the cultural baggage of our brethren from the “Muslim world” need to make every attempt possible to take back our name, image, and reputation lest we go down as well.

Prior to 9/11 and for decades, “Muslim American” meant one of two things, either you were a black convert, or a first generation immigrant.  While neither was true, the point was, most Americans felt their greatest threat from Muslim Americans was some black guy in a bow tie calling white people the devil.  Now, they believe that their homes and buildings will be blown up.

Ever since 19 Middle Eastern guys blew up the WTC, “Muslim” has become equal to Arab or Middle Eastern descent.  And what has been the American Muslim answer to ensure that Americans don’t look at us as a whole as foreign and not from here…..We ensure that when it comes to the major media outlets, platforms, and speeches we have Arabs and those with Middle Eastern descent represent us!  The shear idiocy of this fact is both comical and sad at the same time.

So here we go again another smack in the face of American Muslims, and to be quite blunt, as an American, I know what many American non-Muslims are thinking when they look at this guy who helped found “Bridges” TV:  “Another Muslim shows their true face” and guess what, it doesn’t matter if he is Arab or South Asian, Muslims as a whole will be associated not only with his actions, but those of the region he has helped firm negative opinions about.

So what we get when we continue to put foreign faces as our representatives for Islam in America or the West for that matter is a continued equation with the actions of those whose cultural, country of origin, etc. actions are both foreign to America and Islam for that matter.  So every little negative action that occurs in the Middle East or every little stereotypical norm for those regions now become associated with the true intentions and beliefs of all Muslims in America.

Maybe it’s just me, but if we started putting Caucasian or African-American faces out front more as the faces of Islam in America, people would be better equipped to see how this murderers actions are not the norm.  Maybe it’s just me but if the Muslim spokesman or woman on every TV show just happened to have blond hair and blue eyes most of the time, people wouldn’t readily associate “Muslim American” with mouth-foamed terrorist in the dessert.

Because the ugly truth is this murder in this way is more conformation for other’s agenda as yet another of our “representatives” who just happen to look like the mouth-foamed terrorists, did exactly what’s expected of all Muslims even if they are American and live in upstate NY.

Bravo Muslims, our PR firm is doing a wonderful job, maybe they should get a raise.



  1. Perhaps what would serve Muslim Americans and non American Muslims living in this country best is to take a collective and harsh stand against these types of atrocities. Until there is a strong Muslim voice denouncing these actions, and I mean LOUDLY, the horror of murder and destruction will be what fearful Americans focus on.

    Where is the collective outrage? Why does it only occur when a Muslim of Middle Eastern descent has been denied boarding a plane or taunted in a public place? If you really want to change attitudes then you have to do more than lament your victim status. I’ve never read your blog before, so perhaps you use this forum to do just that…but a much more cohesive and broad message needs to come from the Muslim community if you want real and lasting change.


  2. i agree, if it were any other race or relgion the ‘religion’ would not be emphasized. it is sadly ironic though. i guess what american people want to see is muslims denouncing terrorism publically instead of keeping quiet.


  3. Oh stop whining. ANYONE who beheads their wife (or anyone) in America is going to get media coverage. If your skin is really that thin, then yes, you should quit.

    A woman has lost her life and all you can think about is how it makes YOU look???? That speaks volumes….pot, meet kettle!!!!!!


    1. Dear Sandy,

      It’s quite apparent that you don’t read my blog, but if you did you would have gotten the implications of my post that blatantly calls on American Muslims to work to ensure these things don’t happen in our name. And your comment about media coverage proves my point, because last I checked the 9/11 unity walk never gets front page coverage or any coverage at all!

      Peace and Blessings


  4. You are quite right. Until the muslims in America and everywhere else in the world start to denounce this sort of thing, the belief that all muslims support this will continue. Maybe you should be the first…get a big sign and stand in Times Square. It should read, “I am a Muslim and I denounce what other Muslims are doing. They do not represent me!” How long will you last there before one of your brothers gets you off the street. Lets face facts here. You talk a good line, but there is no real action. How about going in to a mosque and stand up to one of the fiery clergy that spouts hatred. I’d like to see a video of that. The reality says that if you are silent, then you are complicit.


    1. Colin in Canada,

      If I had a dollar for everytime I heard or read comments similar to yours directed towards me, before the author of said comments even took the time to read my blog or inquire about my work, I would be rich, as often comments such as yours does not apply as I actively do all and know many who do all that you accuse “should” or doesn’t happen.


  5. ASA Brother Robert,

    I wholeheartly agree that Al Islam needS an American face upon it as stamp of our authenticity.
    The fact of the matter is that for over 34 years we have ben striving to do just that. WE as associates of the leadership of the late Imam Warithudeen Mohammed (Rahimullahi Alaihi) have strove with might and main AND ARE continuing to offer to Americans in general and the broader Muslim community in particular the best that Al-Islam has offer in terms of projecting a balanced and wholesome Muslim human community life.

