Why wasn't this major news?

Brooklyn Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and his wife, Quiana, seen in August wedding photo, were found tortured and slain Oct. 15 in their home near San Diego.

Brooklyn Marine sergeant & wife tortured, slain in Calif.; 4 of his men are arrested

Marines Suspected in Sergeant’s Slaying Sgt. Jan Pietrzak and Wife Quiana Were Gagged, Bound and Executed

I first heard of this story a couple of weeks ago on a messageboard.  I have yet to get the story out of my mind.  What happened to this Marine and his wife is so sick and repulsive that I have been constantly trying to wrap my mind around the darkness of the human mind and heart that is sometimes displayed.

I watch a lot of cable news.  I have yet to see a report about this case and one has to wonder why?

Is it because it was Marines killing a fellow Marine?  or Was it because it was four black guys who killed an interracial couple?

God knows I’m not one to get into conspiracy theories, but you have to ask yourself why?

I remember telling my wife about this story a couple of weeks ago and the first thing that came out her mouth was “they were jealous/upset”.  I didn’t even get to tell her what the police were alleging the motive was at that point.

The ugly truth I believe is that the media has become so “politically correct” that we refuse to deal with racism in its totallity.  It is as if racism is only against minorities.  Racism is a sickness that can affect the minds of humans from every background, the best way to deal with it is to expose that reality.

I don’t want to pull any punches, but as a black man, I kinda agree with my wife’s assessment.  It’s an “open secret” that many a black man will get upset with seeing a black woman with a white man.  While I don’t claim expertise in this particular crime, if I was a detective on the case I surely wouldn’t rule it out as a motive.

This whole thing is just sickening on many levels.  As a parent, Marine, and black guy, I can feel the pain, hurt, and sadness on so many levels.

How can someone do these things to another’s child?

How can Marine’s spit on our Corps Values?

How can you let your insecurities cause you to commit atrocities?

I close with two things:

1.  The Media should inform the people and become an actual outlet for needed information.

2.  Last I checked the Marine Corps still has on the books execution by firing squad, I think it’s time to dust that book off!


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