Jews Go back in the Oven?

“By God, he is not a true believer,
from whose mischief his neighbors do not feel secure.”

Prophet Mohammed (Bukhari, Muslim)

I have been very tight lipped as of late, I have not been blogging, I haven’t done my radio program since October, and even my msg board writing has trickled to a stop.  Yet in my silence and absence, there are things that never cease to amaze me about my Muslim community.  So much so that even though I don’t have a public outlet or the ability to openly influence the hearts and minds of my co-coreligionist, I feel that at the very least I should make it clear to all who stumble upon my musings that in the end, they will know at a minimum, one Muslim out of a Billion that have a brain as well as a deep love of their faith (and the two should never be separate).

Today I humbly offer words against the madness I read that awakened my fingers from their slumber.  Fox “News” as I regrettably type, who I don’t believe to truly be a news outlet, reported the unfortunate incident of some Muslims and one in particular, who here in the US in Florida to be exact, had the nerve to rant hate  and intolerance, because of their/her support of a cause which I loosely affiliate with (more on that later).

To make a statement supporting and calling for the genocide of an entire people is sub-human in thought and deed and surely goes against all that we Muslims should call dear in our testimony.

I really don’t care what side of the fence one lays on as it relates to this latest Israeli-Palestinian madness, however the one thing we should all be mindful of is that we shouldn’t allow our passion, zeal, etc. to become so great that we become that which we claim the other side to be.  As Muslims, we should never allow ourselves to be open witnesses against that which we claim to profess as this Muslim in Florida purportedly has done.

Personally, I’m sickened by the whole event.  I’m tired of the taking of sides in an arrogant stupor so full of self-righteousness, that many have been blinded by their own zeal never seeing the weight of their actions or their stake in the prolonged madness.  What many fail to realize is that neither side is right.  The only right side of the debate is the side of the debate that cares for the cries of the innocent.  How dare anyone to make an assertion vocally or through action that declares one innocent life is worth more than another!

No innocent Israeli life is worth any more or less than that of a Palestinian!

As Muslims we should know that Allah (swt) tells us in the Qur’an that “the taking of one innocent life unjustly is as if all of mankind was destroyed.”

Which is why it pains me to hear Muslims such as those in this rally (assuming Fox “news” is telling the truth) would utter such phrases, especially when Allah (swt) also tells us in the Qur’an that we are to “never let your hatred of a people cause you to commit injustice” meaning that even if these particular Muslims hated Israel, the Jews, etc. they still shouldn’t want innocent Israelis, Jews, etc. to be slaughtered wholesale nor be a part of any attempt apathetic or not, to see such horrors fulfilled.  In other words, a Muslim should not be a tool in the promotion of injustice.

This madness has got to stop.  When will the real Muslims stand up and reign in those of us who are swerving from the straight path?  When will we use our platforms, audience, and positions as a means to heal rather than to foster divide?

I am so sick and tired of the emails I have been getting daily from my many Muslim networks.  Everyone is calling for prayer vigils, statements of condemnation, etc. etc. for the Palestinians and against Israel, but not ONE email is calling for a rally against Hamas.

Are we truly so blind?  Am I the only one?  I doubt it, but someone needs to do something!

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the prayers for the innocent.  But I am adamantly against one-sided blind wholesale support of one group over another, especially when both have committed excess and actions against humanity.  A Muslim is “supposed” to enjoin in what is good and forbid what is evil no matter what.  Nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, or even species are never to be considered as a prerequisite for that command in our Holy writ.

This is why I pray that there are Muslims of conscience out there who think something like me and have a platform in which to deliver a truthful message similar to this one.  I don’t speak out of arrogance, but I humbly ask for any Muslim on the planet to produce any evidence in the Qur’an or any Tafsir in general that contradict my words here today or in the past if I am in error.  Surely, they will find none, I’m certain of it and if I am wrong (which I doubt) I will openly admit it.

What we need right now from Muslims worldwide on this and many other issues, is that which our faith calls for which is Peace, Patience, and Balance.  We cannot continue to pray for innocent civilian Palestinians who die, yet ignore the innocent civilian dead among the Israeli’s.  We cannot continue to call for actions against Israeli force and aggression, yet ignore Hamas who played their part using force and aggression also by firing rockets on Israeli civilians and using Palestinian civilians as a cover in hopes that Israel would kill them by retaliating.

All these Muslim speakers and some would say leaders, have abandoned the truth and ignored their duty if they ignore Hamas to ensure broader support for the Palestinians, who by the way, if Muslims truly cared as much as we act out when tensions flare up, wouldn’t be starving and in this situation in the first place, because we would have been ACTING long before any deaths.

Yet we slumber on wondering why non-Muslims particularly in the West, don’t believe our “Islam means Peace” mantra.

Why should they believe us?  The only time you hear from Muslims on this scale is when we are pointing the finger at someone else.

Would you respect someone who doesn’t have the courage, honor, and ability to look in the mirror and admit when they are wrong?  If we were a humble community as we should be, we would be believed.  How many question the sincerity of the Amish for example?

So here we go again, another round of “As the Muslim World Turns and Slumbers” and we wonder why people don’t see peace in a people and a religion from so-called adherents who are above reproach, never condemn members of their community who play a role, and at every chance they get on a National stage find a way to blame all their ills on the West and the Jews.  Yeah, peaceful people always call for the deaths of the innocent! (obvious sarcasm)

I can and will always say it to my last breath;  Will the real Muslims please stand up!  Will the real Muslims speak truth to power and let nothing but righteousness and truth echo forth from their hearts and minds unadulterated and without respect of person!  When will we awake from our slumber and all roll up our sleeves and take back our faith and be the example for all mankind as Allah (swt) commands?

Whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom shall see it…

…and whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom  shall see it.
(Quran 99:7-8)

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  1. Robert,

    I enjoyed your commentary. I do wish there were more individuals within the blogosphere and within the realm of public opinion who would question their own groups’ actions. I am Jewish and I am a supporter of Israel, but I politely correct my Jewish friends when they assume that Muslims (in general) are interested in the demise of the Jews. I wish that was not the case, but it happens on both sides.

    Part of the problem is that when atrocities are committed, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone who would stand up and condemn their own group. Because I believe that most of the hate occurs by extremists on both sides, it would be appropriate for the moderates, who are the majority, to immediately stand up and say “I condemn that.” But they do not.

    I continue to hope that one day we can have enough insight to get past the hatred and act like civilized people who can just agree to disagree.


  2. Great blog and great article! The thing people need to understand and MUSLIMS FIRST is that Jews and Muslims lived together for many years in peace, no where in the Quran is the Religion of Judaism condemed, its actually blessed!


  3. As Salaamu ‘Alaikum Robert,

    I appreciate your reflections on the curent crisis and the humamitarian catastrophe that is occuring in Gaza at this moment. For your perusal I would invite you to to an article posted by the Guardian newspaper in London written by a top Israeli professor which exposes and condemns the monstrousness of Israel in Gaza. I’m aware that you have been swamped with emails and other posts etc. from Muslims concerned about their fellow human beings suffering; well consider the analysis from another perspective. You might find it enlightening. Once you have read and reflected upon it I’d like your perspective. You will find the link below:

    How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe

    The Guardian, Jan 7, 2009

    “Oxford professor of international relations Avi Shlaim served in the Israeli army and has never questioned the state’s legitimacy. But its merciless assault on Gaza has led him to devastating conclusions”


  4. Ok. You want Muslims to condemn Hamas for using “terror” tactics and violence. Then why don’t you condemn John Brown, Nat Turner, and others like them or is there a double standard?!


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