    With regards to domestic violence there is NO COMMUNITY OR ETHNIC, RELIGIOUS, SOCIAL group that is immune from its devasting impact. I refuse to allow anyone to confine or DEfine any social pathology to any one group per se. As someone once said “violence is as American as apple pie”. Turn on your television any time of the day or night, pick up a newspaper or magazine, go to the internet or just walk down any street and and I will assure you that will see that not only does this society condones domestic violence, it is a SUSTAINABLE ENTITY BECAUSE IT SELLS.

    Quit? For what? American society has to take a hard look at itself before it accuses any one group of any social or religious group of a negative pathology.

    Violence against women is a HUMAN PROBLEM.

    All the Best


  6. alSalaam alaykom

    If you notice, it is not ‘our’ PR firm – but it is doing a good job despite itself, Muslims need to wake up to domestic violence issue and this case is going to push it much further than the best efforts of our sisters the last few decades.

    I found your blog from an article on Democratic Underground – my ex-wife had a froum for new Sisters in islam, most of them found Islam from the huge media mention of Islam after 9-11, it was despite 9-11 and not becuase of 9-11 that they found Islam – the media, movies, TV shows, newspapers increased coverage of Islam and Muslims ten fold, and the number of books published and read increased greatly to. We had a link for free Quran download and after 9-11 that link needed a lot more bandwidth.

    So, things are bad but getting better, Muslims benefit when all their faults are exposed – and ‘the’ PR firm can say whatever it likes about Islam as long as it says it millions of times per day. I know my theory might be wrong but I do know that it annoys neocons to be told that they spread Islam with their propaganda and Islamophobia.

    There were many more beheadings in America than any Muslim country – it no longer shocks me to see it on TV shows like CSI and others, and the drug gangs in Mexico do a lot of them to – deadly domestic violance is a serious crime and putting religious or cultural lables on it for propaganda purposes distracts from the issue. What the guy did was wrong, a crime and not related to Islam in any way at all – but the more the media mentions Islam in relation to that crime the more sane people get interested in Islam and decide to look at it for themselves, I really think that the constant mention of Islam in the American media is how Islam spreads.

    Last month a Korean student beheaded another student in Virginia tec, and a White Christan guy beheaded his wife and son, and California is getting more such crimes – none by Muslims and it was delt with the media and courts properly as a crime. A much larger number of American women are shot by their husbands and that really should get more attention but the gun is too much a part of American culture, and the gun lobby does not want to get as much media attention as Islam does, so Islam gets more advertising and promotion than guns to.

    That is my 2 cents, and I hope that I expressed it properly – I do not like domestic violence but the media useing it to demonize Muslims also results in getting more people interested in Islam and reading more about it, with the bad comes good.)



  7. First of all the media in America is filtered, controlled and commercialized to meet the need for all. Just like we pay through our noses for ridiculous taxes, and the government takes away our hard earned income to sustain killers, rapists and juvenile detentions; we also pay to keep watching CNN, NBC, ABC etc. What if we as good American’s can’t afford cable? Who will than inform us even if Muslims were to get out their and scream at the top of their voice against terrorism? If you don’t pay you don’t see anything; and the chance that a local paper will capture national news about a man standing in Times Square with a board denouncing terrorism is highly unlikely.

    You see all this talk about “fear” of Muslims; the need for “moderate” Muslims, “Muslim voices against terrorism”, “Barbaric Islam”, “Islam and Terrorism”….and whatever other conjugation can offer are clear signs and indication that Christianity, Judaism or anyother religion on the face of this planet have failed to provide comfort to the people. Why don’t you folks ask the question; What Would Jesus Do (WWJD)? You tie the band because it is commercially attractive, not because it has any spiritual impact on your lives. The Bible doesn’t define or describe the root cause of fear. The Quran, however, clearly talks about fear that it comes from Satan. Christians should have a stronger faith in Jesus; but reading the comments and responses of Christians it shows that they have no faith in the light of God emanating through Jesus? They should learn the lesson from the sick woman who touched the Helm of Jesus and became healed. What DID Jesus Do? If you had that band on your hand and its belief seated firmly in your heart you would have immediately realized that Jesus said, “It is by thy faith…” meaning the woman got healed because she had FAITH in Jesus. What kind of faith do you folks have? Have you lost the Helm of Jesus? Didn’t the master say more or less that the one who knocks receives? There must be something seriously wrong with the way you are asking in the name of Jesus? Or are you just not asking enough for help? But the more I read comments on this blog from Christians, I see nothing but venom in their speech. Malcolm X has a popular saying, “we didn’t land on plymouth rock, the rock landed on us”. When Blacks in America were lynched, hanged, murdered, watered down, looked down upon and brutally tortured where was Jesus Christ at that time? All these acts of terrorism were committed in whose name? The church has become the “ice-house” for modern Christians. It is like being high on crack….go to church and come out more fuzzy.

    There is the book of Acts that you should be reading to see how to deal with this global problem. Christians are representatives of Christ, claim to speak in tongues, yet there is an absolute failure on their part to spread the light of peace and love.


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