But I keep saying this is the religion of peace!

I seek refuge with God from Shaitan the Accursed,

I have been blogging, speaking, and talking on the radio for quite some time about my faith. This great faith of mine and the journey thereof began seven years ago tomorrow. This journey began with a horrific act by so-called Muslims, which inadvertently led me to join Islam, but it’s the continuity of these acts that fill me with great anger at times, disappointment at others, and utter horror and disbelief for the most part.

Don’t let the title mislead you into thinking I doubt the truth of my faith, but what is getting under my skin is the actions of Muslims that contradict my faith.

The game we all play Muslim and non-Muslim alike about what Islam is or isn’t is cyclical. Something happens to non-Muslims and Islam is called violent, predictably Muslims come back with no Islam means peace. This hasn’t changed and probably won’t change that’s why I find it hard to get too emotionally involved when non-Muslims speak bad about my faith, it’s expected.

What bothers me most and what I’m trying to encourage the Muslims to do is to turn that zeal that we use against the non-Muslims in debate about our religion, inward to those who actually pervert, destroy, and promote the images which we debate daily.

Why is it that we can easily tell non-Muslims the truth of our religion, but never realize that often it’s the Muslims who need to learn the truth of our religion. Being born into a Muslim family, country, etc. doesn’t make one an expert on Islam….obviously. So we have to work diligently to educate Muslims in so-called Muslim countries and other places so that people don’t fall by the wayside.

Case in point, the very concept of who is a Muslim is under assault yet again.

At the time of the first census of Medina, the Prophet said: ‘Write down for me the name of everyone who calls himself a Muslim.’ On another occasion the Prophet said: ‘Whoever prays as we pray and turns to our Qiblah and eats what we ritually slaughter is a Muslim; he is dhimmat-Allah and dhimmat al-rasul. So do not put Allah in contravention of his dhimmah [responsibility].’

Not only that, a Muslim is basically one who recites and believes in the Shahaddah right?

Knowing this, it pains me a great deal that there are still Muslims out there who believe themselves above God and willing to judge who is Muslim and who is not and deciding to kill others who profess their belief in Allah and love for Muhammad (sa).

God reminds us in the Qur’an several times to never kill innocents, to never kill unjustly, and to never kill out of hate, in fact God equates these things as sins so great that the one who does it would be as if they killed all of mankind.

That is why it is with great sadness I have to report that yet again the Persecution of Ahmmadiyyah’s in Pakistan has resulted in the MURDER of 2 of their members.


Because some “Mullah” said so.


Because they don’t believe like everybody else.


Because according to some, they are not really Muslims.

One of the victims btw, was a doctor providing free services to the populace. It’s this kind of hypocrisy that makes me so angry, my words can’t even describe it. What is more Muslim than offering doctor services for free to the poor during the month of Ramadan in a country that persecutes you?

I ask that all Muslims of conscience join me in denouncing this criminal act, by writing the US State Department (since one of the victims is a US Citizen), as well as the Pakistan Embassy. We have to let them know that these actions should not be tolerated and it’s time Pakistan gets a moral backbone and reverse the policies and police the atmosphere that leads to the persecution and death of people because of their beliefs.

What should happen is these criminals should be charged with murder and the Mullah charged with second-degree murder, all charged with hate crimes and crimes against humanity, that would be just. Furthermore, the US should let Pakistan know that we will not continue to let our taxpayer dollars support a Government who cannot protect and even institutionalizes the persecution of others for their beliefs. Muslims in general need to add the addendum that they are a bunch of hypocrites who profess Islam, yet their actions are anything but.

Those who remain silent are just as guilty! It’s time for Muslims to get a backbone and speak out against the atrocities committed by some of us towards others of us. We are so bold to debate non-Muslims, why fear those who already say they believe as you do?

May Allah (swt) reward, bless, and guide the righteous among us who fight and cry out for the justice of the persecuted and oppressed, May Allah (swt) strengthen and quicken our resolve to see Islam realized as it was reaveled, May Allah (swt) remind us of our duties to ourselves and all of mankind.


Ahmadi Doctor Murdered in Pakistan

Ahmadi Doctor murdered in Pakistan (Punjabnewsline)

Ahmadi Doctor Martyred by Pakistani Religious Extremists




  1. I agree with you 100 % My test daily is not not lose my faith in Islam becuase of Muslims. I am glad I have a strogn understand of what Islam really is. Being an American living in the Arab world Makes me scratch my head at times and wonder what Quran they read or what Hadiths they use because some of their behavious is SOOOOOOOOOO unIslamic. All we can do is pray for them and each other It is by Allah, swt mercy we are not one of them.


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