What About Hamas?

It’s not just the Israelis whom we Muslims should be focusing on. I have received email after email giving notice of planned protests, denunciations, etc. and quite frankly I have to admit I’m a little disappointed to put it mildly. Why is it that every time something happens in Gaza we Muslims can’t see the 800 pound Gorilla in the room?

Allah (swt) knows that I am not denying the brutal onslaught on the Palestinians committed by the Israeli government, but Allah (swt) also commands me to use my reason and to be patient before I react in pure unadulterated emotion as some of us are.

Many innocent civilians have been killed in the latest flare up. Over 300 dead and over 1000 wounded Palestinians at this point, and I think at most 5 Israelis have been killed or injured. So of course the disproportionate nature of victims prove that this is a heavy handed response, but the keyword that we fail to acknowledge as we condemn Israel is the word response.

What are the Israeli’s responding to? That is the question we Muslims never ask. We love to deal exclusively in the effects of a situation but rarely engage in the causes behind them.

We have to call Hamas to account here. They are not the victims. They refuse to deal in a manner in which is honorable, peaceful, and justified. They fired rockets in Israel, they broke the cease-fire, and the cowards purposefully ensure that they do so from civilian compounds so that when the Israelis respond the amount of civilians that are killed are maximized.

Let’s be realistic, if Israel had in mind that they wanted to kill Palestinians indiscriminately they would just do it. They obviously have the capability and the so-called Muslim world wouldn’t do anything about it. It’s all a game these countries play. No one actually cares about the Palestinians or Muslims around the world suffering until Israel does something big enough to give them a stage for political posturing.

If we really wanted to pontificate in a meaningful way we would reign in Hamas and call them to account for the role they played in the deaths of all the innocents on both sides. These thugs who claim to represent a noble cause are anything but. If they were really warriors or Mujahadeen as they play on TV they would face the Israeli Army in battle directly and not involve civilians. The same goes for all the other so-called clerics and groups that have issues with the West and Israel. No true Muslim would purposefully target civilians and other non-combatants, but that’s not how these thugs act is it?

So here we go again another round of Muslims not speaking out and against the right thing. Yet we wonder why non-Muslims think we are all terrorists or terrorist sympathizers. What should they think when we never protest against these groups who are the number one reason for the violence against the civilians that are being killed?

I will not allow myself to be caught up in the blind finger pointing. In war there will always be collateral damage and it is unfortunate, however we have to critically look at this people, would the level of deaths be so high if Hamas didn’t use civilian dwellings as bases of operation? If you fire a rocket from an apartment building for example and are fired upon in return obviously everyone in the building is now in danger and at risk of dying too.

This is the major problem that we fail to acknowledge, protest against, and pontificate against. Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other groups do this on purpose. We are all pawns in their game. They are the true murderers, they set our people up so they can be killed. They use Mosques, homes, schools, etc. to draw fire against the innocent and to them the blame for the dead should be placed.

So today and the days to come we will continue to look like a group of backward idiots as our leaders, clerics, Imams, etc. go to their various podiums and condemn the evil Israeli’s with no condemnation for Hamas and any other group who would use the innocent as a shield and a tool with the sole hopes that they would be murdered and in return increase support for their cause that by the way has gotten the Muslims nothing but more death, poverty, and isolation.

I can’t stress this enough, Muslims wake up, wake up you sleeping giant! We will never advance any goal or ideal as long as we are blind to those who do us harm within our midst. It is perfectly normal, virtuous, and right to mourn the dead Palestinians and call Israel to account for their heavy handed response to the thugs called Hamas, but it is not normal, virtuous, or right to continue to be silent about the Israeli civilians who are killed and live in a state of fear also. It is not normal, virtuous, or right to continue to be silent about how Hamas set the Palestinians in Gaza up to be killed, these deaths were intentional on their part, and if we really cared about justice in the Middle East we would acknowledge their role in the bloodshed as well.

Don’t allow yourselves to be tools Muslims enjoin what is good and forbid what is evil. We must rid ourselves of those who set up the deaths of innocent civilians to advance agenda, propaganda, and monetary support.

I for one, will perfectly understand why as a bloc, Muslims are looked at as backward, just turn on the TV, not one Muslim who speaks for other Muslims regardless of the size of the group will mention how Hamas caused, planned, and set up the deaths of the Palestinians by attacking Israel in hopes they would respond this way.

Just watch how foolish and cowardly they look not speaking the plain unbiased truth of the matter.



  1. I am a Christian and I couldn’t agree more with Robert. It is to easy as a Christian, which so many do, to say that all Muslims are terrorists so I could feel justified and rightous in my own beliefs. The truth is there is good and bad in every religion, there are bad Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc. and there are good ones to. It is to easy for religions to blame all of their problems on someone else then look in the mirror.


  2. I agree. I’ve had similar thoughts running through my head occasionally but you’ve put it out in writing in a very articulate and logical way.

    However, I do disagree with you in the notion that attacking from amidst civilians is cowardly. I know that it’s not ideal but at the same time, you have to acknowledge that in a conflict where one side has complete dominance, people have to resort to guerrilla warfare. The Vietnamese did it against the US; the Free French resistance (Maquis- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maquis_(World_War_II)) did it against the Vichy and German forces, etc.

    Again it’s not ideal nor right but it is pragmatic.


  3. Hi, I just wanted to tell you I quoted your post on my blog. I don’t expect you to understand french, so I wanted to summarize here : I fully share your view, and I took your post as an example of a “strongly religious but cold headed” Muslim. I read you quite regularly even if I seldom (or never ?) comment.


  4. Einmuslim, there is no similarity between Hamas and the Maquis, French resistance fighters. The Maquis fought against an occupation Army. They fought mostly from the mountains in southern France and in rural areas. Hamas is an elected party representing the Palestinians in Gaza. The Maquis did not use their fellow Frenchmen as human shields. The reverse is what happened. For every German solider that was killed 10 Frenchmen were randomly chosen for execution. The Germans were the ones that were selecting the people, lining them up and putting a bullet in their brains. The Germans are to blame for their deaths.

    Hamas is the elective government for Gaza. The welfare of the citizens that voted them in should be their #1 job. Not lobing missiles into another country. Hamas is the ones that have chosen to launch rockets from residential areas when they could simply fire them from rural areas. They choose to do this.


    To invite attacks on the people they are suppose to protect.

    To cause death. To cause pain and anguish. To inflame further cycles of hate. To force innocent people to become martyrs as if it is a duty instead of a choice.

    Lets look at the weapons that Hamas chooses to use in their attacks against Israel. Unguided rockets. Rockets crudely made that once fired can’t be corrected for wind, no guarantee that the propellants are consistently loaded. The best the firers can hope for is to hit an area comparable to a square mile.

    Finally look at the targets. Hamas chooses to fire into civilian areas. They don’t even try and hit military targets. These are terror weapons. It would be like firring an arrow into the air in the general direction of soccer stadium.

    The arrow will come down and it will strike someone be it man woman or child.

    As for comparing Hamas to the the Viet Cong the VC operated through fear. They were not exemplary. They were insurgents, many coming from North Vietnam.. They would chop the arm off of every child in a village if they found out that the children had received an inoculation from either the Americans or the South Vietnamese.

    As bad as Hamas is they haven’t yet sunk to the level of the Viet Cong. Of course I could be wrong.


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