My first day without the Cullen's

Stephenie Meyer has left me in a month long trance…..

I’m finally waking up this morning and realizing how pleasantly crazed I have been over Stephenie Meyer’s books.

It all started after I decided to upgrade my iPhone to the iPhone 3g.  With all the new space and a 2 hour train ride round trip, I decided that I should do something “constructive” while on the train.  Which led me to audio-books……

First there was a Star Wars book, which led me to believe that this audio-book thing could work, and then there was Stephenie Myer…..

So I was looking for good books to listen to and someone recommended “The Host” it didn’t seem like it was that great of a book, but since I had time to spend, I decided to give it a try.  What I then realized was that it was true literary crack!  I was addicted to that book, so much so that I consumed it in less than 3 days!  The train ride wasn’t enough, I found myself listening to it at work, in the car, at home, and even into the wee hours of the morning, loosing sleep because I just had to find out what was going to become of “Wanderer” and “Melanie”.  But alas it happened…., the book was over and there was a longing for something else to fill the void and that’s how I found the Cullen’s…..

Interestingly enough, I did not know that Stephenie Myer wrote the “Twilight” series.  In fact, the only thing I knew about the book was that it was made into a movie that I refused to go see!  Oh the irony now!

My “love affair” with all things Vampire started at a young age, I don’t recall if it was films “Fright Night“, “The Lost Boys“, or some other movie, but I am a fan of most things Vampire related.  In fact, one of my favorite Vampire movies is “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” with Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, and Keanu Reeves.  In high school, I became a huge fan of Anne Rice and her books about the Vampire Lestat captivated me.  In fact, from that moment on, in order for me to even consider anything Vampire, it had to pass the Lestat/Anne Rice smell test.

Which is why when I first heard a little bit about “Twilight” the movie I was uninterested.  I was immediately critical of the movie mainly because the Vampires came out in the daylight and the previews made it look like a tween movie, so I rejected off hand.   Don’t I feel like a fool now?

Either way, in order to get my fix after “The Host” I decided to see what else the author wrote and surprise, surprise, I found out she wrote the very same story I bashed with what I now know was a silly reason, “Twilight”.  So now I faced a dilemma.  I was very much in love with “The Host”, I had nothing else to listen to, and now I had to question my prejudice against “Twilight” as I just found out that my new favorite author wrote that which I believed was not worthy of my attention.  So with skeptical ears, I decided to get a copy of the audio-book for “Twilight” and decided to give it 15 minutes at least…..

And then I was hooked.  The fascinating tale of “Bella” and “Edward Cullen” and his family, captivated me right away.  So much so that I got the whole audio-book series and just came off a 3 week expedition of loosing myself in the world Stephenie Myer created.  It has been so bad that I haven’t been returning emails, phone calls, or doing anything that I normally do because I had to find out what happened next.

I just finished “Breaking Dawn” this past Saturday and was crushed immediately.  I realized instantaneously that the pains of this addiction would probably be too grave to ignore as I knew that I would be depressed during my train ride Monday.

I was right.

I know it’s kinda crazy to be so addicted to fictional characters, but for the last month the world(s) that Stephenie Myer created really became part of my daily routine.  There is an emptiness in me now that only a good story can leave once it’s over.  I can only liken it to when I finished “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows“, I still need therapy over that series. 🙂

Either way, even though my blog never delves into these types of subjects such as good books, since this is my only outlet at the moment, having zero to do with “The American Muslim” I decided, what the heck?

For all those who know how I feel right now, know that you have an ally.  I curse the soul of the one who leaked her now cancelled 5th book in the series “Midnight Sun” as that would at least given me another book.  So now I patiently wait the DVD release as I am going to finally see the movie I months ago refused to out of ignorance.

If anyone knows a good book, feel free to let me know as my train rides to and from the office have now become a two-hour long struggle with literary emptiness.

Maybe I will work on my Arabic lessons or finally write those books I have had in my mind for sometime?

We shall see…..



  1. I just can’t get over sparkling vampires.


    What happened to the angry dracula who bites people’s necks?

    hahahaha oh I’m over thinking things.


  2. LOL I love sparkles, and Vampires so putting them together makes the perfect speciman in my opinion. I have read all of her books. They are a great read, but a tad juvenile. But hey it wasn’t like she was writing to win the “Oscars” of literature award. I quite enjoyed them myself and found them halal, you know compared to the other books we have circulating out there.


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