The Landslide Materialized! America, Yes We Did!

I truly want to gloat, but I won’t.  Those who have been reading my blog over the last year will be able to see how I felt and what I thought was going to happen even when it wasn’t popular.  However, what I wan’t to focus on is the next step.

Now is the time for all Americans to stand with our heads raised a little higher as we have shown to the world that this country has the unique ability to remake and reimagine itself always staying true to its core principles.

We have proved that out of many we are indeed one nation.  We have made history and have shown that even in a country where Dr. King was assasinated 40 years ago and slavery existed not even 150 years ago, that anyone can work hard and someday become President of the United States.

Let us stand together and walk on this long journey….together.

Obama inspires historic victory



  1. It’s truly amazing and inspiring. It’ll be interesting to see how the country changes and grows from this point on. It can be a new America…

    Celebrating this moment isn’t bad, it doesn’t have to take the place of planning and looking forward. Positive energy and happy thoughts are important, that’s the stuff that will fuel the journey!


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