McCain should have went with Mitt!

Sarah Palin confirmed Monday that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant.

I’m just saying….Not because I couldn’t wait for the Democrats to pounce on him or see the funny looks for the “Conservative” base, but because this whole Sarah Palin pick thing is just a joke. Now I have read and debated many “Conservatives” as they spun and spun, and completely convinced themselves that this is a good pick, but the truth of the matter is that from inception, this campaign and party although they are more than used to it, have completely shown their hypocrisy with McCain’s choice for VP.

For months they attacked Obama as too young and too inexperienced, yet they pick Sarah Palin who’s younger and less experienced. Don’t believe that “Executive experience” spin either, because if they really believed what they are saying, then Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than John McCain.

Moving right along, then you had the unfortunate irony of Monday and the Hurricane. Wasn’t it like 3 weeks ago when prominent evangelicals in the GOP were praying, yes that’s right the hypocrites where trying to use God, they were praying that Obama’s acceptance speech got rained on. Well, it appears that God has already made a choice in this election, pun intended, because the RNC’s convention has gotten plenty of rain and while the DNC convention was a success, the RNC convention at this point, is a stumbling mess of a convention.

In their ultimate display of hypocrisy we now have all these “issues” with Governor Palin. She’s under investigation for alleged abuse of power (that does actually make her Republican White House material) and now it was revealed that her 17 yr old daughter is pregnant.

Now I know what Obama said and what others have said in trying to diffuse the latter issue, but I truly believe this is an issue. I don’t ordinarily support these attacks and inquiries when it comes to family in elections, but the reason why this is important is in this case is due to the talking points the GOP always throw in everyones face and they are openly showing how they are hypocrites.

Here we have the party of family values, yet they are doing their best act to cover this thing up. This is the same party trying to impose their religious beliefs on others. They fight the teaching of safe-sex and the handing out and counseling of preventive measures in lieu of abstinence teaching. Not that I disagree with either, but c’mon people, the evangelicals were jumping for joy Friday and talking about how great a pick she was and how she’s in line with their “values” yet, she has a pregnant teen (meaning she was having premarital sex and now has to have a shotgun wedding to make it OK) and she has a 4 month old special needs child at home. What the hell are these family values again? Did I already mention she’s only been Governor for less than 2 years and is already under investigation for corruption? True to form, it’s not even been a week and she’s already having scandals pop up.

Let’s just face the facts, Gov. Palin was a horrible choice for many reasons. What this exposes is either two things or both:

McCain doesn’t have the judgment necessary to run this Government: This VP pick, his mess of a campaign, etc.

McCain was just pandering to begin with: This VP pick

Either way, As much I used to respect McCain until he started playing dirty political tricks and games, this seems to me to be some dangerous reasons not to elect him. It looks like on such an important issue as who should run the country in the event he cannot serve, he just rolled the dice and picked someone without proper vetting and who is not fit for the Office.

No sane person could say they would be safe with Palin as the President of the United States.

It’s really simple: Should something happen to the President regardless of who wins, would you rather have Biden or Palin as the President of the United States?

Someone well versed in Government and Foreign Policy, or someone with several scandals already under her belt in less than 2 years in office and no experience outside of small-town/Alaska politics?

I’m just saying…..


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