Country First……Yeah Right

Will the real John McCain please stand up?  What happened to the John McCain that everyone used to love?

The guy that had non-partisan support across the board, the man of integrity and honor?

What happened to the John McCain that was really an independent thinker and outside typical politics?

Who is this guy that in ad after ad tells blatant lies that are disproven daily by,, and others?

Who is this guy that embraced the very campaign people and party that in 2000 called his wife an addict, claimed he had an illigitamate child, and did everything in their power to undermine him?

Who is this guy that uses his time as a vet and a POW as a prop to gin up votes and support?  We know you were a POW, but we would like to know where you stand on the issues, it’s like Gulliani and his “9/11” mantra, their party might continually shout “USA” as a battle cry, but guess what non-attendees at your rallies are Americans too!

Who is this guy that has the campain slogan of “Country First” who keeps using gimmicks, lies, and other nefarious tactics that are anything but, such as:

Choosing Sarah Palin as VP over many overly qualified Republicans male and female at the last moment, giving the country less than 2 months to find out who she is and not even allowing her to speak to the press, yet she could be literally a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  He only met her once and talked to her a couple of times before choosing her, isn’t that just a little bit risky for the sake of the country?

Anyone remember the “Gas Tax” a gimmick that would produce no benefits at the pump but made for good political theater, it’s just as much a gimmick as this whole offshore drilling thing that wouldn’t produce any oil until 2025!

And now he’s using the economic crisis as a tool to try and one-up Obama “suspending” his campaign and not only trying to cancel his debate, but now Sarah Palins!  The funny thing is that he’s not on any committee that directly deals with this issue and hasn’t been there to vote in almost 2 years!  What can he do differently that the rest of the Congress can’t do without him and is so time consuming that he can’t keep his current schedule?

Well I’m glad he got caught in another lie.  He cancelled David Letterman using the “save the country” excuse, only to be caught live not at the airport but preparing for an interview for Katie Couric.

My God, wake up America, we knew John McCain, but you sir are no John McCain….Country First, another coded phrase, by the party looking to sneak in the White House by any means necessary!


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