All Over but the Crying: How Barack Obama Won!

I have been saying it for months now that President Obama (that’s right) was going to win.  When you look at it, you didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out.  How Obama won is really quite simple when you think about it, there are several factors that led to his amazing victory:

Awesome, Organized, Efficient Campaign

Strategy, Focus, Poise

It’s definitely one for the history books.  Obama chose the right people at the right time and together they meticulously took out every opponent before the competition even knew what hit them.  Being a bi-racial, first term Senator with a weird name, IN AMERICA, wasn’t even enough to slow them down.  They stayed on message for almost the entire time and they stuck to a strategy that even in the primary had it’s sights set for the general election. 

It’s About the People

They borrowed Howard Dean’s 50 state strategy and went after high population areas and non-Democratic leaning areas for good measure.  That way they could overwhelm and win states with high turnout and shift a state into their column, but also keep the Republicans on defense fighting to keep states red.  By understanding that it’s the votes that count stupid, Obama made sure that every vote wasn’t taken lightly and decided to go after areas traditional Democratic and Republican strategists would often ignore. 

Money Raising Phenom

Then there was the small donorship.  It’s simple math, it’s alot easier to raise 1 million dollars from a million people giving you one dollar than focusing on a select group.  That way you can keep tapping that same 1 million for another dollar every so often.  This helps you raise a lot of money, it never exhausts your donors, and everyone gets a chance to feel a part of the movement.

Bill Clinton was right

God knows we were all pissed at the way the Clintons went after Obama.  I must have called Hillary everything but Hillary during the primary, but I have to give it to Bill, he was right.  By them getting down and dirty with Obama, they not only produced a stronger candidate, but also aired all the dirty laundry ensuring that by the time the Republicans brought it up it would be old news.  Sorry McCain.

Staying Focused

I mean really, Obama never broke a sweat.  That’s how he let us know he was ready.  By being steady at the helm no matter what was said about you or your wife, it threw everyone else off their game frustrated because they couldn’t land a decent blow.  Muhammad Ali actually called this tactic the rope a dope, Obama mastered the political version.

Record Turnout and Registration

No matter what the polls said, I was always consistent on this one.  It just seemed pretty obvious to me that the numbers spoke for themselves.  This shouldn’t just be the headlines, but the story at length.  The Democratic party had an outstanding primary with the best candidates and personalities.  This captivated the nation and that turned into huge Democratic registrations, new voter registrations, and huge primary turn outs.  Was there any doubt that these voters were going to show up on Nov 4th?  This whole cycle has been like crack to the entire world, everyones talking about it and everyones exited and involved.  Since the Democrats spanked the Republicans in registration and primary votes, that alone pretty much decided the general election.  It was just a matter of whether or not Obama was or wasn’t going to have some major gaffe or October surprise.

George W. Bush

Chris Rock was right in his latest standup.  GW messed up so bad, that he made it hard for a white guy to run for President!  Seriously, people want change so bad, that this year was ripe for any party to try anything.  The Democratic Party did exactly that, they had young and old, black, hispanic, and a woman.  The Republican Party kept it “traditional” with all white men.  McCain should have taken my advice from months back and begged Condi Rice to be his VP, then this thing would have been much more difficult for Obama.  How can the GOP be the party of change during a really big change year, by putting forward an all white, all male, list of candidates?  Not to mention that convention, there were maybe 10 minorities in the entire place!  Nice try with Palin (actually not) but if you would have went with some really qualified and respected Republican women, maybe it wouldn’t have insulted so many Clinton supporters…..

Obama the Gladiator….General Maximus to be exact

Obama’s campaign had fight.  Not once did they let the GOP slide, often producing statements and ads within the hour of a GOP attack.  This is where Kerry got beat, he had a glass jaw so to speak.  He relied on the voters too much hoping we would ignore the negative attacks thinking we were above the obvious foolishness, well we see how that worked out.  The Obamacampaign took no chances, they went toe to toe fighting back and strategically knocked the GOP out.  They made sure they were the last word and often the first word in almost every news cycle.  The one who controls the message wins.  The Obama campaign proved they are the masters of controlling the message.

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