Palin's speech "Powerful" they say….

And to think I almost voted Republican this year. Now I understand why people mocked me when I was leaning toward the right.

Last night proved once and for all that they are a bunch of hypocrites and dare I say idiots. Not one, zero, nada statement about what they are going to do to help the economy. The entire night was devoted to making fun of Obama.

The Democrats barely talked about McCain other than saying they didn’t agree with his POLICIES. There were no jabs at his wife, no mocking his background, none of that crap. Just straight up policy. The Democrats back to back talked about the economy, education, foreign policy, etc. you know those little details called the issues.

Which is why it probably is funny to them that Obama was a community organizer, because it’s funny that a guy ditched a potential big law job to help the poor, struggling, and jobless. Maybe that’s why he spent the majority of his speech talking about how he was going to help those very same people, not those clowns last night, they thought that was funny.

So when they weren’t making fun of Obama, Michelle, and Muslims, all they could talk about was that McCain is a veteran. Everything else is false and devoid of facts and a quick Google search would prove that much.

I almost want to vomit after that spectacle, not that I don’t expect that from that crowd, but because I know that there are fellow Americans who actually think and follow that mindset and it makes me feel sad for my country and my children who will be another generation that has to deal with these guys.

Isn’t really funny that Michael Steele was like one of like 5 minorities in the barely filled pseudo Christian audience? We all know what’s going on with these Republicans and their loyal followers, they are a truly diverse bunch representing all of America. I can’t wait to laugh after the blow-out on November 4th when this party looses and their voters have to live in a diverse world.

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  1. Yikes, you would deserve mocking if you crossed over to the Republican side. That would be such a loss!

    The Repubs have to make a whole convention out of a few attack points and jokes; they have nothing to offer the world.


  2. You are absolutely right- very little is being said by the Republicans about policy. Perhaps it’s because McCain’s ideas are mostly AWFUL. I took a few hours out of my life a few months ago just to go onto each candidate’s website and really compare their ideas. I admit I wasn’t 100% in agreement with some of Obama’s ideas, but I’m sorry, some of McCain’s proposals were such an insult to the intelligence of Americans everywhere. He reminded me of the middle school Student Council candidate promises to install snack machines in every hallway and institute monthly pizza parties. Holiday gas tax repeal? That’s my favorite idiotic band-aid DO NOTHING about the real issues idea. And his hypocritical proposed aid to senior citizens. WAIT, WAIT, I call foul! What happened to smaller government and people taking care of themselves?? I guess that only applies when it’s somebody else, huh?


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