The RNC Convention….

Wow, what a diverse group of people, I actually think I saw a minority or two! Talk about reprensenting America!

The speeches:

War Hero…, blah, blah, ….POW….., blah, blah, FEAR…., blah, blah, Women vote because Sarah Palin is not only a woman but Wonder Woman….., blah, blah,…. Hanoi Hilton…., blah, blah,….Obama is evil (wink, wink, and he’s black! wink, wink)…., …, blah, blah

Not one word on the Economy, but heh, if your rich and privileged like that diverse crowd, why should you care about gas prices or the value of one of your many houses!

GOP points to McCain’s character, derides Obama

The RNC: bad staging, bad speeches, and a whole lotta LORD!

Liveblogging The Republican Convention – Day Two



  1. I give Lieberman an A for boldfacedly telling the Republicans at their convention that there are “corrupt Republican lobbyists, or big corporations that were cheating the American people, or powerful colleagues in Congress who were wasting taxpayer money.” The emphasis here is on Republican lobbyists and powerful colleagues in congress. He spoke of Bill Clinton’s excellent fiscal policy years, but Joe failed to connect dots, that it is the current Republican adminisration which eroded all the gains President Clinton achieved and plunge this country into financial cardiac distress. Joe, just doesn’t get it.

    BTW, why didn’t the people at the convention cried at Thompson’s story telling of McCain as a POW? Becaue it was lukewarm at best. No life to the story.


  2. John McCain isn’t the only one who has been tortured. The American people have been tortured by promises of health care and lack thereof. We’ve been tortured by denials from insurance companies. We’ve been tortured by having to go bankrupt when our cities flood while banks get bought out for investing recklessly. We’ve been tortured by people making 250,000 and more paying less taxes during a time of war. We’ve been tortured by having our reputation compromised before the world. We’ve been tortured by having our justice system torn to shreds by dishonest conservatives. We’ve been tortured by having our conversation tapped. We’ve been tortured by having Rumsfeld, Rove, Snow, Haliburton, Black Water and Paul Wolfowitz go unchallenged and then go forgotten. We have been disgraced, robbed, used and outright lied to. McCain is not the only person who has been tortured. I can’t cry for him anymore. Vietnam is over. He needs to heal, but we can’t afford to have his tears and his wounds become the issue when doors are closing on so many American. Literally.


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